– Hey guys, what is up, this is Diggy here and in this video, I wanna talk about the cryptocurrency Omisego Now, just a quick disclaimer, I'm not a financial advisor, you know, this is not investment advice, it's just I'm really excited about Omisego and the promise and the potential it has and I don't plan on becoming a crypto channel or anything or you know, becoming someone who's gonna teach cryptocurrency or anything like that, but I really like this cryptocurrency and I've been doing a lot of research about this and I just wanna share with you guys kind of what I've learned, where the best places are to be able to go and find information about it and then you can go do your own research, you know, make your own decisions

So basically, Omisego, the key thing about it is they haven't just come out of nowhere, okay, they've been around since 2013, they have a team, they have actual partnerships in place with McDonald's, Thailand, they recently met with the Ministry of Finance in Thailand, they have their support and there's a whole lot of cool stuff going on, okay So basically this is their main site, Omg dot omise dot co and you can go and read up about what they do, kind of their vision, their plan, their whitepaper, etc, okay What's interesting here on Coinmarketcapcom this is basically a site, that keeps track of the top 866 different cryptocurrencies and you can see, you can sort based on Price, Market Cap, Circulating Supply, all that kind of stuff and it's just updated constantly, very cool site to keep your eyes on and you can see over here, so this is Buyer Market Cap, at the moment, it's sorted, so obviously Bitcoin is the biggest, making up almost 50%, you can see over here, 46% Bitcoin dominance, Bitcoin alone is almost 50% of all cryptocurrencies, okay

So basically, here is Omisego, they are number 12 and they basically came up from nowhere pretty much in a month and went to almost a billion dollars Market Cap, so they were almost at 11 billion dollars Market Cap a few days ago, currently they're dropping a little bit, so they're at you know, 947 million, but basically they came out of nowhere and they rose very quickly, overtaking a whole bunch of other cryptocurrencies and if we click on this, so you can see here, Omisego, you can see here, literally, like the beginning of August, you can see over here, the 1st of August, they were trading at a dollar and 29 cents per token or per coin, right, right now, you can see they're nine dollars 87, they briefly went up to 12 dollars, so they literally 10-xed in a matter of a month, okay, because we are now on September 3rd 2017, so you can see within the space of a month, we just went from like over here, you can see (laughs) and we went all the way up to like 12 billion, so that's pretty huge So, if you wanna research more about Omisego, so first of all, their official site, like I said, you can check out what's happening on Twitter, so if you can search for over here, this key phrase, so a dollar sign OMG, that's everything mentioning OMG, all this crypto stuff, so that's a good place to do some research over here on Twitter, also on Reddit, the community's pretty big, so a lot of stuff, a lot of talk about cryptocurrencies, they have their own sub Reddit, so it's Redditcom/r/omise_go and over here, there's a whole bunch of threads and information about OMG and you can see we're getting up to almost 10,000 subscribers to the sub Reddit, so it's gaining a lot of subscribers, getting a lot of attention, okay

Two more people where I get my crypto information about, a very cool channel called Cryptobud, just search for him on YouTube, he went from zero to like over 20,000 subscribers in the last couple of weeks, but his research is awesome, so you know, here he's got two videos purely on OMG, you can go and check that out, he's got a lot of information in there, it's very, very cool, another guy I follow over here is Crypto Future, so basically just go to YouTube, type in Crypto Future and he's also doing pretty well, he's got 7,000 subscribers, he's also got a lot of nice analysis about various cryptocurrencies, but also about OMG, he's got one over here somewhere, I can't really find it, that could be over here two weeks ago, OMG So there's a lot of talk about OMG, so those are the places that I would recommend looking at and then just looking at charts, so this is Tradingview dot com forward slash chart, you can sign up for a free account and you can get access to you know, all these cryptocurrencies on the charts, which is really awesome, if you know anything about technical analysis and you wanna look at charts, I mean, it's still a very small market, in terms of comparing it to stock markets or commodities or Forex or anything like that, I mean, it's 160 billion, compared to literally trillions, so I don't know how valid technical analysis is and charting is, but at the same time, human psychology is human psychology there are people that will argue a chart is a chart, it doesn't matter what instrument it is, anyway, if you wanna look at the charts, I have a little bit of experience with charts, I wouldn't say I'm the best in the world, but basically if you look at this chart, this is a four-hourly chart of Omisego versus the US dollar and you can see, since the beginning of August, where it took off at about a dollar and 20 and it went all the way up to 12 dollars and this is kind of the pattern, okay, so we have this kind of ascending trend line and it's literally just on that point of the trend line, maybe this trend line will hold, maybe it won't, maybe it will break through, so that's a good point, always to look for a kind of support, so you can see also it is this horizontal support line at about 940, 950, which is the previous high, it kind of coincides with this rising trend line, so there's a lot of support at kind of this 940, 950 level, if it does drop down through there, then I'd say the next level of support is kind of this horizontal level, which is anywhere between like 860 and maybe eight dollars, somewhere around there, so likely what we're gonna see here is a consolidation, maybe a dip down to that eight level, if we get that, that would be awesome, I would personally buy more OMG and load up on it and then we'll probably get an upwards movement towards 14, maybe 18 or 20 dollars and beyond that, I mean, just based on the overall potential and the things that are happening, it's September 2017 now, there's a lot of news events planned this month for OMG that's gonna come out, so that news event combined with how the chart's looking is, makes it a probability that we'll probably head higher, right

Now, what else did I wanna say? Over here, okay, so just looking at the indicators, the technical indicators, the RSI, it's basically an indicator, it oscillates between zero and 100, whereas the 20 level, so over here, or this 30, usually the 30 to 20 level means it's oversold, which means it's technically due for a rise and when we get to the 70, 80 level, it's typically due for a selloff, so you can see over here, the last time we got to this level where we're at now, which is around the 40 level, you can see at that point it was close to about 620 and that was the low over here, from that point, we went all the way up to 1240, so we almost doubled the last time it was at this low, okay, so we're at the same kind of level, like I said, that can be a consolidation, this can probably dip a bit further, this can drop a bit further, it's not an absolute sign, so my guess is we're gonna consolidate here somewhere between current levels and possibly as low as eight dollars, if we get there, that would be awesome to be able to buy more, we might not get there, we might just have this as a support, the current levels and head higher from here and based on all the other stuff, so not as a technical trader, not as any kind of technical analysis, we're looking at you know, possibly 10-xing over the coming months and years, based on the tech, if they really are able to get more contract with retail stores, if they're able to get more approval by you know, finance ministers, different countries, I mean, currently they're in Thailand, Japan, Singapore, they might expand more than that, so there's a huge amount of potential, just sharing this with you guys, hopefully in a couple of weeks or a couple of months, we'll be able to look back on this and you know, say that this was a good call I mean, of course, this is again, this is not financial advice, I'm not saying put all your money into this, I'm actually not saying put any money into this, go and do your own research, I'm just sharing with you what I've learned so far and you know, it seems very, very interesting So, there you have it guys, that's my thoughts on Omisego and I hope you enjoyed this video

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