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Goodbye I sleep the Greens above the orange on a 4-hour chart That's all you need if you can buy it at a discount on the pullback even better Don't try to get too slick and end up losing money trying to be cheap to go in buy it ride it on out Okay Power went ham is power steel going All right let's Let me post this real quick some of these coins you guys are talking about Oh Last night, okay Dad it I haven't how does that happen haven't checked the charts I was Responding to emails for like three hours today I haven't respond to emails like two weeks What happened with all the cannabis coins, I don't know what that means What's going on with – of the – break out 550 let's see No – is still sitting there, I mean, you know, let's see check out – okay I Guess I can do that right fast Wow Yeah, I saw that I thought it was a glitch I saw the price jump from like 470 to 520 I thought it was a glitch Yeah, Bitcoin gold shut up 70% I still don't buy it don't believe that Hype that's just those hedge funds trying to save their own money Don't be a fool and buy it at the top just to have them sell it right back to you Remember it was a lot of big big money waiting on Bitcoin gold could come out And because weird that value and if they're trying to save it so that's I think that's a pump in them Let's check this one out real quick Yeah, I mean okay good, this is but look

This is what we look for guys So there shouldn't be you know surprising and don't try to you know put a blog post or tweet behind it to You know justify it You know I – went up because the momentum inside the chart Pushed it up when that 77 crosses that 231 that's a second wave of momentum coming right the first wave is the green above the orange, right? That's the first wave and that shoots the green up, but then when that you know 77 crosses you could think about that like the Calvary, that's that's – calling in to Calvary say hey, you know I'm saying we got you know BK Don't say it – is cash for about two weeks now We got it You know make sure people get paid so there you go So yeah, I would say definitely hold it If you if you didn't get it yet now is probably a better time than any you can see like once that energy Confirms once that 77 goes above the 231 You can see what happens I? Don't think it would get even on this pullback it might just keep pumping right now But even if it does pull back it probably won't go lowered in there because that's where we already Confirmed right there

Probably bounced on it right there Yeah, that was the ceiling Right and that was the floor right? so 60 is probably the cheapest You'll be able to buy it if we get back down there right but right up here as a solid pickup you know this thing was already up a lot more than that and What when these big big big charts break out then they break out for some big big big money? It's not just one spike and done You know they continue on for at least a few hours few days sometimes right Just go back in time and look at the last time – did something like that How long was it up there for it wasn't just one candle we're talking about you know all the way from down here You know one? You know that's a long time That's like I'm not almost a full day, so essentially what's that? What that is is an institution? It's fun bank You know somebody somewhere just dumping money, right? Probably to forked money from Bitcoin gold right, so that's exactly what it is One of those big big institutions got that free Bitcoin

Gold and flipped it over into – so but The chart already said that that would be foreseeable right there So there you go, that's a free – chart for today – steal cash by the way I Don't end up – video this week maybe tomorrow Speaking of – Dad stays cash, I like that alright Let me go ahead and get two tickets downtown going Through 12 minutes 7:30 start time All right, we'll be back in a I'll be back a little bit early probably bout 12 minutes make sure you hit that like video like button we will get Winner 75 likes cool see in a minute Alright alright, let's go ahead and Get out our question of the day Let's see how many likes we got 60 wait a minute Let me reload this page You guys already know I? Can keep my money in my pocket? Hold up Well, let's see we can watch together You Sixty-eight likes, huh Okay, all right Well

We'll save it to the end No problem, no harm No foul Try to give you all the chance before the video Try to give you guys a chance, that's why I refreshed it live on the screen for everybody to see Save it to the end All right cool Now it's a keep in mind It's a lag between right now my voice and Your screen so when that timer hits zero, and I reload my window the voice my voice It's probably about 30 seconds So yeah, we didn't we didn't get it today, you know you know me I'm more than fine with giving it away, but if we don't get it We don't get it But in the meantime it's much much much more Value to be obtained in the crypto verse and That is what we shall cover together All right right now right I don't think we need that And uh Let's see I said just do this Hey update this little frame with our numbers real quick Let's see what all the prices today 8250 that's a big jump 1,200 500 terraeum 360 if it's not bad Cool Good good good Let's go The good news is you guys This time next week I will have a new computer, there's this computer is so slow Like I can't even run Photoshop and livestream at the same time

