uquid visa, uquid mastercard, bccpay sunnydecree is a complete idiot and I'm gonna give away ten free accounts to his abandoned referrals aka people investors all right so listen the guy's a tool we all know that all right all he had to do was go to you quit and talk to him not very hard okay I mean you can look through his comment sections alright and and this all right let me let me start off by saying that you know shout out to the dude for doing well on his channel you know I think that's great you know he I want to say that the guy is not a an unintelligent person very much I want to say but he's he's he's he's an idiot you know you know I yeah I have to say the guy is a straight-up idiot and the reason why and he's an idiot and a flood spreader we all know this right I mean it's not it's common knowledge okay it is common knowledge that the dude is an idiot you can go through is his comment section on his video and just and and see how transparent it is or how obvious it is that the dude doesn't care about clarification okay he says he wants clarification what's going on everybody he says he wants clarification right but all you got to do for clarification is contact the company where the card is being he you know I mean where the where the card is being given that's all you got to do anybody in the right line knows that I shouldn't say anybody the right mind but anybody who's had dealings with you know with crypto cards and things like that the car doesn't come from you know it's whatever like say 10x as an example I doubt 10x dealing exactly with Visa or MasterCard maybe they are I don't know everything there is to know okay but think about it it goes through a third party you know all you got to do is go through his comment section like I said and I'm gonna give you a couple examples all right and this is one of the reasons why I know that he doesn't care about clarification he cares about views thud and he cares about in my eyes in my opinion spreading 10x I'm guessing that he signed a deal with 10x or something like that and this guy have no facts to back this up alright I'm just well I want to be blunt with you guys I have no facts to back this up okay but I mean look at some of the comments and now like as an example you know this might piss on me yo I don't really care as an example I did a video the other day on why I think in my opinion laser online is a scam my opinion you know so be it is what it is but when someone as in one of my reasons why was because they dipped out on they dipped out on the chat room in telegram so somebody stated in my comments section hey there is a telegram link that's working where people can talk to him so instead of ignoring it I look I found the comment actually I got the comment a few times just like this these comments are you know come across a few times I got the comment and what I did is I shared the link in the description to the telegram group you know I it's all about it to me it's all about sharing information you know for clarification purposes so I could have not I could have not showed that right because then it kind of goes against what my whole point was in the video which was I think it's a scam and I still do but you know whatever it's besides the point my point is is that it's about sharing information all right now all this idiot had to do was go to Euclid and oh by the way people I talked to you quit right let me let you know that right now I talked to you quit and it wasn't hard to get in touch with them all I had to do was send them a message and the dude talked to me I had a great conversation with the guy really easy I'll tell you a little bit more about that in a minute but what I want to show you is his his followers right because you know he's got 20,000 followers right I'm sure a lot of them are just there to collect you know to try to get a chance at winning some you know some some BTC and you know that's no offense to people who you know really like his content or whatever but it is what it is I mean you go there and you see you can you can you can go through the comments section and find the people who are genuinely there just because they enjoy the content or because you know they think what he's saying is stupid and they want to you know fight a negative with a positive and you could find that out just by scrolling through and seeing who has placed you know a BTC address receive address you know for the most part but anyway so you know you I'm gonna read some of these off your spreading flood really MasterCard and Visa are not in direct partnership with big connect if you ask wrong questions you get the wrong answers it is you quit that has a partnership with Visa and or MasterCard you quid will provide the cards to bit connect bit connect is a customer of you quid so Visa or MasterCard do not know bit connect directly it's pretty obvious so this is common sense for the most part with this guy's saying right I mean you know we've got another guy I don't subscribe that to this video we are very tired of these stupid videos and just attract other idiots like you you're seriously an idiot keep investing in big connect but spreading idiot it will it will be just a bit pay and then do you think MasterCard answered the first idiot like you it's all fake so you know that's that's one I want to show you another one that I thought was interesting but my whole point in showing this is people are giving him they're helping him which the way I see it when that person shared that telegram link to you know working a working link in my video section that person was helping me he was helping me provide information right and that's what Sunday decrees you know Sunday decrees people are helping him you know they're helping him by providing him information for clarification well he doesn't read through any of this you don't see his comments saying oh thank you for the information I appreciate that I'm gonna look into that you don't you don't see any of that so here's another one if bit connect is going through you quid then the appropriate question is if you quid is working with MasterCard or Visa you quid would be the middleman bit Connect would not be in direct dealings with MasterCard or Visa just you quid who would be in talks with MasterCard or Visa all right so that was one and I want to show you one that I thought was really interesting which was from a gentleman that works in the card industry let's see if I could find it I'm not sure if I took this snapshot let me see yeah okay so this gentleman right here says Sonny I work in the card industry bit Connect would be considered a private label card when a card is being developed most card companies use the code names for the project I can tell you unless you are working directly on the particular project you would never hear who the actual company customer is until the actual go-live date of the card it is very possible that Visa or MasterCard personally do not know about this yet in name don't panic yet but let's watch if the logos actually get removed from the website if they get removed then yes it's probably not going to and I believe you said happen I do disagree with that last statement all right and I'll tell you why because I spoke with you quit and I'm gonna read you some of the conversation right now about what I talked to with bit quit with you quit sorry and some of this information might be common knowledge to you guys and some of this might be absolutely 100% brand new okay actually first I'm going to pop out this chat so we can see some comments so we could chat about this and yeah so for anybody who's just joining ya I'm gonna give away 10 free bit connect accounts worth $100 loan to people who have signed on with this idiot so you can get out from underneath this guy you're gonna have to send me a message first and we'll talk about it but I'm gonna I mean I can't even count and you know a game of this idea I can't even count how many people I seen in the comments section like I wish I never joined up under your team like I don't I don't want to reinvest any of my money now because you know of the flood that you're spreading I can't count how many how many of those comments I seen right people don't want to be on this guy's team anymore and I don't and I don't blame him because he's spreading fun because in my opinion he wants to either thank-you marchello I appreciate that man he wants to spread foot I believe he might have some kind of deal with 10x now I have no proof of this this is just a hunch you know 100% hunch zero facts to this but I mean think about it how many times did he mentioned 10x in his last video right while he was deleting his big connect account or his big connect referral links how many times did he talk about 10x and how great it is right I mean that that's kind of obvious in my eyes in my opinion it's just it's ugly right you're gonna put something down and then talk positively about another thing another competitor like that's pretty lame in my opinion so yeah let me get back to reading you guys some of this conversation I had with you quit after simply just contacting them all I had to do is contact them I sent them a message it wasn't hard to find them it didn't take long for to get a reply all right so here we go I'm gonna read some of those some of the words there's a couple of things he didn't want me to share you know just to be straight up and honest with you and that was about future future things that they're working on nothing to do with the past okay so one of the first words out of this guy's mouth was because I tell them to sit I said you know I said you know I would like some clarification I have some questions Thank You flame I appreciate that man I told him I have so you know I'd like to get some yeah well said bro well said I told him I would