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I'm a superintelligence trapped in a human body Welcome to my channel I've created new video series in which we analyze different cryptocurrencies in every episode Firstly What is cryptocurrency? Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that uses encrypting techniques in order to secure the transactions Bitcoin is the first modern cryptocurrency which is not controlled by any governments

It was created in 2009 Today there are hundreds of cryptocurrencies In this video, we'll talk about Dash which is one of the cryptocurrency, like the Bitcoin Dash is peer to peer cryptocurrency written in C programming language It is released at January 2014 with the name of Xcoin, then it was branded as the Dark coin, finally it was changed to Dash

Currently, at the June of 2017 Dash has almost 13 billion dollar market cap with the price of 182 dollars Dash is mineable like bitcoin which means it is being created within mining process At the moment, there are 73 million dash coin mined

Dash creating rate decreases by 71 percent annually and the maximum dash supply is 18 million coins which can be reached at the year 2300 Yes, it is inflationary currency but no governments can not print any dash coin arbitrarily like dollar or euro Hellyeah, It is called math The Dash is fork of bitcoin

If you are new to cryptocurrencies, you will came across lots of time about the term Fork We will explain what the fork is on the another video But basically we can say that dash is improved and changed form of bitcoin Bitcoin has some serious problems and it is normal, because it was the first and alone But through the time, the developers created numerous great coins like Dash, Ethereum, NEM, etc

For instance, Dash has faster and cheaper transaction when is compared with the bitcoin More importantly, Dash offers instant and private transactions Transactions are performed almost within a second On the other hand, when privacy concerns, Dash has the function called PrivateSend which is optional Through the PrivateSend, the transaction becomes the anonymous

Another different characteristic for Dash is about coin earning methods Dash has two type of jobs which you can earn dash coin First is the mining which we mentioned before Miners create new blocks By doing so, they collect coins

Second is the MasterNode Master nodes perform the functions like PrivateSend and InstantSend They also earn coins in return for doing these tasks So, the real question is the how to become a MasterNode? In order to become MasterNode, you must have thousand Dash coins as collateral Being as a MasterNode you are rewarded with around 2 Dash coins at every 7 days

Lastly, sustainability and leadership are crucial for every cryptocurrency Especially, the Development team is one of the most important criteria affects the potential of that coin Luckily, Dash has global and concrete development team There are links given below in order to look into Dash development team and its community This video is not investment advice

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