I invested in the Bitcoin-Ethereum-litecoin Here's why! Maxence So just before you give so my feedback and so on other currencies to invest in the coming months the next few years, I invites you to click on the Subscribe button to reach tens of thousands entrepreneurs subscribers YouTube channel So I'm currently with Xolali ZIGAH I've interviewed and carried out other videos on the channel So mainly vis-à-vis Bitcoin It is also thanks to you and I thank you, I also invested through the bitcoin

At first, I was in a hurry, therefore, I had done on BitPanda and then all of my investments held on Kraken So mainly Bitcoin, Ethereum and litecoin So just before we track all in detail, I invite you to represent you just briefly, although I think you already know Feel free to also watch the video how he transformed 8000 € in € 50,000 in the space of eighteen months Other videos as: which platform to invest in Bitcoin, which platform to choose? I let you introduce us

So Xolali hi! Xolali: Hi Maxence! So, as you hast said, My name Xolali ZIGAH I am a blogger and investor in the field crypto-currencies since 2014 Many people know that in fact, I had already started to be interested in this field in 2011, but I did not invested and then I really got into the field in 2014-2015 As such, it allowed me to have a good experience in the bitcoin, but then I interested in other crypto-currencies And so I'm training on it I also write articles on the subject

Maxence: So we often heard of bitcoin to litecoin, the Ethereum So me, my strategy is very simple I invested € 1500 per month since July 2017 So 1500 € per month, I put 700 € per month on bitcoin, € 400 per month on Ethereum and 400 € a month on litecoin, So, now vis-à-vis the Kraken platform So we made another video the subject, we will not return in detail

And I just wanted you to us explain in detail here in this case on Ethereum and then litecoin on the other crypto-currencies that would be interesting to invest Xolali: OK! So, as we also saw in a previous video, we saw that Bitcoin generated by small so-called Blockchain It was overview we could do other things and have even more impressive projects through Blockchain which could have a high growth potential So we had a second big project called the Ethereum project Maxence: So what is it? Tell us everything

Xolali: So now, Ethereum at the base told Ethereum is a currency, but we do, we can not say that it is a currency because the currency linked to Ethereum called ether Ethereum in fact, it is a project that aimed to create what is called a global computer So what is a global computer? It is as if we had a computer where everyone could connect So then, if In that room, there is a computer, so I connect But here, there a computer where the planet can access and create in fact applications

And it's applications are called smart contracts or English that allow SmartContract as their name suggests doing smart things, that means autonomous things As such, what we can do with it is for example facilitate reimbursement, eg for insurance without the need to whenever there is a problem airline tickets or go: "Hello, I had a problem " go the claim

Here the aim is that it is independent, it happens automatically It can also facilitate everything related to real estate cadastres It is to delimit lots of people who want to invest in real estate when need to update the contracts, often it is the large procedures so that's hyper-complicated Here, the goal is that it is automated We can automate also suddenly music contracts

There are often conflicts precisely in music contracts because they said, "oh yes you know, yes, but we did not put it in this clause of the contract " And with Ethereum precisely the goal is could automate everything and trust and say that once we does something, every time we update, it will be impossible to forge, it is can not cheat it And so, it was found that in lots of areas we can apply this type of contract and autonomous even in the area of ​​health and suddenly, it's the second currency, I say change the general sense, that has a greater potential after bitcoin So here, for example, there is a year to the day in October 2016, the course of the ether, which is the currency Ethereum, it was approximately a ten euros and so people became interested Today, it is over 260 € an ether

Maxence: So you can imagine times 27, yes, you heard 27 times the space of a year So if you are set 1000 €, well you would have € 27,000 € 27,000 it's still pretty cool with a paltry investment, € 1000 initially Xolali Behold! So this is for Ethereum The second biggest cryptocurrency after bitcoin

Now as you said, the third called litecoin Maxence So the bitcoin baby Xolali: So the baby bitcoin So in litecoin fact, it is also based on the Blockchain of bitcoin and purpose it was to have a light version of bitcoin So, for example, it was found that As of the time the bitcoin, transactions went from a few seconds a few minutes to check

And now, we spent about ten minutes verification And even sometimes when there is really a lot of inflow And on Litecoin, transaction verification, it is super-fast So after two-three minutes is checked Maxence: We already checked! OK ! Xolali: That, and it is quiet

And suddenly, that's why they say that is a lite version, because it is more streamlined And today Ethereum also a sharp increase since at the beginning of the year, we were around, I think, 10 or 15 € to achieve a course that is more than today $ 50, so, let's say € 45, so it's we Maxence: And that was 10 € a year ago right? Xolali: Yes, even at the beginning of the year in fact, in January