like to get a little bit of clarification you know there's there's some talk out there about you know MasterCard and Visa and blah blah blah so I filled them in and one of his first words out of his mouth was yes we will have MasterCard marchello thank you so much man you guys are awesome I really appreciate that you guys that's freaking cool so one of the first words out of his mouth was yes we will have MasterCard all right now in regard to showing MasterCard logos all over the screen and Visa logos all over the screen from what I understand after doing a little bit of digging it's kind of a touchy subject and and you'll see that it's not any one card right and I can easily pull up a couple examples all right so this one has it all right I'm gonna I'm gonna show you several that have it all right because i like to show both sides so that's one that does have it okay this one crypto pay does not have it all right so crypto pay does they decided not to put the logo I'll explain to you why some of them do some of them don't okay so that one doesn't have it we still have the MasterCard logo on the BCC alright we have it on Monaco we have the old actually I'll get into this real quick actually no I'll get back to that but first let me show you some of these other cards okay so spectra coin does not have it they decided against it showing any logo bitpay they chose to put it zap oh they chose not to put the to put the symbol on it shift card chose to put the symbol on it bit wala chose to put a V okay and there there there's just an example some examples of some people do it and some people decide not to alright it's all up to the person okay so we're not person but you know what I mean it's all up to the company the people who are deciding it now let me show you okay so this you quid used to have a deal with Visa all right they used to do the majority of their cards in Visa okay that is not the case anymore all right now they are with MasterCard and that is from you quid that is from the you quid team I talked to they said now they're working with MasterCard when they first signed on with you know when they first got into talks and whatever signed on with bit connect they were dude they were using MasterCard I'm sorry they were using Visa okay now they're not now they're using MasterCard so the newer stuff should all have should all have the newer stuff from bit Connect should all have MasterCard and if it doesn't it'll be updated eventually because now Visa is there now they're no longer using Visa now also other other than that reason right there as far as you know the card and who puts what on it some cards can't go into certain certain countries or it really depends on as far as the delivery where it's being sent where the card is being sent if the card is being sent to certain countries like United States okay sometimes they can't just smack logos on it because there's basically restrict you know it's restrictions it has to do with what's going on in CN Co it has to do with regulations a lot of it as far as why these people didn't decide to throw a MasterCard or Visa logo on it depending on which countries it's going to be available in and so on and so forth all right now as far as you quid all right it is going to be available in India actually alright so I'll first start by saying what he what he what he told me it can be used anywhere on the anywhere in the world worldwide anywhere Visa or MasterCard is accepted the card will be accepted okay aside from that when it comes to delivery there are rules and regulations in the United States so they are working with whoever they need to work with to get that done as soon as possible okay now this is just what this gentleman told me from support I'm not going to try to claim to have all the answers what's going on everybody sorry if I didn't give you a shout out and say what up so my point is is that my point is is that yes it's depending on regulations and rules and all that stuff there they're working out legal matters as we speak basically but as far as bit connect being able to be delivered to the United States it can be used in the United States so if a person let's say goes to Canada often has family in Canada and has it sent to their house in Canada then you know then and they can bring it back to United States and use it you know that kind of stuff I mean that nothing stopping an American from you know getting a card in another country I'm not saying that's what order what I should run out and do I'm just saying like it can be used worldwide but as far as it being delivered to a United States address there in works with that so that might not happen by the delivery date all right and they and he said I we will make the delivery date he said the card is already ready and they're just testing it he said that the card the bit connect card is already done and ready and right now they are there in testing with it so that was good to know you know what else do we got he said as far as the logos there's also copyright issues sometimes like like as an example zap oh let's say zap I don't know works with I don't know I think what it was called was Western or something like that so let's say they work with them so SAPO doesn't have the the licensing to I know you're saying marchello but license the licensing of Zappo doesn't have the licensing to smack Visa MasterCard logos on on their card and and advertise it all over the Internet okay the company that Zappo is working with is the one that has a licensing okay so Zappo can decide to throw the logo on and take a chance or not do it you know from what I understand this is the conclusion I've come to and as always if anybody has any information please share it I would love some feedback but that's you know like I said that from talking to the you quit gentleman and from doing a little bit of research that's what I've come to the conclusion as so now other than that let's see what else I can share with you guys I think that pretty much covers it they said there they said they're gonna be ready soon they said that they should be ready by the date that the cards already ready and they're testing it I think that's pretty much it I've shared everything I've learned with you guys and I'm asking you to second-guess what I'm saying you know don't take it – don't take it as 100% do a little bit of research on what I'm saying that's what this should be you'll be all about you know this should be about us doing the research you know I mean yeah I spoke with you quit absolutely absolutely let me see your question is so you really spoke with you quit and they said to you that they are having the card for bit Connect working on yes absolutely uh like I said the first words out of their mouth I spoke to you quit at actually it was at 3:30 8 am

and one of the first words out of their mouth were we know let me see says we will have MasterCard plain and simple we will have MasterCard I'll tell you some more words in regard to what he said he or she I'm not sure exactly is it seemed like a dude he said we he said we work hard to deliver his words were his English is a little broken up said we work hard to have our delivery as promised and then it said I asked him will you make the really release date his answer was card ready everything ready only test now I mean technique test so yeah I mean I'm not telling you I know for 100% of fact that the cards gonna be ready I'm just relaying a message that I got from you quit after simply he just messaged messaging them you know the thing I don't like the most is just misleading the public you know I don't like to come out and bad talk people you know it's not the funnest thing in the world to do right but when you got a guy that is coming out and saying oh I just want clarification for my subscribers I just I just want clarification for them like he's doing everybody a favor but but he doesn't he doesn't listen to any of his subscribers his cell his own subscribers are telling you listen man I worked for credit card companies this is not how it works MasterCard and Visa aren't going to even know who-who bit Connect is you know and it's just it's hilarious I mean if you're really if you're really there for your subscribers then you're going to talk with them listen to them ask them to share information that they have you know what I mean it's it's uh that's how I see it you know but yeah so I'm gonna I'm giving away 10 $100 accounts one hundred dollar loan account to ten of his subscribers who were sick of his BS so all you need to do is contact me I'll drop this I already wrote it once so ten free accounts to Sonny decree subscribers who are fed up with his BS swing on over to team Joey rocket thank you so much flame I appreciate that bro thanks for the tip yeah swing on over the team the water is nice the cookies are delicious the intangible cookies and yeah we got a great community and yeah I mean you guys can make your choice as much as you want about why I'm making this video and and you know I'm sure I'll get a lot of hate mail from it and that's okay you know I understand your frustrations you're under your you're on this guy's team so I get it you know I get your frustration so yeah for those of you that are interested you want to swing by have a chat with me we could talk about it if not completely cool you know I'm doing just fine you know I've seen Sunny's numbers and I'm actually doing better than his numbers so as far as uh-huh jealous or hate that's definitely not the case because I'm doing better than the kid so you know we got a great team swing on by if you're like and if you have any questions let me know I know there are some serious investors on his team that do not want to give one single penny to to reinvesting I've seen it in the comments I get I understand where you're coming