A lot of the documents that over the years we have had to draft – say, short form non-disclosure agreements, or certain security documents in banking transactions There are bits of kit out there now which can do a first draft of those, which can populate the relevant numbers, which are then presented to the lawyer to check

It just means that lawyer hasn’t had to go through and manually type in all those numbers – it’s making our lives so much easier I’d say to you guys you have really got to embrace the lawtech when you start your training contracts – because ultimately it is going to free you up to do far more interesting work and more challenging work, and you will be able to grow as lawyers much more quickly then being bogged down and circling the numbers in a prospectus or proof reading a hundred page document just to see if there is that one typo Obviously that work still needs to be done to a certain extent, but if it can be lessened I think as an industry we should be quite happy about that