Maxence: So that's five times the space of about ten months Xolali: Exactly! And we also realize that as people invert in bitcoin, they say, "oh, it starts to get expensive, I will put my money in something that is a little cheaper, which has great potential " That's why litecoin also appreciates in value over time Maxence: Yeah, always remember at least me personally, that's why I made this video too, so investment number 1, bitcoin, investment Number 2: Ethereum, investment number 3: litecoin This really values safe in some way and that will allow you to grow your savings via yields 10 times, 50 times, 100 times or more than any book, life insurance, Livret A, share savings plan, housing savings plan, or what not

So, really do not hesitate to invest So the money that is on any booklet that is unfortunately at 1, 2, 3, or 4%, depending on what you use yields on explosives made in bitcoin, Ethereum and litecoin So there is also other currencies, I think including Dash, the Monero or what not Is can you explain this? Xolali: Well, basically, I represent me September, not including the bitcoin, let's say eight in all Maxence: So what are the other five

September excluding the bitcoin Xolali Behold, he remains in the four So there Bitcoin was told, Ethereum, litecoin So there are still five Maxence: Exactly

Xolali: So there's one called Monero as you said So Monero, it's one of the only crypto-currency that is not based on the system Blockchain So it's still a currency that is not centralized in one place, but they said, "we, we wanted to compete and create our Blockchain Blockchain own " So they have a system called CryptoNote which roughly the same operations but is specific to Monero And the goal is to have them own system with their security appropriate for that currency

So that's, that's for Monero Maxence: So you put the fourth or you would put Dash fourth, if you had to do a ranking which cryptocurrency would you put in fourth place off the podium Xolali: At the foot of the podium is between Monero and Dash, well, I'll put rather Dash because I see that Dash starts to get really serious First, I will end Monero later we will pass Dash So that's the goal of Monero was to have a clean cryptocurrency with its own system and that works really well

And it really also not taken bad because at values ​​early, litecoin same as it was around 15 and some euros today have a course that is $ 90 So that means say one is more than 80 € for Monero That is to say that it is also a currency Great potential To Dash, in fact, they call it digital cash So the goal is to have it a little bitcoin, but at great speed with the least possible expense

That's why it's Dash flash as it sounds a little So they invented the money for that purpose, to make it faster the bitcoin and that there is the least possible cost So Dash against by the People have also realized that the potential was very strong and there were developers who were very talented and in time, they have invested heavily in 2017 So in February 2017, for example, I presented Dash and Dash over was worth about 17 dollars Today, we are in October 2017 and during the Dash is more than $ 300

Maxence: And in February, it was how you were saying ? Xolali: It was $ 17 So there, if you do the math Maxence: So roughly twenty times So, if you put 1000 €, you'd already € 20,000 Twenty times, it's just amazing

Xolali: It's really amazing We see that not only it increases fast, and this is just the beginning because the potential is Maxence: Yeah, it will definitely make bitcoin as they say $ 300, but it will then 3, 4000, $ 5000 in two or three years

Xolali: That's because the bitcoin when it had risen to 500, many people said, it's huge 500! I can not put 500 700 do not talk 800 So 1000 is huge! And we see that in the 1000 final, is four times less

of Maxentius: Yeah, now it is more € 4 000 to roughly 4000 € Xolali: Exactly! So here, so that is why it also they are high potential and currencies that are solid because now there are already billions that are in it So there are companies and all who truly trust, unlike small currencies that are now to be born and you do not visually at all about the future if you want relative to that

Maxence: Ok! Xolali: Now there's another one called classic Ethereum And I will briefly tell how come I just said then Classic Ethereum that earlier there was talk of Ethereum In fact, Ethereum, last year, he there was a small problem, not a platform, but something they had organized between investor Ethereum, there was a little hacking And suddenly, they decided repair in fact the chain Ethereum Except that there are people who were not disagree

They said since it is a digital currency that works through to computers, we do not want to touch So, what made that those who touched kept Ethereum, who did not touch at all, they decided that would create another baby Ethereum Ethereum called classic And some was born another Ethereum which is actually the same, but before that they have makes changes to the Ethereum network So it is also a fact that currency of value Earlier this year, finally, when it was created, it was worth 1 euro and some

Earlier this year, it was worth about the same, between 1st and 170 € And today when we made this video, Ethereum worth more than 10 € Maxence: So there, like, six times So if you put 1000 €

Xolali: ten times exactly! Maxence: Between six times and ten times a again So yields rather explosive Xolali Behold! So that's really interesting, because even if it is not not the official currency of the final Ethereum, we see that in the investment, there has nevertheless also great potential Maxence: Ok! So Bitcoin, Ethereum, litecoin, monero, dash and Ethereum classic So what are the last two? Xolali Behold! So we have another called Augur

