What's Litecon? Litecon not managed by a central system, founded in 2011 is an open source digital currency You can buy the service by paying with your Litecon quickly; You can make a website

Or you can buy jewelry or a cup of tea Litecon, fast and reliable capability to receive payment for traders There is no submission fee send and receive the Litecon is free All Litecon transfers can be seen by everyone, called the Blockcha are recorded on a transparent system

In this way payments are approved instantly You can pay with Litecon anywhere in the world Your payment reaches the right recipient Credit card, standard bank wire transfers, even transfer fee for digital payment services company that is both much cheaper fast For example, a business in Singapore You can receive payments in seconds from a customer in San Francisco

In addition, the two sides can reach a proof that payment has been made visible by everyone Litecon to pay with reliable software is as easy to send and receive e-mail You can store it with your payment or Litecon Litecon confidence in your computer or your mobile device The total number of outstanding Litecon will be 84 million units In this case, there is no need to worry about the possibility of losing your Litecon value with inflation Litecon has a stable and diversified market share

Daily trading volume with 10 millions of dollars It traded by clearing firms using one of the reliable clearing firm; Dollar, Euro and you can swap your Litecon Turkish Lira What you can do with Litecon is unlimited The future of payment systems, welcome to Litecon be part of the future and to get more information about the Litecon: I litecoin