Massive criticism for diesel summit Various critics have hardly until no good to say about the outcome of the meeting between Federal, state and the auto industry Of "farce" and "puppet show" there is the question

For diesel summit, German manufacturers had new exhaust software for around 53 million promised cars to reduce emissions of nitrogen oxide respiratory poison Additional modifications to the engine, which would be much more expensive, but the industry declined from New crypto money Bitcoin Cash Bitcoin Cash has successfully spun off as new cryptocurrency of Bitcoin It took a few hours until the first own block was generated

The price of the new crypto money put unaffected ever a price explosion initially with almost one hundred percent increase back Meanwhile, a Bitcoin Cash was trading at around 600 euros The price of Bitcoin has softened slightly after the Fork, is around 2,300 euros but still well above that of Bitcoin Cash Samsung launches new clamshell phone Folding phones have their golden age long past, but are not quite extinct In China, Samsung has introduced the Leader 8, a new flip-phone

The top has both front and back, a 42 inch AMOLED display with full HD resolution Thus, you can use the phone both folded and opened The Leader 8, however, announced exclusively for the Chinese market Artificial intelligence is to learn to understand language in virtual game worlds Research groups Alphabet's Deep Mind and leave at Carnegie Mellon University independently AI systems work in three-dimensional game environment so that they independently learn the relationship between words and objects

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