from so that's about it I'm gonna I'm gonna now conclude the video for the most part but I'm gonna hang out still and mix and mingle with the team and the people who have joined the chat so yeah let's let's check out these statements here here I'm gonna go back a little bit and just mix and mingle with you guys what's going on jack bit daddy welcome Lady Luck shoutout to Lady Luck rich TV live what's going on sir crypto muffin welcome back lad contract congratulations to Vlad man Vlad's been on a winning streak has been winning all sorts of crypto lately man from the chat room so congrats man work with kgt welcome and Anderson hello Mac he's a mutter mutter I love you for doing this chill you're the man bro thank you rich I appreciate that man yeah man yes I spoke with somebody asked you spoke with you quit yes I spoke directly with you quit but uh your comments are hilarious yeah rich if you're still here or if you watch an after-the-fact you know sometimes people just need to be called out for what they are you know and I don't know I'm still I'm still a crypto noob and and you know I'm still on my crypto noob journey but you know I mean again the biggest thing for me is if you really want clarification about the koppány all right if you want clarification about the koppány then all you got to do is contact you quid but no why not do that because then you prove that you're just spreading foot but Robby Rush thanks for swingin by you actually don't know clearly about mr cotton visa he's very confused personally yeah I think so too I think he's confused he's conflicted you know one of his his guys he admires has been dumping all over him and calling him out for his his BS what's going on Kate Russell welcome sir big bangs yeah exactly rich exactly Wow thank you so much man I was awesome thank you bro I appreciate that damn alright we're gonna we're gonna give away some free BCC on behalf of flame and actually not just flame but uh marchello as well we'll give away some free BCC let's see kids with jealousy getting exposure to money and join this morning update what's going on Krypto clover yeah man I think it was time it was time to call out some some fake Fudd you know the flood is just it's real crypto rose he's too much he has too much time on his hands theories yeah he's got 20k followers and I think that's great you know I mean I think it's great that anybody could you know come into YouTube and do that within 5 months 4 months or so I think that's awesome you know unfortunately a lot of those people they're just they're hate they they're filled with hate I mean if you've seen the comments during his livestream they were just terrible they were terrible I mean I don't know I would rather have two three four thousand awesome subscribers people that I know by name right I know I know 90% of you by name when somebody comes in my channel on my live stream I don't recognize them right off the bat because I pay attention to my crew you know to my people to my to my subscribers you know but I mean just seeing the seeing the the hate towards him and at and at other people in his chat room is just terrible man what else it's always good to hear what other side has to say as long as you don't let flood get you crypto carnivore I completely agree you know and that's why I pretty much never kick people out of my live stream I don't like to do it I like to talk it out you know I like to allow people to share their opinions even if it doesn't agree with what I say I like for them to share their opinions you know what I mean I I think it's good it's good to have open discussion it's a positive thing you know what I mean it's freedom of speech you know it's it's the way it should be you guys are awesome thank you so much for the tips let's see what else shout out to yellow duck yellow duck II was in here earlier I will definitely get to that pm in Schenck Oh what's up Kamal yeah Bruno welcome I completely agree the guys it also if you listen to him he just contradicts himself back and forth back and forth back and forth I mean I do that too sometimes you know but the guy literally is going back and forth back and forth contradicting contradicting himself it's it's like a mess to hear those comments were funny though I'm not gonna lie the comments on his video just hilarious man yeah and Anderson uh it just it's you're better off all you guys know the funny thing – fun fact when I was first huh when I was first getting going on bit Connect in in YouTube this was during the time period of when oh my god I'm so glad this happened or didn't happen during the time where they were allowing free accounts I'm sorry not free accounts where they were allowing people to switch accounts right they were allowing people to leave their downlines and and are sorry to to leave their sponsor if they didn't like their sponsor alright so what what I did is I was sending out a few messages to people saying hey you know if you're not happy with your guy you know swing on over to the team you know if you are cool you know and I sent him a message and he was like he said it was like very broken English and he was just like I don't get where you're coming from or something or I don't get what you mean and and then by the time I got back to it and replied it was like too late already so I did end up replying anyway and was like never mind it's too late but he this guy would have been under me thank God he did he you know he didn't get it you know I was I want to when I realized that this is the same guy that I sent a message to offering to join my team I was just like thank God who didn't understand what I was trying to say you know I was just so thankful not gonna lie will the card be available for the United States yes it will be available to spend l Roberts but you will not be able to get it shipped to United States until some time goes by from what I hear from what I hear from you quit they are working on it they're going through the legal regulation stuff and they're trying to get past you know the legalities of it probably the same stuff bitpay had to go through in whatever card is that you know is allowed to be delivered in the United States let's see what else flamed thank you so much again I'll take a MasterCard any day yeah honestly um you know something that the the gentleman told me was that MasterCard and Visa they're just they're giving they're giving up tough times with crypto you know they're not super receptive to it they're not super you know just happy about it that's kind of he that's kind of way he explained it you know he wasn't like talking bad about them he just mentioned that they're not super like responsive and excited about crypto it seems like but what else do we got joining team Team Rocket that's what's up man I appreciate that the links are in the description man the links are in the description and I have no problem saying that no problem let's see I missed some of this stuff I'm gonna try to hurry up and get to it blow his cache damn I missed a bunch of stuff let's see let's see it I think the one dislike is probably sunny I didn't even know if there were any but you might be right BCC youtubers are going to eat each other that might be true you might be right but at this point I don't care I'm just calling out what I what I think needs to be called that what's going on Justin Peck welcome sir Betina says maybe he wanted to become a promoter and the free car and did not get it it's possible I think he's I think he's I think he's doing work for 10x I think 10x paid him some dough and was like come with us I could be very wrong though can we have a quick summary of what's going on BCC or car yeah absolutely so a quick summary is I spoke with you quit okay and you quit replied right off the bat MasterCard will be the card okay it used to be Visa okay it's not Visa anymore who who they do their business dealings with all right now it's MasterCard their old cards had visa on it because that's who they used to work with all right so you could see right here now you quid is primarily working with MasterCard okay so basically there was some fudge spread by this this guy right here I would be ashamed to have him as my sponsor just saying but yeah so this guy spread a bunch of lies and flood you know bit connect debit card lie there's no lie you know I mean like question mark question mark question mark it's all foot you know you can go through the comments and you can see people trying to help this kid they're trying to help this kid with information but he doesn't even pay any mind he doesn't he doesn't comment to it he doesn't listen to anybody who's trying to offer him accurate information and so all I had to do was contact you quit and ask them that's it and they gave me answers straight up so so the card will be able to be used in in the United States it'll be able to be worldwide all right and you won't be able to get it shipped to the United States yet but every other country pretty much will have no problem getting it shipped all right so that's pretty much what I learned from talking to the company all right so la Costa says he will probably make a video about this now that you that you make now and you will get more subscribers I mean that's cool as long as you're good subscribers you know what I mean good quality people that you know aren't just gonna yell and scream and hate on each other you know cuz that's all I've seen in his life stream was just a bunch of people hating or saying nice things and then leaving their receive BCC address which you know I don't got anything against people that want to win some dough there's nothing wrong with that you know I get that but I don't know it's just it's it's silly not a change of subject but my regal unlock today and apparently I owe them 405 dude you're not the only one