It's not very fun Here we go You Good all right, let's do it Live from the USA helping you get paid every day This is the dose of Bitcoin the crease though of crypto is your boy BK And if you don't like me you must not like money Thank you for joining me everybody today is November 20th as you can see big coin is still crushing it north of $8,000 aetherium and – both got a little junk today and Bitcoin cash is still sitting in the shadows nice and quiet around 1200 this is your first time tuning in congratulations, baby You are now rocking with the best my name is BK you know me as the crypto traitor, and I am the folks a bitcoin as You will see find out every day I graced this microphone with my beliefs is another day you get the profit as a result and today is no exception so make sure you stay tuned we will be given our question of the day at the end of This video and giving out some cash money as a result Again guys congratulations, and you are officially a part of history We are the fastest growing crypto community in the world fifteen thousand Subscribers, so if you haven't done it by now go ahead do yourself a favor hit that red button your bank account will thank you Later I assure you 16,000 people in the Facebook group come together 16,000 and my best friends come together seven days a week to help each other make money That's what we're here to do to support each other to empower each other and to profit together So as you already know you guys every every Try to do it every day I come on air and show you where the money is flowing that you know and where the profit is going it And today as we know when Bitcoin goes up kind of other other all coins Just kind of sit in the shadows right so instead of just drilling down on the Bitcoin chart, and you know Riding that wave what every other channel is do you know when they look right? I'm looking left I'm looking to the future I'm looking into you know maybe some opportunities When our currency is devalued when aetherium is at an all-time low? Is actually the time you know you want to be looking to exchange it? Possibly for another asset that will appreciate in value You know the kind of supplement that growth that overall portfolio growth right and that's actually one of the things that do Is try to help you guys accumulate? Long-term residual wealth within the crypto verse and so today what we're gonna be looking over our few icos that were shared with me through members of our community right and Normally, I really don't do a lot of ico so when when I do you know come out and speak on them just know it is more so of a thin tech review not specifically a Financial endorsement right I don't necessarily think In certain situations, it's beneficial to use the charts I always say you control your money use the charts to empower yourself when we deal with an ICO We deal with an unknown we do one in that little time and then no quantity unknown folks is behind the scene But at the end of the day, you know some of these IPOs are turning out to be major major major major game changers Right so it's good to sometimes

Just review them not specifically for how you can profit You know with that with the economy They're creating but moreso how they're coming together To mold this new world that we know to be Crypt appleís right and so without further ado the first one That we have on this list let's see which one Pops up here, but this is gonna be All right Donna mas' Bess I see I was on the market this one is actually pretty cool I Think I think one of the things when and and I remember talking with this with the CEO index We were sitting around roundtable and one of the problems with the crypto verse right now is the barriers to entry it's far too hard You know to do anything even the participate in the ico You got to get it either well it and it's got to be er C 20 And you know if it's not compatible with my ether Well You got to make it compatible and and download a new blocks I noticed that in the third But one of the things these guys talked about doing is is really making it easy making it safe You know to buy a variety tokens all in one platform What they are in the business where we would call them an aggregator and they and they use a coalition model essentially they? partner with a lot of different icos to more or less to create a second marketplace For these tokens right I learned this in Jungle Book from watching The Jungle Book any any gentle book fans out there You know one of the quotes that they say is The strength that a pack is the wolf and the strength of the wolf is the pack and that's the business model these guys are using to basically Bring a lot of different ICS together to create one central economy So it doesn't matter if you want to participate in this IC o this IC o or this IC o all three, which may stand alone and be very well Just a simple fact that they can bundle them together behind one economy one token is a value benefit in itself and then they also allow you to List your own IC o—- so you can almost think about this that's kind of like a wicks of AI cos you know wicks isn't doesn't have you know wicks is a website builder right a website builder tour It doesn't have all the bells and whistles, but it gets the job done

