Monero is a safe and encrypted electronic money can not be traced It comes from an open-source, decentralized free and anyone can see the development of the project

In this film, we want to talk about a ring signature for secure transactions Usually referred to as ring sign transaction (RingCT) On a movie We present Monero is how indistinguishable transaction by creating input for privacy payers Used during the digital signature technology The Real Deal signed to complete a deal to hide in a number of inputs In addition, we also address the key images (key image) is how to prevent the transaction being repeated input costs

Because the input can not be traced, so the ring signature ensures privacy payer However, for a more thorough increase the privacy of parties to the transaction Central to sign confidentiality transaction (RingCT) was used to hide the transaction amount Before beginning RingCT enable early Monero Monero amount of the transaction need to be divided into a number of special units For example, a sum of money for the transaction output 125 Will be divided into three items are the amount 10,2,05

This allows the ring signature can have enough input source when constructing Because the ring signature Enter the amount must be consistent But in this transaction steps, the amount of each transaction are visible In order to improve this shortcoming Monero in January 2017 RingCT the feature is enabled RingCT hide the amount of the transaction on the block chain After a month RingCT enabled Approximately 98% of the transactions are agreements RingCT use In September 2017, after all Monero transactions will be forced to use RingCT agreement

Under today's agreement to use RingCT Monero each newly generated output will exist in the form of visible amount of When Monero these newly generated is transferred in the first RingCT transaction will produce output with the amount of the mask In this way Monero transactions will no longer need to be divided into a number of specific units This represents wallet can be chosen at random at the time of the transaction in the transaction output RingCT This greatly increases the stealth nature Zhidezhuyi is A ring signature can not be included in the output of the old trading before RingCT enabled with the new deal with the amount of output mask at the same time So just like handling of newly generated Monero Must first be converted into output RingCT transaction in the old transaction output enabled before RingCT Then in order to form an annular output RingCT the signature

Let us take an example RingCT again carefully explain how technology works Alice has an output of 1256 for the transaction amount and payment 25 Monero would like to Bob Since the output can not be spent twice So the output will be take out a lump sum After the change will be returned to Alice

Alice's deal will have a sum of 1256 Monero input And two pen output The first output would be paid to Bob 25 Monero Another pen of the change will be 1006 Monero The original will be sent back to her own purse In order to prevent Monero been forged in the course of trading in and out of nothing Trading input and output of each transaction sum Monero respective sum amount must be the same

And because of the nature of RingCT Alice will be asked to provide the output of this transaction amount Only allow trading network can verify the deal information And in the end will actually spend the amount of money not public Although these feeds looks like random numbers From which the miners can still verify the amount of transfer to Bob with the available balance of the same In RingCT trading, another important mechanism is the "scope of protection" This can prevent someone from submitting a negative amount of the transaction To protect the circulation of Monero The scope of protection in cryptography to ensure that the amount of the transaction is greater than zero and less than a specific number Therefore, even if the external perspective of an observer can not know the real output from the transaction amount of the transaction Why They still can verify this transaction is valid Thanks Monero implanted privacy features gift Users can freely transmitted to any object And do not worry that someone will know the amount of the transaction or the identity of the parties These make Monero become the protection of privacy in the most advanced digital currency But the pace of innovation does not stop here

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