skinny K other people owe them money too it's crazy man I don't know how that happened but it's quite interesting people got their accounts unlock and all of a sudden they owe money so yeah Big Bang says never trust a guy named Sonny that name alone sounds like a scam I got to disagree with you big things cuz we got an awesome member with the name Sonny so shout out to my man Sonny on the team I know you're just making a joke though but you're probably relating that to some mafia oh so movies I'm guessing but yeah shout-out to mom and Sonny doing doing great things not this sunny though keeps copycat and crypto daily he got no talent top of digital yeah I think that's probably why crypto daily busted his balls about it because I guess he just keeps copying them which you know Sonny did say something that I will give him some credit on which is you know what when somebody copies somebody else it's you know it's a sign of you know it's a sign that you're doing something right really when somebody copies your stuff you know now don't get me wrong you can't go overboard with that kind of thing or you gotta at least give credit where it's due you know so yeah I doubt he'll make a rebuttal I don't even care if he does to be honest but you know I think that all I think that matters is that people aren't misled Thank You Yann I appreciate that bro it's important that people aren't misled and this dudes misleading people straight up he's talking about clarification but he never contact you quit right he never read the statements the very intelligent statements from his viewers that explained this situation that the Visa MasterCard situation isn't with bit connect there aren't any meetings with bit connect sitting down in a room and MasterCard and Visa like all you would have to do is scroll through his statements and see you know people that work that work for the card companies or read a couple articles you know I mean all you got to do is look into a little bit your funny lady looks shout-out to lady Luck's I would highly recommend everybody go and click on Lady Luck's right now and subscribe to her page she is a beast in the making she's gonna be fun to listen to I recommend checking her out crypto clover as well check out crypto clover if you haven't subscribed to this gentleman already he's mr international mr

world watt he likes to travel a lot and go to different BCC offices and what do you say I'm gonna I'm a link this stream in my morning livestream so I don't have to address this foot thanks for doing your research yeah no doubt man no doubt I'm not gonna lie doing the researches is not as easy as just jumping on and giving away some free BCC and stuff but you know sometimes it's absolutely necessary to dive into this stuff you know and that's why I was up at 3 o'clock in the morning messaging Euclid Joey do you think Sonny and Jason it four are in bed together probably I think J snip is I think Jays snip just threw a fit he threw like a tenth of temper tantrum because he lost a bunch of money for his followers by jumping into that stupid-ass program a bit connect i mean i'm tim picnic it connects the best one so far that stupid-ass program bit petite man you know and you know four new new people that were just kind of you know jumping on the boat with bit petite no offense to you you know you know it to me it's it's uh it's more about the promoters who know better and they just mislead people into thinking they're gonna be millionaires from a company like bit petite those are the people that i kind of have a problem with you know for people that just want to try it out they know it's a gamble you know they're just gonna give it a shot put fifty on black I understand that completely one hundred percent and for people that are unknowledgeable they just not known about their yet they don't kind of get it they haven't been around long enough I completely understand where you're coming from and you know I don't I'm not trying to offend your knowledge you know it's just something you got to watch out for but anyway yeah so I mean that's a Jason's problem was he just he didn't do the research I mean anybody in the right mind could have looked and looked into the research behind again I shouldn't say right mine I should say with a little bit of experience or a little bit of tenacity could have looked into the situation with bippity and realized they were a straight-up scam you know so yeah I think Jay snip is a tool to absolutely team Joey Rock is the coolest community you'll ever see thank you so much to tow so you're the bomb I'm glad you joined up with us man Space Mountain what's going on anyone who dresses up like that doesn't deserve a lot of attention fm there's there there is a single dislike wonder who what who that is it's probably it's probably one of his followers you know crypto collision what's up Vlad says it's Sunny D everybody says sunny be missed earring how can I join your team mysterion links here in the description you know I just recommend looking into some of my videos first make sure I'm a good fit for you you know I think that's that's something that everybody should do you know if somebody's on YouTube watch some of their videos you know get a feel for them make sure it's a good fit for you you know so that way you're happy in the long run you know that's that's what I highly recommend doing to anyone who's thinking about joining up with big connect you can have a okay experience you can have a decent experience you could have a good experience you could have a great experience you know it all depends on it depends on many things you can have all of that by yourself without any sponsor and you can have all of those scenarios with the sponsor as well I think that I know that with a sponsor the best case scenario would be better than the best case scenario without a sponsor absolutely hands-down no doubt about that thank you crypto collision I appreciate that man thank you a lum-lum for answering that yes lady Lux is a beast man watch out for that woman she is a beast I got a lot of catching up to do let me see let me see let me see I'm gonna go through this quick he is a tool hard to watch completely agree crypto collision laughs out loud big tanks he's a flood spreader yes agreed it's not about the car it's about the legitimate ads two-bit connect yeah I I agree and well it is about the card you know it's about both you know and you know I appreciate your comment man big thanks a is trying to get views we click be absolutely and the biggest indicator of that is that the dude doesn't he doesn't he doesn't go in and accept or listen to the information that his very intelligent subscribers are offering him you know he doesn't even pay any mind to it will be available in the state I think I answered that if not what's going on Craig grant he said that or yeah it'll be available in the state to use but they won't be shipping it to the states yet that's what I was told from you quit and see anko is bcc same as you quit I believe so yeah you quit is the card issuer or whatever I don't know the technical words for it but they're calling it bcc pay from you quid so it's a bcc pay car card from you quit as far as I know some I correct me if I'm wrong uquid visa, uquid mastercard, bccpay Shrek what's going on I'm still not sure what the benefits will will card bring what acceptance is it across where can I swipe you'll be able to swipe it anywhere you could swipe a MasterCard or Visa crypto carnivore thank you for answering that oh no word is MasterCard wants to create their own blockchain I wouldn't doubt it there's a lot of these companies it's gonna be like look it's gonna be like the website situation either you got on board with a website or you didn't and you were left behind you know what I mean like either you decided okay I'm gonna get one of these here website thingies and we could put some pictures up of our business or you said nah we're not gonna do that and then two-three years goes by and all your customers are leaving you to go to whatever other company you know what I mean that's that's what happened when that when the internet came and took the world by storm and all these websites you know this is the Internet bubble we're talking about you know this is the same thing that's happening now except with crypto and dit and and you know digital currency and blockchain technology this is a new era right and some companies are gonna get on and some companies aren't and the ones that don't are gonna be left behind in this information age you know that's just how that's in my eye this is my opinion from a crypto noob to you guys that's my opinion what's going on Chris Lima let's see let's see let's see hello mister intangible bit daddy says crypto daily did not come back and say he thought it flattered ah let's see all your data are belong to us I'm watching you from France loyal subscriber to am here I appreciate that maximum Maxim Maxim see oh I think I remember you man he looked familiar bit daddy lady luxe as a beast already read that lady Luck's coming up with a new video guy soon with my reinvestment yes watch lady Lux video bit daddy as well shout out to bit daddy right here check him out he's uh he's beginning to you know work on his videos he's already done some he's got some cool information a lot of the team has cool information you know on their YouTube videos you know we're working together every day just trying to help them you know refine their skills and you know we're working with them for their SEO their you know their tags their descriptions where you know where to share the videos we're just you know we're we're plugging along with that you know we do stuff often I'm doing my best to help the team for anybody who wants it for people that don't want anything to do with videos we