You know and so much that it's one of the most successful technology Platforms to go public you know through Wall Street and on a tandem It just started out as kind of like a cookie cutter Template right and so for people that want to make icos this could actually be you know a great benefit You can apply right there on the website and again It's just making the onboarding process much much easier right and they're using Strength and numbers from all these individual standalone entities to make that process a lot more accommodating for both the IC OS and for both the participants in the IC o—- so it's a very smart and strategic business model that they're doing here right and so if we look at just a few of the Different pieces of information out there you know one of the things they talked about on this coin market cap What is this? They talk about a black chain solution for crowd sale right it can help in the sense that You're bringing both together sellers and buyers and allowing a in eclectic economy This doesn't exist if I want to participate and you know say for example the end of house I see oh I go to India has calm I send ether over there, and I receive in the house kokin right well What if I wanted to trade it for red pulse I co or for coin? crypto animus Accio, right What these guys are doing is they're bundle all them together behind one coconut saying it doesn't matter what I CL You have we have all these partners which are in turn empowered by our resources by our you know strategic alignments within within business operations and as a result the buyer then has an economy of scale to make it easier to participate make it worth their while to participate you know and this is one of the Articles they have what website is this right here coin box that info? They talk about just kind of how the industry of ICL's are Changing and the crypto anonymous our services provide a complete cycle of marketing support it helps cryptocurrency startups past legal audit elaborate accountants ease develop sophisticated white papers and also Create the ICO with its own infrastructure so again they are Facilitating the building process the launch process of the ICO And they're facilitating the sale process from a buyer and a seller's perspective so it's really really cool It's really you know smart strategic Business that they have developed and again this is Crypto nonnamous right there, and I will have a link for all of these uh ICL's in the description they also have a Facebook page right there facebookcom slash Damas, I might have pronounced that wrong crypto not omits crypto novice right there, so yeah, you know That's a first on that you know I call this the spotlight BIA or ICL's to remember in November right so That's number one I think it's kind of cool next up zap This one I actually downloaded their app From the Google Play Store a lot of these ICS

You'll see are again You know I think I think it's always interesting to understand how these coins are coming together to rebuild a civilization from the inside out on the blockchain through a digital platform And one of the ways they're doing this is through existing infrastructure, right? Apple App Store Google Play Millions of customers right now are beginning to get a exposure beginning to understand beginning to identify and also beginning to utilize these apps Right to facilitate real time value that is the most important thing to look for in any ICO do they have a product does that product make money This isn't just some freshman You know at the university library You know when an idea and a website right? This is real-deal product existing on Google Play right now and as a result They look like they have a good chance to be successful right so that's one of the first things you want to look for and Also what I found on them is they actually have this Presentation out on LinkedIn SlideShare That kind of really walks through their business operation a lot better than a white paper ever would a lot better than some Six minute video ever would we don't we don't I don't want to go through the entire thing with you But I think it's gonna just click through a couple slides, so you know everybody can see together How does thing you know comes together from the inside out um? First up long history successful blockchain industry relationships all these big guys You know you probably know a few of them already they started You know in 2013 I was back You know after mountain guy So essentially that's almost like you know legend status like these guys have been around the but they didn't just jump jump on jump on the Bitcoin train when Bitcoin broke 3,000 right so so they're Well deep and you can kind of just see these uh you know big companies scroll by the bottom that they already have set up partnerships with um Let's see what else That's the biggest thing is to see to Describe what value they provide let's do that right so our story And they describe these individualized Economies as Oracle's I think it's it's interesting so they said 25 people from 8 projects come together create zap an Order to further the vision of the decentralized world and bring together trusted Oracle's to a smart contract and that Developers not when you think of Oracle when at least as as I came to interpret it I think it's more or less like a Platform or an economy like a local localized You know like a token tokenized economy kind of like a closed-loop Network if you will community right so Facebook for example could be one version of an Oracle right, and they talked about devices as of our coast humans as Oracle's right third party uses So let's just see real quick what they have on here Ilt devices as Oracle's right so yeah

