all right what's going on John here again with another cryptocurrency video what were talking about in this one is whether or not ripple is going to overtake Bitcoin whether or not coinbase is gonna add ripple to their trading platform and what my prediction is for 2018 all right before we end of that if you want to win a free audio book of your choice anything from Amazon all you have to do is subscribe to the channel leave a comment down below and then once a week or so I'm gonna pick one to three people who are gonna win a free audio book alright so looking at the ripple charts here you know it's just been going absolutely crazy the past you know a couple weeks I guess you could say if you look over at coinmarketcap here ripple actually past ethereum for the number two spot currently trading at two dollars and thirty cents that's just a crazy number it you know just exploded past ethereum so the big question going around is whether or not ripple is actually gonna you know surpass Bitcoin so you know this price this is the price would have to like double or you know even triple in order to you know surpass the Bitcoin market cap so is that really gonna happen my opinion the answer's no I don't think ripples gonna ever surpass Bitcoin simply because this number here you know the circulating supply of ripple is huge right now, Bitcoin was only 16 million right now ripple is 38 billion and I think there's just far too many coins that will make this price go up enough in order to surpass Bitcoin all right that's just my opinion but um you know if you go to the percentage calculator you know a year ago the ripple price was point zero zero six five per coin now it's two dollars it's going on cents that's a 35,000 percent increase okay which is pretty crazy and I just wanted to run the numbers here but if the current price is this and we went up another you know 35,000 percent it was like over $800 a coin which would make you know the market cap like absolutely huge so I don't that's the thing that's going to happen you know I think a realistic number here would probably be in at least five dollars is what I'm thinking and if we were to take our you know 229 and we go to five dollars that's only a hundred eighteen percent increase and I think that's definitely doable you know if it goes to ten dollars three hundred and thirty six percent I think that's also doable all right I think if coinbase is to add ripple to their exchange I think will easily see five dollars within you know the first few months of 2018 you know they've announced that they're gonna be adding new coins nobody knows for sure but in my opinion ripple will be added because if you look at that it's number two right you know Bitcoin ethereum is on their Bitcoin cash is on their litecoin is on there and you know obviously you know they should have the number two coin on it right so I do think ripple will be added to coinbase and if ripple is added to coinbase I'd see it easily getting to five dollars if it doesn't you know I still think there will be enough momentum where it can get to five dollars but you know maybe by the year end but if it is added to coinbase within the first few months I'm 2018 I see it he getting five dollars and then ending the year closer to about ten if coinbase doesn't add ripple I see it ending the year around five dollars all right so you know the first question will ripple overtake Bitcoin I think the answer's no um will coinbase add ripple I think the answer is yes and you know my price prediction is five to ten dollars by the end of the year depending on what happens throughout the year so that being said I'll look at the charts here for a second here's a ripple chart this is to US dollars so you know where we're at about you know this is this is actually a little bit different than what it's saying on the coin market cap here but right you know that's about two dollars right here I think this is a little slow or something but if you look at the chart here you know the price is way overbought right you know where this is the RSI here we know we're past that we're at about uh we're at about 85 or so anything above 70 is considered overbought and with something to consider overbought generally that means that it's due for a correction alright and I do think a correction is going to be coming and ripple you know if we were overbought in this area we had a little little bit of a little bit of a pullback from you know it wasn't huge but I mean when you're trading cents it's it's you know quite a few percentage points but the thing is it is overbought I think you know and also the MACD here it's way overextended here you know these are really separated so what I think is gonna happen I think this blue lines gonna start drilling down and when it starts curling down that means momentum is slowing down and we're in were due for a pullback so you know the RSI is kind of starting to cool off a little bit you know we kind of rejected these higher prices with this long this long candle here and you know I do see a pullback coming what I'm looking for is somewhere around this level here so but you know the 120 I'm looking for a pullback to about the 120 and I think if it can hold there you know we get the news that coinbase is gonna add Ripple I think that's gonna send it shooting up you know way past here and I think it will break our previous resistance but you know that being said this isn't a hundred percent you know sometimes sometimes whenever we're at all-time highs and we are overbought um it doesn't really matter as much like we can still we can still go up from here but the signs are showing that it's quite possible it's a high probability of it going down because you know nine times and a 10 this will come down but there no there's the odd time where it can continue running but I'm looking for a pullback obviously you know if our end of 2018 Perdition is 5 to 10 dollars this is still a good price but I'm always looking to be safe and get it the best price possible nothing that's gonna be about around 120 ish or so all right so that's gonna be it for this video you know we talked about ripple won't surpass Bitcoin but it's gonna have another great year I think it'll be added to coinbase and all that stuff so that's it for this video if you want to win the free audiobook subscribe leave a comment down below and I'll talk to you in the next video