Blockchain is a technology that was created in 2009 to create digital money online It allows us to create precisely this Similar to the tabs digital elements we can find in a casino but are completely digital, which are recorded in a ledger and allow first represent money

That's what was done in 2009 A man who today still do not know who it is but it really matters little technology is open and anyone can explore and can reason about it It created a technology that allows you to create these digital records initially bitcoins, representing money They were first used in many areas and today are companies bockchain which use this technology to create their own digital chips Instead of criptomonedas, these digital tokens that are created and supported by a company we call tokens and today not only serve to represent money also they serve to represent kilos of wheat kilowatt hours of energy or debt Facilitate exchange, holding, transfer of ownership of these assets from one person to another, from one company to another

So blockchain actually, today, is a network which connects to many companies It is a network that connects companies and individuals and it serves to transfer through them these digital tokens It's a very disruptive technology because it closely resembles the Internet Look Internet network was created to share information It was created around the year, in the nineties and the first application that was built on Internet e-mail

Instead of sending letters from one company to another, from one individual to another we used the Internet and use Internet to send information: documents, any kind of thing It is a network that connects multiple people and on which send information Blockchain is also a network, there are indeed several of them but is built on the Internet in which network instead of sending information We send value, send digital cards, tokens or bitcoins They are representing money kilos of wheat kilowatt hours of energy It is a way of conveying value from one person to another to transfer ownership of an asset or an asset from one person to another That's what is blockchain Why is it so disruptive? For all companies, all business models value transmitted one way or another

If you're Microsoft and you sell software licenses you are conveying the ownership of an asset in this digital case, a license to a user, a customer in exchange for money If you are an energy company you are transferring kilowatt hours of power your customers but also to other companies If you are a company that imports wheat you are buying wheat on a site to a man who must give ownership to your company So it is so disruptive that transforms the way businesses a value is sent to other the way cede ownership of each other Just as the Internet gave us the act of sending information from one person to another