Hello My dear friend and a warm welcome from: Davide Geraci and in this video you I want to show how to undermine bitcoin through software I want to make a little example: If you want to undermine bitcoin or at least are affecting you a minaggio bitcoin and want to do virtually full autonomy alone It must above all have a powerful computer and if you are resident in Italy you have to consider that electricity in Italy costs a lot as a result have a computer turned involves h24 truly a great deal of power so many times not enough to have only a powerful computer that dream of making mistakes on what was with the consumption of electricity fortunately there are no services in Italy which then of course use these expeditions you want to go kleber presented this video which counts como then as you can see written by you guess that will be made against long by Italian fright accomplished in a machine generates weapon of four to 24 percent for Automatic percent hundred percent free some person is asked what You need to do to make sure you drive through this service bitcoin very simple, first of all you need to register at sea click on silicon to app and going to bed of course the two data so we'll go now to enter our index about just created an account beginning of someone who wants to see all the steps ok run directly by step our e mail address so we believe this a password We confirm the appearance password accept the terms and conditions we click the conditions try the tip of the robot aim motorcycle ok many times that are requested images have to do you have to click and then go click perfect sleep ok we see at this point where we live rendered these perfect order show our neuer to control the Stage bot let's see if we are going to confirm our e-mail address we see here it updates we have received mail from the service with suit it pretty much tells you how to do the logging of course your username and at this point there remains only go to the table to install the software to generate and ethical and what we must do more charged back ppa here to do lore but never download it that way Quintabà file for us cuts Once installed in your computer you have to do who do work in the background now I pretty much the soft side kit But for since I'm uploading this video you want to increase crossroad so that this goes to facts, but I will show you pretty much all to the flight procedure ok let's see how to do so for now it is installing its software once you have you talked to those who naturally present this stop so if yet you have not calibrated the software still does not detach the heat I naturally interrupting the north because I have already installed software will present gayit this proven all he needs to go to do is Click Here these Koran 9 benchmark study tito tap ok then you're going to enter data Login then turns to the man and of course your password that you've generated through the process of recording once you click on that log will present this screen what to do virtually until the progress of the process is not completed no you can not let the sea you can not touch anything so i have to wait for this process because virtually complete software what will come your cpi is simultaneously quantify what you earn every day any media and of course it is of course every year once it is This procedure has been virtually completed in protest will almost at the end I have to return to their complete statement concluded virtually stop the blue line will find your earnings and your computer will be able to generate every single day each month course every year at this point to a td but the queens Click all turning this way i want it clicks anxiously decide which plan to adopt at the resort so the rules to give the server to undermine your bitcoin though of course all in the failed computer use for your leisure vineyard is exclusively that only then the you should go to put the smart ball but if you want to earn more so even at night you want to keep turned on the PC can calmly put the ball on the 90,100 that discretion invoice here you will have virtually the tool gains each day will succeed in generating in force and then naturally converted to newspapers and of course you do not activate this every time on turn on your computer that will activate itself you use the map function I really do not feel even the software because first of all in August here they can safely work with light your computer and go to facebook can do all the works that thou doest daily without affecting what is the cpu consumption go quiet this week completely automatically just go a christian only if the smart and then repeat lego or overnight so the times when you're not using with rain and then well put percentage of 90 I chose him to work in a more we say more forced and thus be able to generating more bitcoin then remember that will see him in your computer will give this net figure blue and then all the software loaded so before loading the software for directors the mirage and of course if you want to get more gains then we can do is go back you want to promote this perfect Service here is friends then through your link affiliate in this way will you earn in a passive and then I advise you to do it because first of all it's free the computer we have it all I think that the many friends who use the computer to the vagus rather than for their work Can you tell then you install this software that then the But recording from naturally to them your affiliate web but it seems you will gain a good percent a good percentage through ok mirage of codes and all this is a service that is completely thank those who earns you on autopilot so sign up link are immediately below in the description of this video was your liking this video I share a like to put on my channel subscribe and leave a comment in the box needs hello david want to be updated iphone video I will publish on My channel then criticize deservedly to my channel subscribe by clicking the icon and then go to select this symbol the bell and put the check in via all notifications of this horse and click on sabha hello