It's really just communication of value, right Whether it be from devices from platforms from humans But is an Oracle that Will help A lot ID clicked on what is an article and we said we want everyone I'd understand this so click one of these 22 buttons All right, let's see if this one answers it Oracle's are a delivery of mechanism of its kernel data smart contracts Right yes, so just the communication says some receiver and sender So there you go, that's a fancy way to say receiver and sender, right So yeah they and essentially it's not limited to Genre classification category, you know they're really building out a very large adoption Platform right they show like The Weather Channel can use an app that's backed by their protocol technology right you can pay with it you can use it as a Developer you know you can use it to build other apps on top of the platform So it's really more of like a protocol a new platform that they're created and also they do have a foundation That's set up which will actually be you know kind of like the monetary backer of the ICL, so I think they said when you actually participate in ICO, you're sending your money to this foundation Which is not you know anything to be alarmed about? But it's really just you know kind of like a UH money money game that these big entities play where they have 501c3 that technically makes no money, but acts as a prop 8 you know, but the business acts as a prop agent – 501c3 so it's just you know, it's it's something to keep in mind It shows it actually shows that they are Experienced in what they're doing to have a foundation set up to handle the money because it's tax free money Right so, that's just something else I I thought was interesting Which in turn actually get them more Credibility in my mind so there you go That's that right it's more but less a platform to build these new Oracle's So check that out zap that store the app is also available iTunes and Google Play as well so next up follow coin This one is pretty cool This one is really really cool This one is interesting for me cuz it's based off the concept that people Such as myself who make Technical analysis, right This is an app that basically brings people like me together And then people like you together who follow my technical analysis and it allows me to You know listed on this app and you guys can technically follow the coins that I trade Right, and then it has its own little rating system And you know a closed loop economy to where when you make money I make money You know if I predict a coin that goes up like 20% it you buy it You know I'm saying that and the market tracks it and you lock in that money on their token Then you know you make the money on the growth and I get a percentage of the profit So it solves a lot of problems actually and that's actually one of the problems with with with kind of Trading as it exists now is This is what they say it's not your traditional marketplace to where beginners and Other traders have a hard time dealing with fomo but when people buy at the top you know It's easy to sell at the bottom, and when you but when you have transparency with experienced trainers Centralized through an aggregate system such as this another coalition model then it can be a lot easier to not have that high rated formal because you have an abundance of information through the network effect of interested parties it's kind of a Self-fulfilling prophecy if you if you can think of it like that the flipside of anonymity exactly Anonymity is a cornerstone of blockchain But when you understand and identify Who's Buy and what who's selling what how much excelent when they're selling how many people are selling it behind them It can actually be a benefit, and it's not necessarily a pump and dump because a pump and dump you never know When the guys organizing a bumping down arsalan to you right, but with something like this It's it's really more so based off the technical analysis of it and not the volume of the trade And I think that's what I do identify with and I do understand that they're what they're trying to do is they actually are looking to create a system where good traders are rewarded for You know identifying good trades Before they actually happened and that's one of the things I do I posted a chart a posted a link in the facebook group Earlier today where I didn't lady got nine hundred percent on one tree BAM hit him over the head with it Go pay off your car

You know I'm saying buy a house nine hundred percent on one trade I'm saying put down to pick up twenty six Not bad It's not bad So these guys again have their own app was pretty clean real straight for it real simple and again I'm just trying to zoom through some of these things I had a chart down here I think I want it to go over security roadmap over boom Token sale Token sale, I'm not really covering for any of these tokens I mean if you're interested again You can always go go in and identify that kind of information I think of the the most interesting part with these guys was the fact that they're bringing people like me together and people like you together and given us one token to identify with and do business with transmit value and Essentially I make money when you make money, so that's cool cuz right now

There's a closed-off system I don't know how much money I'm making all my trades green overall when do I get paid? You know so it's interesting It's an interesting concept in be One of the things I did see with these guys is they do have an Instagram page that was interesting They're one of the only ICL's I've seen to have an Instagram page, so this is kind of how it works right here, right? Oh hello, 60% profit Thanks to our new influencer crypto Kenny Do you have this trade to download our app right so apparently crypto Kenny? 77 followers Told you guys It was a good buy down here at 035

It's up to 005 64% BAM right so again, that's basically all they're doing is they're tokenizing the delta of Trading right which is a profit and loss So it's cool It's it's just the new a new philosophy on on thinking about how markets work and How they can work in the future right and that's pretty cool? and it's a you know it's always good to understand like the opportunity and How Business is and as usual It's changing to a different way, and I think this one definitely showcases it this is called Plus coin It's called a Decentralized cash black I'm sorry a decentralized cash back platform on the etherium blockchain If anybody's familiar and this one uses this is another coalition model Strength of the wolf is a pack strength of the pack in the woods These are fewer wolves that they have in their pack, so it's not a bad pack to be running with Burger King KFC Mickey D's right and they talked about they're building a Cash back service crypto cash back service

I've never seen that word before but that's a good word to use crypto cash back On the plus Cohen economy, and so essentially how it works I downloaded their app it's pretty clean you download the app go to a company get the coins spend the money and get rewarded right and for those of you that don't know this is called a MTL Multi tender loyalty program This is a one of the biggest biggest biggest innovations in marketing and consumer retail spending In the past decade right if you think of plenty if you think of anybody in Australia I think you guys are familiar with them read loyalty program from Qantas airlines They actually have actually their loyalty program for this airline our Qantas their loyalty program makes more money than the airline does right? And so this is this is kind of like the future not even a future, but the most effective way to incentivize Consumers in spending is to bring all these companies together one You know reward system behind it and Put a token now They're putting a token behind it on the blot saying

