hi everyone it's a Monday the 18th of 12 yeah seven days the Batman comes I suppose but anyways skin to some Megatron constraints on used today so obviously market caps about five hundred eighty seven billion dollars BTC dominance is fifty four and a half percent Bitcoin 19137 so it was it was up to he was hollering around the 23rd just just didn't quite get there but you've got I think it did Richard just just missed it that's all right do him 7:22 Bitcoin cash one 869 ripple 72 white point 318 we had bought in maybe only 300 women are on today no 51 cents iota 392 out is pretty good buy at the moment 392 getting under $4 is pretty good currently – is – still rocking bed time it's like that's just want to look out for 8 to 18 being as a privacy coin definitely human island – Manero still gone up as well 350 Bitcoin gold $299 now my video obviously is titled is Bitcoin gold kind to coinbase so you've ever their website between go website you can't down except all the pace has got exchanges say obviously trading like beaches and coming soon and so coming soon is on G – so if this happens or not is 2 min things I don't know I'm not sure I mean it it's a it's a possibility that it could or it's possibly appliance so you know it's a reindeer Boeing to this or not a man top sir I mean you take that chance it wouldn't hurt to have a big coin gold I mean if you've missed the boat with Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash I mean gaining now under 300 the Bitcoin gold probably isn't a bad idea it hasn't reached its all-time high either pretty sure when it first come out my years this thing everyone sold off see 400 519 it's not even close to what it is or what it's been at I mean that's when it's first come in everyone's done so just free cash obviously then it's gone about it did shoot back up to 496 it looks like yeah so still a bit more room to grow obviously for Bitcoin goal so if you do mr

bottle Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash I mean can we jump and you can't you know you can't afford it when I thought coin this is the way to go between gold so no that's yeah I mean look at that let's say is kind of GDX so usually that means it's kinda coinbase and say own each other yes that's my take on Bitcoin gold and what you know what we found everything's going up obviously at the moment which is good it's not a bad thing just suck secure my body into things at the moment some things are starting to go back down a little bit but nothing major Kedah no link you down oh don't mind 51 cents I mean I think you could probably grab it a lot lower than 51 it's just been it I was just climbing climbing climbing so obviously don't bow I wouldn't be born now behind on the deep wait for it to come back down a bit there is potential this coin to go one say two to three dollars I can't see why I can't similar it's similar to a similar tech to etherion so if the market gambled market cap if you're done I can match the market road we'll get to it my cab of etherium now and you're talking more you can know top ten times now that's not even ten so I'm so tired yeah I can see yeah two fifty three dollars maybe in the long run I mean not obviously not the moment you don't know when your body sometimes you can buy a coin you can go down like the next day on that and you can certainly a stand water I've got yeah only losing money if you sell on it okay so this always remember that you only take a loss if you sell loss so don't be scared if a coin your boy into a coin and goes down like sit there for sometimes you get lucky like the birds birds couple days ago I was only 2 cents just under 2 cents then it jumped to 6 cents 67 cents so you know what's it what's very gently how burn out birds got back to 5 cents so you know mates a crew that could've went either way I mean I was it was always gonna come up mine because I thought it was all so much news about it so that's what happened there I would also got neonates orany I was up semi not one go as a sauce touching on nearly $70 that's anyway that's brought that remember when I went back down to 20 and it was upset for me and I look people boarding at 40 so they'd be laughing on yeah it says good good pick up and we also got a and yes pretty much all I got for you today guys I've got to go I do a quick video cuz I've gotta take Dora get it take to Teen Titan here today of all the days so Monday yeah two tops fangs are coming out so she's carrots or maybe after that had to be done they just on one to two unwanted teeth at the moment so but yeah anyway guys I'm you've got my video give it thumbs up if you want to subscribe it a subscribe button leave a comment when he record really good card Anna I'm reading a bitcoin goal is is it a chance that is going on to coinbase sooner rather than later or maybe not a lot maybe sister a PR you know yeah he say yeah I'm polka that's been done on purpose I you know I don't knows I mean if Bitcoin gold does go on to coinbase I mean you can see this price is gonna go way up so I don't know I mean I'm still unsure dear do you take the chance we wouldn't hurt to have a coin I had one you know me they had on you got a coin but you should have alloy coil show – he um she'll give him any definition Bitcoin I mean obviously if you knew this game you know yeah unless you loaded you're not gonna come in and buy one Bitcoin anyone be bought I wouldn't be born in there this price but it depends I mean a year we will get to 20 grand so I mean to pinch it's up to you it's up yeah if you kind of ignore Nene make some money but I mean ideally you would have been better off like we could saw a guy when I was back to 13 days and then had a you know saw it off 19 then and then reborn where it comes back down but you know whatever many guys have a good day and always remember it's never a loss unless you sell at a loss okay so keep that in mind every day and I'll see you tomorrow