To most people financial privacy is very important but banks, big corporations and even governments are having their records compromised The undeniable conclusion is there's no safe place to conduct private transactions

Well there wasn't one until now meet Monero Monero is a secure, private, untraceable currency With Monero you are your own bank Only you control and are responsible for your funds Monero is private This means businesses can keep their suppliers in secret

As well as citizens, escape government repressions and nosy neighbors across Monero can also be selectively transparent and you can choose who you want see a transaction Monero is dynamically scalable, which makes it very different from a Bitcoin Also the block reward will never drop below 03 XMR and the nominal inflation will say at 0

3 XMR per minute Monero is decentralized It has an active development community with more than 30 contributors Take back control of your finances and start using Monero today