have other plans we have we actually have a lot of plans I'm gonna be talking about soon I've already discussed a little bit on the subject but yeah crypto carnivore says a lot of youtubers do research don't a lot of youtubers do no research whatsoever yeah I will agree with that you know I'll agree with that and I'll also admit that I need to work on it a bit more when it comes to you know just doing really great quality videos filled packed with research shout-out to Jedi Knight he's like one of the best at it the dude is a straight-up beast when it comes to you know just digging into the details man he's a beast at that lady looks don't worry girls can Hulk out on the BCC BTC – Hulk smash yes match my reinvestment but that's what's up Bolton holes beaches lady Luck's Lady Luck says daddy hell yeah boats and hoes and bitches I'll totally be there when I'm definitely alright I'm not gonna read the rest of that let's see what else we got here let's see what else what's up from Thailand and Anderson yo what's up from Thailand Thank You Fez well said doji blockchain is is threatening traditional Internet it's it's changing the world man let's see never go full epic hustler what's up man welcome I don't know if those were links or whatever but I'll trust I'll trust my mugs doji's cool though get on discord everyone yeah this chords awesome you quit as white labeling debit cars to these third party platform Lady Luck says Anderson oh yeah I have a few also but I try to drop hints instead of trying to correct them a lot of people who come into investing are just so like whoa throw my money everywhere yeah I agree with that lady Luck's crypto wolf what's going on really sorry that have all my team working under someone who doesn't care about it crypto wolf so I'm taking it that you are under this dude I apologize to hear that man you know you know I you know I don't know what to say other than you know I'm sorry to hear that man you know you're gonna still do good no matter what I'm sure you know but yeah you know just keep rocking out doji says that would be nice Lady Luck slow Thailand anyone in Phuket Thailand let's catch up I cannot wait to go to Phuket I still do I didn't make it last time I was there yeah thanks for uh for supporting the team Satoshi yeah we got people from all over the world man doji says I talked to BCC you'll never know you'll need to create a new account and move your capital release elsewhere yeah that's well said and yeah you can't change sponsors so you know like I said I'm offering ten free for people that are fed up that don't want to be under this this this tool you're welcome to join the team you know and call it what you want as far as me making this video I think just you know the dude need to be called out plain and simple and I don't think anybody was gonna do it so I decided to do it and I'm glad I did because you know I think sometimes when people are misleading the public I think they should be called out I see does anyone have a card and is it worth our working well pros and cons you know I've only talked to people who have the cards and you know they they have high fees some of them work really well crypto clover says that the Swift card he's really happy with the Swift card will be making some other videos I'm pretty new to it but I got this guy's I love talking crypto yeah you're new to it but you're you're doing great already man you you're providing value providing information and that's what it's all about it's it's not about I don't know I mean in my eyes this is all about helping people the rest will come referrals and stuff they'll come as long as you're providing value to people and helping people helping them figure things out whether it's Bitcoin or big connect or you know signing up for an exchange you know signing up for coinbase which I don't like signing up for Gemini which I can't use because I'm in Arizona signing up for crack and just just how people figure this crypto stuff out something a lot of people don't understand is and they think that you know when it comes to referrals and building up your team they think that bit connect is completely just saturated and you can never pull another referral out of bit connect by offering value it's completely untrue all that is is an excuse in my eyes and you can make excuses or you you or you don't you know you don't have to make excuses you know I'm following youtubers that just started a month ago and I'm like damn this guy's giving away some good information you know I might not have signed up of course because I'm already you know I'm already established but point is is I'm like damn I need to make a video like that you know like there's new people coming into the big net bit connect world that are doing way better videos than people that have been in it for since the beginning you know so it's not it's not about how many other people are doing it it's about how you know how you can do it how you'll treat people you know as far as you know anybody that wants to join your team or anybody that has a question even if it doesn't have to do with your team or big connect you know just helping people period it just goes a long way you know everyone thank you so much for the subs I will be returning the favor now that's awesome yeah make sure to subscribe to bit daddy – man he's awesome you know we got other members too man we we got a bunch I'm gonna get with the program and get my recommended my recommended channels together so you guys can check out the team the other team members and you know see if there's anybody that you like that you would like to learn some stuff from or you know just be us with you know because we have some members making some good videos we got bit connect espanol so that's really awesome we got two gentlemen right now we got Joaquim and we got Alec making videos for YouTube and complete Spanish from beginning to end so shout out to those guys they're doing really really nice work lady Lex says I'm definitely a Gemini supporter yeah man I think that's awesome you should do some G Dax what else and Anderson I don't leave the farm bro Ron it may are it was it was may understanding that anyone in USA it was my understanding that anyone USA will not be able to use any of the cards in the USA as far as I know Ron after talking with you quit they said you will be able to use the card anywhere you can buy or use Visa or MasterCard you can you can get it from any country in the world and you can bring it to United States and you can swipe it the only thing is is they will not send it to United States they will not deliver it to your address yet they have and gone through all the legal matters allowing them to deliver it to India whatever you know Pakistan Connecticut Canada they can deliver it to those addresses but right now they cannot deliver it to the United States lady Luck's can you link to your YouTube site yeah all you got to do to to join somebody's YouTube site guys just a heads up is go right here and just click the button and that will open up a little menu sorry my mouse has been acting up a little bit yeah so anyway whatever you just go there and and just follow the person like that just click on this and then you'll get the little you know you'll get the menu it's up there more so yeah just a quick heads-up all right I'll show you one more time I'll try to there we go go to channel that's how you go to somebody else's channel and then you could right-click on it open a new tab or new window and check them out yeah I'm clicking on everyone who sub following back that's awesome you know it's that's also I think that you know it's good to be part of you know the YouTube community share information get ideas off of each other there's nothing wrong with sharing ideas or or you know maybe utilizing somebody else's idea just with your own style your own technique it right in Sanko that's what I said man I've seen their video and I was like damn it's cuz the girl loves crypto like she loves it you know and she's a talker and yeah I mean I think I think like I said before I think anybody who's just starting to make videos should just go and check out her stuff and it's a good example of just to have some fun with it like you know not to worry not to take it too seriously have a little bit of fun loosen up relax a bit and just yeah just have a little bit of fun with it it's not for everyone I get I understand that making videos and talking you know I got real nervous the first few times I was doing it man I started like swallowing a lot I don't know why I just kept swallowing like maybe because I I needed a pause I said um so many time and I still say um a lot but yeah I mean watch my first videos they sucked my first day anybody wants to get a decent little laugh go to my first videos and watch them and then laugh at them and then make up make a comment and let and laugh at me because they're silly they suck you know I didn't do enough research you know I I don't know they just sucked but yeah I mean it takes some time I recommend staying consistent you know I say I'm consistently – I'm like uh I have a parade of a golden retriever style Manila represents oh yeah so we got we got some donations and you know what I want to do I want to give them back we got some cool donations let me see how much and I'm gonna double it whatever it is so shout out to marchello he gave one to five five bucks today flame return gave twenty thirty these are in Euros so I don't know what the difference is to be honest I mean I guess I can just convert it real quick but shoutout to flame returns I'm going to add this up and let's say twenty thirty five thirty seven alright so we got 40 bucks so I'm gonna give away let me see what the conversion is on this just just just to see cuz I don't know that off the top of my head