Monero is a safe and encrypted electronic money can not be traced It comes from an open-source, decentralized free and anyone can see the development project In this film, we want to talk about occult address Let's take a step back First recall the previous film in the Key Concepts We know Monero use of decentralized P2P network to record the consensus in the transaction block chain If Alice has Monero This represents she has a right to control the output of certain transactions When Alice to Bob transfer some of Monero Alice is in fact the transaction network announced She wanted to put some of her can control the output of the transaction repackaged into a new output deal And transfers control completely transferred to the hands of Bob In other words, a transaction which means After a wallet belonging to the old trading through Transformation Transfer to the new transaction wallet belonging to another output Let us further Learn occult address is how to increase user privacy In each transaction Address of the occult, which is a one-time public key Will be automatically generated and recorded in the transaction And indicate who may use these transactions output in subsequent transactions Spectator's point of view And no way of knowing whether funds from the block chain from Alice to Bob Mobile Or any of the addresses associated with this wallet this transaction Thus, when the transfer Monero Alice to Bob Bob received the transaction output and will not be associated with the address of Bob's wallet However, if Alice needs to prove that she really has to transfer Monero Bob Her purse is still able to present proof So Bob can be sure No one else can know this Monero transactions occur when or even whether there is If Bob is a businessman That this function is very good Because no one else can know his clients from the chains and the number of blocks Well, then pay attention Because we're going to go deep into the technical aspects of interpretation Each Monero address is 95-character string Is a public view key with the public spend key composition When Alice to Bob transfer Monero Bob uses Alice's purse of public view key with the public spend key Plus some random data to produce a unique one-time public key Bob uses for subsequent transactions

Everyone can see the one-time public key on the block chain But only he knows Alice and Bob have occurred transactions between their wallets After the transaction output Bob can use his public viewkey search scan block chain to find part of his output deal When Bob's purse to get the second transaction output on the block chain Wallet will be able to calculate the one-time private key, through its one-time public key Finally, you can use private spend key to take out these deals output This process allows the entire transaction completely without Bob's wallet address shows associated with any transaction on the block chain Thus you can find Occult address can prevent the transaction output is connected to the address wallet The privacy of the sender's signature will be annular (ring signatures) protected Ring signature can help confuse the source of these transactions output A movie in the next We will further discuss in detail the concept of ring signature And learn how to make Monero this function has stealth features can not be tracked If you are interested to know what makes Monero become the most important privacy encryption currency See our other videos or see getmoneroorg