Hi dear profitable trader, and welcome to this video Today, a video on cryptomonnaies, So invest in cryptomonnaies like Bitcoin, Ethereum or Ripple

Is it a way forward? We will talk about it in this video, I will share you my opinion But just before I share you bah my feedback on cryptomonnaies, I invite you to click on "subscribe" just below this video, to join thousands of stock market investors Here we go So maybe you've already invested in cryptomonnaies, So what is a cryptomonnaie? Well for those who do not know, crypto currency, so it is a currency that is 100% electronics, So that is completely virtual So it's a currency

why it is booming like that? It is a currency that is not regulated by the market or by the banks And you may have heard elsewhere, is the currency the most famous cryptomonnaie is the "Bitcoin" And you need to know is that there is not the bitcoin, So when talking about cryptomonnaie, there are not that bitcoin exists, there are also so-called "altcoins" so ALTCOINS which are actually alternative currencies for bitcoins So, I take the best known such as "Ethereum" "The litecoin" or "the dash" And I wanted to talk about in this video of XRP, So

that is the common name of XRP is "ripple" So why I wanted to talk about today ripple? cryptomonnaies of? bah simply because there there are not that long, I started investing in cryptomonnaies, it was the middle of July So it created a huge craze eh since the middle of this year, while in July, 2017 It is true that cryptomonnaies we hear more and more, and I thought "well that's it is not necessary that I missed the boat" "I have returned there, it is necessary that I'm interested" So I started actually investing in cryptomonnaies, I wanted to share with you my feedback, my first results on it

So I'll show you right after my results on my account cryptomonnaie So like that, it will give you a first opinion, and perhaps inspire you on investment in cryptomonnaie So it's true that I, for my part, that scared me the cryptomonnaies, I find it a bit complicated though in fact, I know a good stock market But it is true that cryptomonnaie, it's something that I did not know at all So I was interested because I have a friend who invested in cryptomonnaie for quite some time, and it works very well So I thought that's bah "Alex, you invested in CFD Forex, you invested in the stock market" Well why not invest in cryptomonnaies, investing in Bitcoin, invest in Ethereum in ripple

And today I wanted to talk about ripple So ripple, in fact it is a altcoin you as I explained, cryptomonnaie an alternative, and aims to ripple, so this is a California company, and its objective is to accelerate financial transactions from one country to another, and then eventually replace the famous the famous

this famous transaction called "swift", you need to know So it's Actually, it's swift transfer funds securely From one country to another, and across the globe So that, swift, it exists for years now It is true that it is a solution that is unique, because it allowed Well significantly reduce the transfer time from one country to another, So it's true that it's great But the big disadvantage is that it requires several days So ripple, their goal, they said, bah here we desired it is no longer multi-day transfers So for example, if you send money to your uncle, your aunt, the other b

who live at the other end of the world, I know I have my uncle who just lives in California, So if I want to send or sends me money by transfer swift, even when it takes several days so it can be a bit problematic And so indeed, the interest with ripple, is that their truly revolutionary solution is that it allows you to send money in minutes even seconds So, that's really great, and then suddenly they began to see the banks, they started to actually go of international banks, and it's very interested banks, because it can revolutionize concretely the swift and financial transactions in the world

So So now, I have my friend who invested in the ripple, and I said bah now, "Alex begins to look at what it is" and I said "ooh there, there is something that will happen" "I want to be the trend, I want to be there before anyone else" because it's the same on the stock market, when in the trend, we want to return the trend, bah it is one of those famous beginners who waited until the action actually either in this uptrend, then it should have been back before, but it is the actual knowledge through technical analysis I told myself the same thing, if it works just fine on the stock exchange and trading, so I'll do the same on cryptomonnaies, back before everyone, because because here, there is a potential that, I'm sure there is a potential that So what I did was that I opened an account with a specialist, I will share you my screens And me, my goal was to invest in different cryptomonnaies, So this is what I advise you, my goal on cryptomonnaies is to have really a diverse heritage, so CFDs on Forex on the shares, and then also on cryptomonnaies, because I feel that indeed there is something to do, and besides, I have my first results that confirm me that there is indeed the great potential to be, So I will share you this So, what is my purpose on cryptomonnaies? In fact, the goal is very simple, is to diversify my investments, and I invested in the Forex CFD on the very short term, on actions on the medium term, there cryptomonnaies on, I'm really on the very long term, So over several years

