Every operation that I do, you certificate on the other side "Block*shame*" he was the first citation on virtual currency, that is Bitcoin, was made in 2008 We, from Brazil, one year before that already had this, the "block*shame*" The electronic invoice that is used in Brazil and more than 16 billion electronic invoices exist today it's EXACTLY the same! It's an electronic invoice that has an electronic certification of the issuer an electronic certification of **** follows that information and authorizes there is a swap of public keys, and that informs much like the "block*shame*" This is nothing new to us this is not new to the

public key exchange delimiter, right?! I'll go back and say thatthis key swap that is the block*shayme*

block*shane* created we already have experience with this in Brazil and other experiences that's the fact of our electronic invoice, that's exactly what we are saying!