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I think I can show you Show you that like that I think you can see In short, hm What you have just heard in India is not true Many false things are out India does not ban cryptocurrency! That's why we see Bitcoin going down below the $ 10,000 level Hm There is a lot of blood in the world of cryptocurrencies Right now the Bitcoin is around $ 9361 We went below $ 10,000, and the downward trend continues And We will have to go over $ 10,000 again In order to get, in my opinion, again a nice upward trend If you are

In cryptocurrency currently, this is not the time to sell, I would say hm Because I think we're getting closer – I can not be sure of that And I'm not your financial advisor, but hm If you want to buy cryptocurrency, you can expect Bitcoin to decrease further This causes the whole market to fall But the latest news was that India was thinking about banning cryptocurrency trading That was a rumor, and it was wrong This is a big reason why prices are falling, and, listen Hm

I give you unbiased news about cryptocurrencies And the fact is, you should not be too optimistic, not too pessimistic You should be somewhere in the middle And when you hear something like "A major regulator threatens to close cryptocurrency exchanges" Well Even in China mobile apps launch exchanges So, for the most part, the risks associated with a regulation have been too hyped It has just been shown that the threat of regulation has not been so important than what everyone feared Hm But from a technical point of view, Bitcoin could go down even lower I would be careful at the $ 9,000 level Hm And I would not go back to the Bitcoin market now I would wait to see where we are getting support But if I was in Bitcoin, as I am now, I would not sell So here is We'll talk to each other very soon!