Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency the future to which we aim With them, our lives would be so much easier

LIFE INSIDE THE CHINESE MINE BITCOINOVÉHO In isolation in a rural area of ​​northeast China is six down to Bitcoin belonging mysterious group of four people The October 2014 generated 4,050 Bitcoin month, ie about 36 million Their computing power equivalent to 3% of the entire network bitcoinové We're headed to Changcheng on one of our farms bitcoinových

Dalilan bitcoinovém industry has a special place because of the environment Air quality and the conditions are quite good Conditions in other mining towns are quite rough Miners life is pretty uneventful We look at the best bitcoinový Changcheng mine

It's a three-story building We have a second floor I am the general manager of the mining site I'm in charge of surgery This includes equipment, personnel and supply current

Me and my friends we created this project together We all shareholders We put our money together and solve problems together We currently have 6 down We do everything in our power to open more mines

We race to respond to the demand on the Internet Whoever has velkvý performance will be rewarded The reward is Bitcoin virtual currency In the best of times, we benefited 100 Bitcoin day at each mine As increasing sophistication and computing power, the numbers are changing

Expenditure on electricity are also associated with it We employ around 1,250 kWh Our electric bill is about 2 million per month In this scale and with such an equipment on each day Make the most below 20-25 Bitcoin We have around 3,000 miners

Everything starts with the involvement of mining machinery to power Then we connect them to the Internet Once the miners online, computers can change the settings Then they can create algorithms When it is done the correct calculation, we get the reward

I believe that Bitcoin will be the currency of the future They can not completely replace the current financial system, but the financial system is moving in that direction Bitcoin value is not stable, because we are still in early development Honestly, it is still on the stage of lifting It is similar to China's transition from cash on the use of credit and debit cards

We believe in them because they are the trend of this era It is one of the period, which must finance company go through in their development Right now we Chinese government neither endorses nor opposes If bitcoinový market to operate safely and legally I think the Chinese government in the future leans for support

These machines are either broken or no longer unused There's probably 900th Since Avalond consumes more electricity and has lower performance, it is a product that should disappear from the market Our machines have a higher performance We recycle everything we can, and we give them a new purpose The rest can only be managed as waste

Fans must work, otherwise the temperature is too high When the machine overheats, collapses You see the fans When something goes wrong, performance drops Miners and back to red Also we have a large exhaust fans

It is twelve When you walk into the room, you feel a big gust of wind Heat sink it works great When running at full capacity, they could suck someone It tastes good, right? Tasteless? Soak it in the sauce

Most employees live right here Compared with the same positions in traditional industries our employees have relatively high salaries Once the engine starts, it can not stop due to human error Common issues include problems with electricity, supply current, the Internet or computers themselves These things directly affect the profits of our mines

The main qualifications of our staff's knowledge of computers They need to understand them very well Other skills related to Bitcoin is teach after adoption This is relaxation Life employees is simple, perhaps even a little boring

In addition to monitoring equipment workers sleeping read a book or play with mobile phones Because we mine 24 hours, we need to have someone there for safety So when workers are service There must also be available at night The problem, which most fear is a massive system failure Let's say I have 1,000 machines and 200 of them falls

I'll have to find out where the error occurred Most problems can be easily solved The workload is not too large I can drink tea or coffee while patrolling machines I listen to audiobooks and play the game, drink water, smoke

When I'm tired, I go over there and rest At first I was not too excited But now I think it's great

What percentage of your assets consists of Bitcoin? At the moment it is about 50% Another 50% is cash You think it's an investment in Bitcoin good time? For me, yes