what's going on Lee Rider here I've been getting a bunch of questions lately about my trading how I do it what it entails and so I wanted to put out some introductory videos to kind of explain the process to the beginners today we're going to start with purchasing Bitcoin, ethereum, and litecoin through coinbase and we're going to do that with no fees so this is gonna be a nice little hack that's gonna save you a ton of money so stick around and let's go to go to the screens already so I just want to start off and say that I'm not going to explain how to set up a coinbase account it's pretty self-explanatory they have some good help on the website I just want to talk about purchasing and moving money to GDAX and the no fees that's the big thing so come over here this is coinbase I opened this account for these videos that I'm doing so I can kind of show y'all some actual stuff moving around and as you can see the fee problem for instance if you go over here and you want to buy some bitcoins so you want two buy to Bitcoin let's do your half so look at that fee that's crazy $30 fee that's going to be $30 in and $30 out which is unacceptable when you start getting up in the larger portions like I just got out of a large position the other day it would have cost oh it's not good so I'm a nothing here anyways you can see fees are not good same for all of them so that's what I'm trying to avoid so the first step is going into your accounts and going into your USD wallet and you're going to want to hit this deposit but now after you set up your bank account and everything you can put however much you want to deposit in there and it's going to tell you it's gonna arrive nine twelve which is you know a week away or so that's the only downside but no fees associated with this so as you can see I have some money in my wallet right now so we're ready to move over to GDAX so you're gonna go over to GDAX and sign in just like you would with coinbase and then you're gonna go over here and go to deposit and come up here to your coinbase account and you can click on USD you wallet there are no limits coming from coinbase to GDAX but there are limits going from GDAX to coinbase which I believe is ten thousand dollars a day so if you're doing a lot of movement because GDAX doesn't have a wallet service and you're concerned about that then that's going to be a limitation but other than that this is perfect deposit funds all done HOW to pay no fees with coinbase all done and then you're going to see over here that it has instantly brought it in now if you want to do a market order which is basically just buy at the asking price there's going to be a point three percent fee which is much better than How to pay no fees with coinbase much better than the coinbase but if you want no fees you're going to want to do a limit order and the reason for this is because GDAX uses a maker and taker fee structure so the taker fee is someone who eliminates liquidity a market order a maker fee as someone who is doing limit orders and this is this is what you want to use I know in the beginning it's gonna seem a little weird that you're not going to buy right away and you're waiting on the market movement to come in and fill your price but it's pretty easy and you can do the same thing you're gonna go in here to limit buy or sell depending what you want to do you come down to price and you can even put as close to the limit price as close in the spread as possible however much you want to buy 105 however much and you're going to place that order so let's do let's do something else just so you can see so we'll buy some ether just as a test so you can see limit order limit price I'm gonna basically put it right there right at them at the market I'm gonna buy 10 dollars worth or I'll buy $32 worth 0

1How to pay no fees with coinbase you're gonna place the order you can see down here that your order is waiting it's an open order so when the price gets to this level you can see yours right there you'll get filled and that will show up in your account and that's pretty much it so I'm gonna cancel that I don't really want the etherium I'm sure going anyways so that's it I hope y'all enjoyed it stay come back we're gonna be doing some more videos and trying to give out some more value to y'all that are getting started make it a little bit easier save y'all some money okay enjoy