okay so it'll be okay good I'm glad I checked that oh those are British pounds oh oh I seen that little logo I don't know why I thought that was uh I thought I thought British pounds GP GP be no PB I don't know I've never been over there man I've never used your currency I apologize yeah I came out with 47 but if it's the if it's the British Pound let me see my bad guys good little example of my ignorance okay it's very similar actually the euro was worth more so we should have stuck with the euro GBP yes thank you yeah 40 40 British Pound is $52 us so yeah let's just make it a hundred how about that we'll make it $100 in BCC giveaway let's do it so let's have a little bit of fun real quick all right so whoever can guess the next number between 1 and 20 is gonna get 20 BC see the next number between 1 and 20 get 20 BC see let's make it 30 30 BC see and I'm going to take a second to have a drink and here we oh we got one we got one BC BC I see is back and he wins right off the bat where you been BC I see have you been in the stream the whole time did I miss you bro or you just pop in ha ha ha BC I see was hanging out and I cut not saying nothing to anyone and all it took was a little BCC to bring him out man what's up man how you doing I hope you're feeling better bro yeah man you yeah BC he came out my man came out low you doing all right you doing better yo what's going on down crypto welcome welcome skinny you said something earlier I'm not sure if I replied I apologize but welcome skinny skinny K Don crypto I'd recommend checking out his channel as well he's got some cool videos he's up to date on some some topics which is awesome anybody who comes out with very quick up-to-date information somebody that's good to follow and good to subscribe to and click the bell for notifications because you know it's good to stay current on stuff and sometimes he's fast man he'll come out with something quick so I recommend checking him out well I'm glad to hear you're doing a little bit better BC I see man it's it's been a bit broke it's been a bit man it's been a bit miss miss miss him me or fire Joe we just drink oh no I did not lady Luck's I did not I didn't I didn't do it 3000 skinnies breaking my balls again about the 30 BCC alright so yeah BC I see one it BC I see one the $30 worth to be pick connect coin so let me just make a note of that real quick 30-hour bc i see please send me a message please send me a message with your which McCall who is this sunny joke I don't know some clown it's some clown and I I mean it's hard not to say that when the guys dressed like this you know I mean you know big connect debit card lie lie really was it really a lie I mean and don't get me wrong everybody I'm not saying I know for 100% of fact that big connect is coming out with this card I don't know who that nobody knows that you know but it's about sharing the information that we have and there's some great I mean shout out to the people in Sunny's you know in his in his comment sections because I mean they had some really intelligent answers and responses you know the mean trying to educate the kid they're literally trying to educate the kid and he's not listening to a word of it not a single word and it's very logical reasoning and explanations from you know from obviously from adults you know from grown adults who are well-spoken respectful and he doesn't listen to a single word you know I it's just too funny okay well I pee in the intangible pool what are you talking about bro you're talking crazy maybe Big Daddy you know maybe but yeah funny stuff he's done a great job at hoarding all the big Kinect haters though for sure he's done a great job at that he probably realizes that he's going to a lot of subs and subscribers if he you know jumps on that the big connect hating bandwagon because there are a lot of haters out there just like there were for Bitcoin you know just like they were for Bitcoin though I mean there still is there's still thousands of thousands of people who hate Bitcoin you know they're like bitcoins the devil you know they they think it's just used to buy illegal drugs and guns in the dark web you know isn't this the clickbait er yeah he's a click beater and you know I'm basing that off the fact that he good for you man good for you good for you for unsub man but yeah I mean it's just it's obvious that its clickbait you know it it's it couldn't be more obvious and then also for anybody just tuned in during that same video he starts promoting a competitor card you know maybe it's not a direct competitor you know but it is a company with a crypto card and he starts talking you know about that card and pumping it during this video about how great it is it's just funny man it's funny but anyway yeah it's it's comical man it's comical but somebody had to do it and this time I chose to do it maybe next time I'll just shut my mouth and just laugh at it and just carry on but this time I chose to do it and I don't regret it I'm not taking this video down I'm not deleting it I got nothing to to fear or to be worried about or to regret you know what I mean I think sometimes this people need to be called out you know and I don't think I'm going too hard with it either I'm given justifiable reasonable explanations as to why this guy's a tool alright I'm not just you know just talking smack just to talk it just to get a view or two or ten or whatever this is you know reasonable explanations for this stuff and literally all the guy had to do was just call you quit or or whatever email you could send them a message that's what I did everything is used to buy all this stuff exactly American that's what I say Fez I say anything that anything that has value can be used to to buy those things you know I mean it's been happening forever and it'll never stop anything that's tradable is gonna be used for drugs guns and whatever you know it's it's inevitable but yeah I mean it's it's very funny the guy will be the guy will be making videos about big connect very very soon he's gonna continue to do it he's I think he said something about all I'm only gonna do a couple more no way no way I highly doubt it I highly doubt it but if so I mean that's awesome cuz he's better off just not talking anymore unless unless he's gonna do the research you know spend the time do the research for his for his subscribers whoever picks a number between 30 and 60 is going to win $30 worth of BCC and that is partially in from flame returns and marchello oh I would recommend subscribing to flame returns to man he makes nice makes nice videos Andy the guy sounds smooth too man he sounds real smooth he's got a classy classy way about his talk and if he starts making more videos I think you guys will enjoy lokah what's going on let me see if we if we got it yeah got it skinny k skinny k1 congrat skinny k $30 in bcc what's that like the third or four time you one skinny k i know it must be dude pretty sure that and there's not a damn thing wrong with that at all Vlad is on like Vlad's going on like 200 worth of crypto right now I think I don't know glad what are you up to so far bro skinnies won a few bucks – I know that I think there's a lot of the team that's won a few bucks yeah so for anybody who's wondering we have a giveaway bot it's been asleep lately ever since the update or whatever with discord but we have a giveaway bot in the chat room and yeah basically you just tell it to give away money and it gives away money oh yeah you know something I gotta give a shout out to is is Krypto hyena Krypto hyena donated back this is how awesome our team is and this isn't the last time this has happened so I gave away what was it fifty bucks yeah $50 for at the BCC okay to the team today I just you know we chose some random numbers like I'm doing now we chose some random numbers and and crypto hyena he won and then instead of keeping it he donated it back yeah crypto hyena if that's the name you're talking about yeah it is pretty wild but yeah crypto hyena donated it back to the team and we continued to go about we did another round of hookah guessed this number and then Vlad won so that was pretty awesome you know it was it was it was rido nated and that's happened several times from the team you know do you know when you quit tokens will be on external exchange I don't know all the details about that I should and I apologize that I don't all I know right now is that I took my coins off of you quid I don't know if it's calm but I took my coins off of the site and I put them in my ether wallet calm I didn't have a ton I just had some few but yeah I support you quit you know ever since I found out that that you quit is working with the Kinect basically I'm like I got their back if there's anything I could do you know I mean to help support I'm all for it because I think that's just gonna make bit connect that much great you know that much more great you know and yeah so everyone read donates and no one claims it laugh Allah no that's not true that's not true why did somebody read Onate it this time no no skinny K please do me a favor send me your BCC address so I can send that to you um oh yeah you have seen that happen though hon done all right so I think I'm going to actually let me see here bear with me a moment guys okay whoever can tell me what number or what is the name of the coin for 171 on coin market Capcom which I'm not the biggest fan of because they're playing some funny business with the numbers bump and bit connect down the list lame-o crypto Chan I think that might be a good assessment man I don't I don't think you should have deleted that dude I think I think that might be a good assessment crypto Chan I think you might be right man something something's going on in there may the eyes you know you can sometimes you could see in people's eyes and