Hi and welcome to Now we will try to create us on Coinbase and buy our first bitcoins press on the link below the video so you are taken to the page here As you can see, if you buy a minimum of $ 100 bitcoin gets inserted subsequent $ 10 FREE first of the keys our name last name mail address we must create a password we must press I'm not a robot and select all images with bicycles we must accept that we are over 18 years then we get a mail in this case I open it on my mobile phone and versificerer to it is my real address I have diversified my mail and now appears to dial my mobile number then there will be sent an SMS with a code so here I am now created on Coinbase Pressing the purchase / sale which we must add one way and pay the in this case we choose credit card / debit card so we press the upload ID here we can either choose and upload a passport drivers license or photo ID when the driving license and photo ID is typically Danish I recommend that we use the passport as our passports that we can either choose webcam to take a picture of the passport or a mobile camera then we will send you a an SMS to our mobile number and in this text there is a link to Coinbase the link to push a square to take picture of the front of his passport I take that now with my mobile camera and send it in then they started to versificerer one photo ID I have now received approval for my photo ID and I've got entered my credit card information I am now ready buy and sell we press buy I can choose whether I want to buy Bitcoin Ethereum or litecoin in this case I choose Bitcoin I type the number Euro I will buy in this case I can buy for Max 80 Euro one has to start with 500 Euro you can buy for a week but I have in this case 80 Euro return therefore I press 80 I can see here how many Bitcoins I get and I can see what my fee is I press so purchase Bitcoin Instantly so I press confirm buy and I will get a sms I must accept that I would like to buy and I have just bought my Bitcoins