So this one is a little less known but it is a currency, I wanted to also specify that every Once they create currencies, in fact it is because they create projects And the projects they want this project has great potential and we invest in So Augur, the project was to make what is called predictions decentralized markets So that means if you you want to invest in some thing and you want to know most of paris as for example, the most probability that an event happens, you're on the network and you look all what people have said And they realize that when one brings a bit all ideas a notice of change of course, the majority is found in fact to have the right answers

And suddenly, they created what was, this currency called Augur that is bound just to make market predictions And the more you'll make good predictions, more you'll be rewarded, and that's what runs this currency called Augur Maxence: Ok! So already, there is a strong potential and that will still explode over the coming months and years Xolali Behold! And finally, the last I would like to introduce is Zcash Maxence: Ok! Xolali: So Zcash like my last name, has perhaps it is I who created, you do not know

So actually Zcash it is a currency that is intended to be almost identical to the bitcoin but with added security extra is total privacy because the Bitcoin makes even if it is anonymous, we can see the addresses of each person If I turn you me, we can go on and look Blockchain: "ah there was this transfer at this address" although we do not know who knows The purpose of Zcash is to do that, but so completely anonymous It means there can not see the transactions So that means ie, they call it a transaction shield that makes you exchange, but we do not see nothing

So it's anonymity at the individual level, anonymity level firsthand, the If you want coordinates transactions So in fact it's a bit like with bitcoin additional privacy And ditto to Monero, Zcash, it was around This was down to 50, about $ 50 at the beginning of the year Today, it is more than $ 300 I think Maxence: So six times, times seven new time

It's pretty amazing Xolali Behold! So that means he is also a keen interest in this project, in that currency which it took many values And it is expected that it takes more values ​​as people will look more and more and the fact that it is also coins which are limited What makes more interest, the more it increases in value So we can not speak of history, what we often hear: "Yes, it is bubbles, it will explode

" No, it's just math Interest, we exchange, we use it, it takes the value and then basta is recovered capital gains Maxence: Ok! Ben thank you over this little summary of all the crypto-currencies So remember, if today you want to invest compared to bitcoin or even other crypto-currencies So : Bitcoin Ethereum

Litecoin Monero Dash Ethereum classic Zcash Augur

And here, it is about the range You have hundreds and hundreds, there too, we must not close our eyes, there was a lot of scams over also to all the hundreds of crypto-currencies which are therefore created a little all days or every week So you focus on what top eight If you're like me, you do not necessarily want to bother you, you concentrate on winning the trio somehow So bitcoin, Ethereum and litecoin as this is very simple, but it allows you are, to have a trend

By I know we can be fast mind muddled with all these new crypto-currencies and do not know exactly where to invest and choose for her money; so, please take this trio and then extend to you the seven allcoins just introduced Xolali So if you enjoyed the video, click on the like button Thank you again! It will allow us to have a little your feedback If you have some questions or we misspoke certain points in video, please also tell in the comments right below you Xolali say, I would like to have such and such accuracy over Augur, Monero, Zcash or what not Say it well in the comments, just below Thank you in advance compared to the small button and just like before you leave, I will invited to watch training on Allcoins vis-à-vis the crypto-currencies So what is there actually within this training, because that here, you have a private club to which I am also already adhering for several months forever now, namely news, invest correctly, when I have take the details

So I learned different strategies such as strategy 25, therefore, invest the 25th of the month, the owl strategy, etc So what does he are concrete and that it should attend the seven Allcoins millionaires and the private club Coinmunity? Xolali: Ok! So in fact it's a training is for all people who want to discover other currencies apart from the bitcoin, since I had already made a specific training the bitcoin And here it is for people who really want to have big returns Because we realize that as time measurement, it explodes more and more And suddenly, in this training actually I repeat in detail the operation each of these allcoins

How it was created? What is really the project behind What is the potential? How does it evolve? What are the news that will make it too soon will increase and therefore, there will in in fact There are detailed infographics where I present them on video, I present course, I present the entire operation, with videos that are a bit like course to learn how to invest in these allcoins Maxence: Absolutely So me, what I have done concretely, one morning 10:00 to 12:00, I followed all the training and I invested in stride And obviously, I pay for itself very quickly training as you yield vis-à-vis all these explosives crypto-currencies we have presented in the video

Anyway, thank you again! If you want to invest and you say, okay, I would like to know more about Augur, dash, zcash all crypto-currencies that has shown in the video So click well in domestic video, it will redirect to the page layout You will have all the summary If you watch this video from our platform, there is the (i) such information to top right video or still is in fair description below So we say to you right away on the other side to generate cash with bitcoin and especially right now to make money with these crypto-currencies and the top eight to invest to grow your savings and inflate your wallet in stride

See you soon on the cover page training