they they do really weird stuff with their eyes you know so you might be right you know maybe maybe not all right Elle has one L has one he's crazy man he's crazy man I know I think you're right man I think I think there's some kind of medication going on there that makes him trip out a little bit and make some like keep saying something and then going back on what he says and like repeating himself and then you know contradicting himself I think I think he might be right about that but you know whatever I hope nothing but the best for the kid you know I hope he hope he does great in life I just I feel bad for his for his team I mean I don't know how many referrals the guys got but I feel bad for his team because you know I mean it's not like they were to know because at one minute he's promoting it and then the next minute he finds out that they you're not going to carry MasterCard anymore or Visa they're not going to have visa anymore or whatever you know or maybe one of his uh one of his mentor's didn't like him doing bit Kinect so he stopped doing big Kinect or whatever for whatever reason but yeah I think he's crazy too man dudes wacky but as far as this subscribers go and his well more about his referral I feel bad for the guys that are stuck under him I've been stuck under a tool before too you know I've been on not with big Kinect but on another program I was in when I first joined crypto but as far as big Kinect in particular goes yeah I was under somebody I didn't want to be under just because it wasn't the right fit you know so I know how it is I know how it feels you know but yeah I just I hope I hope the best for them I am on his team very annoyed would like to change sponsor I hear you man I hear you crypto Jay and I don't blame you man I am giving away free accounts to serious investors that really don't like that dude you know giving away free hundred-dollar accounts I'm gonna give away ten of them so if ten people contact me and you know they are interested in joining the team and not putting another dime into that dudes pocket you know that's interesting crypto bit that's funny but ya know I know it's a pain in the butt you know to start a new account you know you know but yeah luckily I mean there are awesome members on the team that have done that and I'm very thankful for that you know and I think I think they are as well I think for the most part most people are are happy you know and if they're not they just let me know crypto Jay how I'll leave a let me see if I still have this here yeah just send me a message on discord if you have any questions men you know and if you're interested let me know you know no pressure to anyone I just I understand what it's like to be under somebody you don't want to have anything to do with you don't want a single dollar go into their pocket and and I and I was lucky enough to I was able to leave you know for me it was it was more about just not having the right fit though it was about not having somebody that was receptive that cared that you know cared to answer not only me but other his other you know his other downline and all that stuff you know just didn't care or was just rude to them you know yeah that makes sense skinny skinny uh I just got your message on discord I sorry to guys I'm not in turn on discord but yeah if anybody's interested like I was saying that's my information you know Don crypto that's not gonna happen you know and and that's okay you know that's okay you know I mean I'm not saying that there's no good information from the kid you know you know I wouldn't say that do I drop my wallet and here yeah L yeah please do that actually thank you for reminding me yeah drop your wallet in here that's fine it's uh it's not you know unsafe won't let me Jordan the discord let me let me jump over on my other screen and go check that real quick my bad maybe I did not set it to I might not have set the link to endless you know endless uses or something like that I'm doing that right now I should have the link for you in just a moment but yeah I would recommend you know check out some of my other videos check out some of my other videos crypto J and just you know make sure it's a good fit for you man make sure you think you'll be happy you know I think that's important you know it's it's unfortunately it's not really spoken about much I think I should be doing a video about it soon though because you know just picking any sponsor I don't know I mean yeah I understand giving you know respect to the person who showed it to you but to a degree you know to a certain degree because some people just aren't they're not worthy of your of your of making dough off of you that's the way I see it you know if they don't care about their following if they curse at them and they're rude to them and they you know what I mean and they don't they don't offer any value to them then yeah do they really deserve to to reap the benefits of your hard earned money because they showed it to you chances are you would have found it eventually anyway now granted there are certain situations where you know I think it's good to to you know if you got a good dude and they providing value for writing information you know I mean or or just insight or inspiration then yeah I mean I think it's cool but you know to each his own to each his own I'm going through everyone who's subbed and clicking whoo nice nice yeah so let me where is that okay here all right so guys I'll get this sent over the BCC in a little bit it's a little trickier for me because I got my security on SuperDuper high I actually have a green logo on my my security feature because why not you know security is important and people you know people getting beat up out there all right so this was 2l and 30 books know all what's going on man all right so I think I'm gonna get out of here guys I am starving I've literally been at you know this whole crypto thing since 2:00 am I got the card to L that card it's really not not that bad actually you know you know I just pull out my little piece of paper you know it's up k2k de lui Li Li Li you have phone downstairs one login oh yeah it sucks yeah it's worth it though in the long run you know but somebody would actually have to be able to use they would have to have a piece of paper to get in you know they'd have to be in my house with a piece of paper to get into my account and if they're in my house then that means they're there on private property and I have tools for that kind of job so it's not a good idea pretend to work yeah pretty much also there spend a lot of time at work looking at market yeah how can he not yeah code cartel yeah code cards good man it's not it's not all that difficult either you just got to be careful of obviously you got a you got a knot you gotta have backs up backups of that piece of paper somewhere I think it's a good idea not just one could you hold on for a sec I need to check the more it oh yeah story of my life story of my life I'm just like oh yeah I'll just I'll just check I'll just check the discord real quick next thing you know we're talkin cryptos or mixing the mingling but okay so thank you guys for tuning in on this silly situation with this this silly silly guy over here and don't believe the Fudd all right do your research guys you know I'm debating if I should hold out for $100 reinvestment I do tens each time I get one I would recommend doing the tens absolutely there is no benefit to holding your money until you get to $100 all right the reason why I say that is because every day that goes by L every day that goes by that's that's interest that you didn't make off of that $10 and you're not going to make it up that's the thing you're not going to make it up once you get to 100 that strategy is you want to do once you get close to to be able to make able to making one thousand and ten dollars within about ten days then it's okay to wait some days because you're getting that extra tenth of a percent but I don't recommend it L you know and I'm glad you mentioned it you know just for anybody else who is kind of thinking the same way look at brave browser it enables YouTube creators to monetize their content that's interesting brave browser that's interesting appreciate that anyone know of a calculator where you can see if you buy say 100 BTC what will be the worth at Church price what it will be worth at Church price I don't understand the church praise MOCA yo what's going on Austin how you been man welcome back Austin's another good youtuber guys I would recommend checking him out the guy does some good research man he's smart I'm not gonna lie he makes he makes uh some of my videos look like um I'm uh you know a little preschooler he's got some great knowledge so yeah I would recommend subbing that dude so far I've been doing every 10 yeah I think that's a smart way to keep it man I think it's I think it's a smart way to keep it again as I always like to say guys you know check out or get a second and third opinion but we have been through many talks with many people on that note and everybody comes to the same conclusion it just doesn't make sense to hold out unless like yeah I don't know it pretty much in general it doesn't really do any it doesn't change anything but it's a good question and again thank you for mentioning it you know I messed up my first tenant transferred it to BCC bit daddy you and probably hundreds of other people did the same thing I know I did I the first thing I did was like oh I'm gonna hit this transfer play and then I was like no now I gotta wait another you know X amount of days I was mad at myself I'm like what are you doing dude I was peed off man so I did one hundred my first time now doing my tens nice Sonny hates making money yeah I don't know what he hates man but he's you know I think he's gonna be making some money with 10x right now hey man I didn't travel the world Austin but yes I was able to do the Thailand thing and that was amazing yeah you got some trading skills so anybody interested in doing some trading actually I could use some lessons from you man I need to get better at trading I used to day trade stocks but I mean in the end I pretty much sucked I mean I had a decent win-loss ratio but I wasn't you know I was like up and down and and you know if I was stuck with it I might have gotten better but yeah happy to take the cash withdrew 60k he made more than 60 K who did Oh Sonny oh yeah he's happy to take the cash and if this account disappeared he'd be mad he'd be irate about it what's going on n J gold TV welcome yeah big connect trip was awesome man it was it was definitely one of the best times in my life for sure no doubt about it hands down one of the best times in my life Thailand is a beautiful place with beautiful people I love the Thailand people yeah man for sure dude absolutely month I'd love to you man but alright I've been at this since 2 o'clock am