I think it's really really really a Smart business move for these guys to first of all recognize that Identify it and now they've been able to execute it So this is what I wanted to show you guys the marketplace right this thing is a pretty solid here, right? As it stands right now you can get with your DS plus tokens you can Get rewarded cashback tokens, so these could be free Tokens that you earned just on the regular money you spend anyway anything from a mouse to a mousepad All the way down To cooler Mouse's and mouse pads Keyboard did a big boys iPhones iphones Computers right and I think this is what I saw that really made them very interesting to me where these are like Legitimate real deal power machines here This isn't just you know you go to Chuck E Cheese and they give you a rubber ball and You know a little a little slimy a little little one of those little sticky and slimy stick to the wall things This is like the real deal products so they have some You know global Interest just through the products that you're able to acquire in their Marketplace on their token, so that's I haven't seen that before on ICL Especially with the partners, you know that are already engaged with them So again, I think I think this is always interesting to understand how the world and the economy we have today is evolving through the black tank through these new partnerships and affiliates and opportunities is evolving to a world yet to be seen And the more we can understand about how that transition is taking place and the people that are doing it You know and the products that are coming out as a result More, you will be able to make Or the more you will have already made By the time it happens right right now We're just in the planning phase guys this is where I talk about Creek topless right so with that being said let's run over to a false Bitcoin comm This is where I talk about Creek catalyst and this is where we start to identify with the 10 biggest coins in the market right now You go to coin market cap click on the top 25 You will see a lot of these coins on this list right now That are rebuilding the marketplace, so you kind of get both sides of it things ICL coins we covered follow Plus coin coin Animus and Market plus coin And zap you know could very well be on this list three four or five years from now but right now With a two hundred and fifty billion dollar milker cap right It's a solid list of coins selected for you Already ahead of time your boy B Kade and put paid to paper paid to cost to be the boss so you don't have to Write and that's where we have to create a police report $25 off of Bitcoin dot-com right now If you haven't got it check it out

It's well worth it in addition to that we do have a few other products I won't you know dwell it down with the details But you got the profit package the dream-team and then also you guys have face time with the boss so you know for This meeting I'm actually Laying it out a little bit with the holidays coming up I'm rescheduling a few of the people This week so I think the soonest that I have open right now is going out into December maybe the first second week of December so yeah, I look forward to all of the upcoming meetings if you are in the chat right now do me a favor and Shout your country out I just wanted to show to people Some of the resources that we have available a few people are asking about BP ends this is Informational purposes, but you can just if you have Google Chrome you can just type in Chrome Extensions at Chrome extensions VPN and one of the things that first thing that pops up Let's see let's see let's see actually you know what you can just do Chrome extensions right and then that will actually pop up this little extension store right and here you can actually get a VPN what does VPN a virtual privacy network right and One of the ones I think that has the best You're gonna click on more extension results two of the ones I've tried out again for informational purposes freedom of speech educational information Unlimited free VPN hola click on that one that one's decent and then it's another one down here right there set up VPN lifetime free VPN Unblock any blocked website in your country school or company It's free and easy to use so for example If you were to say want to change your IP address from being in San Antonio, Texas to say Toronto, Canada For whatever reason you know you wanted to do that This would definitely accommodate your request Check it out if it's of any interest to you Next up we do have again our Facebook group the number one Bitcoin group in the world The doors are always open come on in Whenever you want We'll be waiting for you with open arms again It's really cool that I look forward to you know Spending a lot more time in this community this week Has just Nick crazy I do appreciate your time and patience with you know Just trying to get these videos out and get these one-on-ones in so I've been a little bit absent this week I've been a little absent

You know I just throw a couple charts in there a couple shots – is still cash by the way if you haven't got it yet Mike 1 to $480 it's still a bargain right now look at that as jumping from 440 to 480 this thing might be 650 in two days So there you go guys Let's go ahead and run it down running back from the top I saw something about some managers who says something bout some, Wisconsin bastards oh Ok so who we got who we got Brooklyn stand up Liverpool is big in the building Belgium What's going on? Mexico, Texas Australia LA box walking on the west coast Denver in the house Portland Oregon was going on USA, Kentucky a lot of people from the US a home baby Seattle Washington was going out UK Shout out across the pond Ireland Brazil, LA Chicago, Washington DC and one more Central Valley, CA Balls walking on the west coast thank you for joining me everybody Thank you for your time with that being said it's that time of the day signing out this dump Bose Boy beach age no matter where you stay from Brazil to the bait California all the way back out boot jerk money good night Good morning and good day

Thank you for joining me Thank you for your time Question of the day is this right now How much will – be This time next week, that's our question of the day leave your answer in the comments I am closing off the chat leave it in the comments Copy and paste and share this video like it subscribe click that bill If you haven't done it already do that for me if you appreciate Milan until we meet again stay cryptic yo peace