Hey, what's going on everyone This is Bitcoin freak bringing you another bit connect video Wow, what a week

Where do I even start with this guy's Bitcoin right now as we speak is absolutely going to the moon I don't know if it's gonna go higher than this I mean I'm only hoping it's been attached here and That's gonna be epic But we will see how that goes at the moment on : market cap we're looking at seven thousand seven hundred and thirty-eight dollars Bitcoin cash we can obviously see that it levels down to one thousand thirteen Dollars ripu actually went really high today I think it went as high as thirty cents, and then it's sort of like dropped down to 24 23 now and Obviously bitconnect I don't even have to tell you guys It's nearly three hundred dollars, but one big connect, so you know it's a great time to do a loan I'm currently sitting at $8,000 on in loans and right now as you can see I got 4

19 big Kinect tokens, which is around to twelve hundred I think so I'm gonna go go and do one thousand Yeah one thousand and ten dollar loan today, and I'm gonna keep the rest You know to stock up because obviously tomorrow I don't know if you heard we're gonna have a pretty good interest rate, which is gonna be one point ninety five so tomorrow I'm gonna make like hundred and eighty dollars Just for that day you know from all the loans oh Yeah, so I'm gonna keep all the rest you know I'm gonna keep stacking the rest of it so I can do another 1010 dollar loan But that's gonna be probably a few days from now and with that said let's let's go ahead and and do this loan So 1010 dollar And there we go just like that 1010 dollar has been lens, too Let's transfer all this Let's tuck it up right there, that's cool So yeah, let me just refresh real quick Let's have a look where we are Alright so there we go nine thousand and twenty dollars in loans In here you can see total lending profit four thousand one hundred and thirty seven dollars affiliate Commission 369 thirty cents, so I'm really appreciate every single person who jump on my team, which is pretty small at a minute But maybe in time we're gonna get more people joining that our team So it would be pretty awesome if we get more members but yet so far its total earned four and a half grand basically guys and total loans obviously nineteen here Yeah, they did some changes obviously to the way they they do all this so yeah, I mean I just wanted to say that you know I've seen we've seen so much so much criticism and so much like really you know nasty fun going on towards big connect without really any Real proof of you know of to back it up What those people were saying so you know Listen to yourself

Okay Do your research listen to yourself, okay? Don't listen to people that hating on things because obviously haters are gonna be hating on things do your own research ask yourself? What do you think you know? I think that you know big connect proven itself over the last year and I don't really feel that you know with with a calling that's basically directly attached to Bitcoin I don't really feel that they are actually going anywhere I mean let me just show you this real quick You probably know this but have a look at this chart right I mean Just have a look at it the way it looks All right, let's scroll down real quick Have a look at this chart Now

How does it look to you? Okay, let's have a look again You got a little dip here look You got a little dip here Okay? All this It's pretty much mimicked From this so I Don't feel that they are gonna be you know thinking of doing any kind of exit I mean why would they I mean like they are one of the biggest? Platforms out there they are it's obviously working what they do you know they went from zero to hero Yeah, their coin was zero it's now nearly three hundred Dollars per one as we speak 298 So yeah, just do your own research check make sure you know that you are comfortable, and you know if you want get in if you don't want just Stay outside and just watch others You know doing doing stuff anyways

Thank you so much for You know sticking to the end of this video if again if you guys are new to my channel feel free to subscribe You know turn on your post notifications when you do because then you get you know notifications about my new videos Also leave a like under this one share it and yeah again If you got any questions feel free to drop them down in the comment section, and I see you guys in the next video peace