and I don't think I've even left the house or anything I know I had no I haven't left the house I pretty much haven't left the couch I've been on the crypto couch all day long all day and all night since 2 am I got up I woke up at 2 am I fell asleep at like 7 or 8 p

m last night and then woke up at 2 when I was it's like what can I do what can I do lots of information and then they see no I was like getting ready to doze back off and then I got I got the response from you quit yeah it's quite interesting huh I mean that's uh that's interesting yeah that's what I call it the crypto couch it's all worn in and rugged and you know it and it's comfortable though it's comfortable it's comfy but uh hitting the expo hard yes that's another thing we got the expo coming up so I'll do my my outro talk we got the expo coming up where I cannot wait to meet some of the team members make devlins going to be there and yeah there's going to be other teammates there Viper's gonna be there I can't wait looking forward to that I can't hang with team Joey rocket schedule yeah my schedule is crazy man but I'm on all I'm I mean I'm in the discard all hours of the day and night and yeah I mean I understand you got family and stuff right so I mean I get it you know you got stuff going on you got a handle man like first you know like first 100% understand but yeah much appreciated all the love and I mean I didn't even have to even contemplate kicking anybody out you guys are just great you guys are very uh very helpful and and yeah I appreciate you guys always coming by and she wouldn't shoot in the breeze so yeah thank you guys much appreciate it crypto je stopped me in my tracks with that one what did you hear what what what kind of feedback did you get I appreciate that make Devlin thank you so much man also real quick we are the plans are moving forward with bit connect charity and Bitcoin charity you know bit connect and Bitcoin philanthropy is going down we we we are making moves as we speak so I'm looking forward to that you know really looking forward to that and yeah we got we got some cool plans for that we're going to be helping out different charities around the nation you know different different groups whether it's human trafficking sex trafficking childs you know trafficking you know local food drives veterans associations I definitely want to work with veterans what's going to be important is is that they accept crypto you know I want to prick I want to put crypto to good use you know and I think it's about time that there really starts to be a you know a good online presence for Krypto you know philanthropy and yeah it's time we're gonna get that on we're gonna make that happen so yeah for sure skinny come by the chat man we've been talking about it when you get some time swing by we we're gonna actually have we're gonna have a whole discord channel dedicated to the topic and we're looking at you know I'm looking for people and you know skinny cake what what area are you in skinny K are you still in CT um if so that would be awesome man to maybe find one in CT because you know I'm from there yes BC I see yeah so it would be awesome man to find some you know some youth organizations or you know some women shelters or some you know homeless shelters you know stuff lino local food drives and things like that to to you know to put BCC for maybe not food drive right because they want you to dump into a bunch of cans but yeah man it would be awesome yeah crypto J what what was it any anything good anything all they integrating with bit connect with in next two weeks yeah they're on top of it man they're on top of it so quick summary just in case you just recently tuned in Sonny decree is a tool he misled the in that you know the the public intentionally in my eyes and that's why I opened my mouth I didn't open my mouth just because I'm like trying to jump on a situation to get some views I mean that's cool too and all but seriously the dude just missed slide the pub or misleads the public for views and and and and how I know that is you can go into his comment section and see that he doesn't care about any of the very valuable information that has been shared in there you know there is very valuable information from smart people with very logical you know reasonable explanations for the the MasterCard and Visa situation which is simple you quit used to use visa now they use MasterCard as far as the companies not knowing who bit connect is they're not going to know who big connectives and that's exactly what his people told him in the comment sections which is you know big connect is not sitting down and having meetings with Visa or MasterCard that's all through you quid so I contacted you quid it wasn't hard it was easy you know and you know they straightened it all out they were they told me basically what I just told you just now you know I mean and yeah III understand that you know this is not 100% factual nobody knows and it's a fact until it happens you know but what I can say is the information is there all you got to do is look and ask you know and and realize that this is just fun it's just it's just more fun you know just like the the businesses and the owners you know it's more fun and and it and and just guys just be prepared to this is not the end of it this is just the beginning the bit Connect foot is coming way harder especially once it gets back into number 10 when bit connect crawls back into number 10 the foot is gonna be coming hard it's gonna be coming so hard and then when it passes – oh boy oh boy there's gonna – is gonna be hiring inspectors and you know investigators to show up you know on the doorstep of all the promoter the national promoters and yeah it's gonna be hilarious to watch all this crazy flood that's gonna be coming but um let's see what else I plead the fifth on veteran veteran negotiations and makes things sound antiquated I still have work to do all right looking forward to hearing man so thanks for the feedback Jah Crypt okay thanks for everybody who join in on the conversation and you know shared shared some information you know appreciate it and if anybody after watching this video has anything to say that I'm inaccurate on please let me know and I'll put it in the comments section I'll pin it to the comments section and I'll also put it to the link in the description so you know of course I'm going to look into it first but all yeah also I am adding this Court wants to join up under you yeah that that's awesome I'll go up I'll go add that ASAP in discord much appreciated for swinging by but yeah so I'm gonna do 10 free accounts worth $100 loan to ten of Sonny's referrals aka people that are just completely annoyed with this tool you know and are just they want guidance they want aid with the things that they're trying to learn you know and and having your sponsor just come out with all this BS that's inaccurate and and not an intentional to be you know not intended to be clarification but intended to be flood and to be you know come to just be BS you know aka means also also known as so it's just like you know also known as but yeah thanks lady Luck's for tuning in I appreciate I appreciate all you guys for tuning in and Anderson it's a Toshi l thanks for swingin by mcdhh Evelyn thanks for everything bit daddy you guys are the bomb thank you for the donations marchello and my man flame returns you guys are awesome congratulations to Vlad for winning congratulations for BC I see for winning congratulations for L for winning and skinny K for winning free BCC I think that was accurate and yeah thank you guys so much for tuning in much appreciated thanks for the prize so shuffled never won a thing on YouTube oh man that's awesome man I love to hear that man all right so if you never want anything on YouTube I'm gonna up it okay I like to do this so I did this for Vlad – Vlad won I think I think you want a hundred bucks I sent him 125 some of the video oh yeah yeah I appreciate that Elle yeah please give a like subscribe hit the bell for notifications all that good stuff I'm going to edit right now that L is gonna go I'm gonna bump it up to 50 L since it's your first time winning anything on YouTube it'll make it more memorable that way but cool cool thank you guys for tuning in as always it's a pleasure click the bell for notifications subscribe like visit my my discord channel oh that was wrong actually links in the description so yeah just swing on in there if you have any questions let us know and that's about it guys I very much appreciate you tuning in without you guys I'm just a dude sitting on a couch talking to myself drooling smelling like feet and cheese love you guys uquid visa, uquid mastercard, bccpay