I want to actually invest, leaving that aside, and see what it will give in several years So I take the example of bitcoin, I'll show you on the charts, but when it was already at the beginning of the year, we were in the $ 900 bitcoin, and there now as I speak, it is almost $ 4500 on bitcoin, it's just huge So someone who has for example, who bought a single bitcoin the beginning of the year, he sees his investment multiplied by four and a half at the time I speak So it's fairly interesting, and that's why I wanted to be part of these people investing in cryptomonnaies So I will share you now my screens to see a little what happens on my first investment in cryptomonnaies So, we are left at the site of "kraken" which is actually one of the most famous sites when it comes to investing in cryptomonnaies, in bitcoin and altcoins So this is a site that had advised me, and actually I opened my trading account with them

So, we're going to connect immediately So I click LOG IN, here it fills my fields, and click on LOG IN again So I masked a lot of information because it is simply on my account, Here, there is information that I can not disclose too you But however, I wanted to share with you, and that's why Finally, I wanted to show you is dynamic and trading volumes that are super important to the cryptomonnaies, this is particularly the bitcoin here we see and the XRP / EUR, which is actually ripple So ripple had known, I will share you there during the ripple, that in fact, if I give you the last 14 days even the last 30 days ripple was even last 60 days he had experienced a good increase here, and then there it stagnated somewhat over the period of July and early August And in fact, what happened is that I have identified, you see here, the support at 01294 And actually so I got back in position 0,13 on those days, so I'll show you right after when I got home And then, after the price has actually rebounded, exploded, So on August 21 + 40% August 22 even 40% more, and after it has actually stabilized So we went from 013 to 0

20 directly So we will make a calculation eh, if you for example to 13 cents purchased for let's say 500 euros, 600 euros, So it's about 5000 ripples, that it makes 650 euros Well if you go to let's say 020 well here we got to zero we will say stagnated at 0

20 penny, okay, therefore 020 times the 5000 ripples you, you spend 1000 euros So if we go back to such a course on the bitcoin chart here, we will click on it and we will take on such as a year, you see that here we were even in September of last year, we closait to 605, even $ 610 $ 900 the beginning of the year, and when we see what was going on there are still 5 years ago, it was $ 20, even 10 years back, we were there at 030 028 So at the same stage as the ripple current So in the space of a few years, we went from 028 you see today, if we put on the day, was 4622, So imagine that people who bought in 2009, bah is the case for example with an investment of 650 euros, if one were to 013 for example, So they would have had 5000 bitcoin, okay, 013 x since 5000, it's 650 euro investment And if there actually will rate their 5000 to 4500, you can imagine that it's huge, So 4500 x 5000, it actually makes 22 million So we know that there have been people who have done this type of performance, but even more recently will be said on cryptomonnaies, if there is even talk in 2014, 2015, 2016 even 2017, we see that there is an exponential period

So this is to say that there are interesting things to do I'll show you my actual positions boom So it's on "Orders" I think, now, on "Orders" So my last purchase, you see here, therefore 0133217 so this is the actual price that I bought

But I took the stand on actually ripple chart 013 here So what I do, how I work? It is that now every month I turn money on my account kraken trading so I put a certain amount every month where I invest, and I take each time to an average long-term scale, So even more long-term, very long term, because I want to keep it for years So, in this case at the moment, it is 013

I made a purchase as 021 that is 0

21904, so I really share with you the things that I took So there, in this case I am broadly positive on those positions, because in fact the volumes are not at all the same on both There, I had not gained much, and there actually 013 I thought "that's good bah" "It has really come down, I must renchaine with a lot of money on it" So I took a big supporting it, and I intend to do that now, every month I'll put a little money

For example, if you do not have much money, bah I invite you to do, it is to put 50 euros aside each month to invest in cryptomonnaies 50 euros is not really huge, I think we can improve

Everyone has his wallet, if you have more money, you put 100 euros, 200 euros, 500 euros, even 1000 euros per month, and function, everything is relative, Money is relative to people So it could be an interesting solution diversification of your investment So So I expect to see that it will happen in the coming years For now, it is rather very very positive with really fairly exceptional days as of last week, here About 40% stabilizer, it's like the stock market, trading in eh when you have a big period of rising, okay, Well after stabilized, so it's always the same There was a lot of sales, so that it's normal that it stabilizes But one is left in an uptrend including ripple, and I think it will be like that for a long time, I hope it will be like bitcoin So we'll see in the coming years Well, I hope you enjoyed this video, it showed you some behind the scenes of the cryptomonnaie, it allowed you to demystify a little these first notions of cryptomonnaie

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