Hello everyone this is adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to the 1 bitcoin show today is October the 10th 2017 buy and hold people strong hand alright so new format now everyday around as close as 8:45 am

Eastern Time that's New York City time I'm going to do a show it's either going to be live or it's going to be taped whatever the conditions permit but you're gonna know around 80 we're late today around 8:45 am in Baltimore in New York in Washington DC 8:45 pm

in Perth in Singapore in Hong Kong that is when the one Bitcoin show will come on the air one Bitcoin that's all you need people one topic that's all you need for a show all right so we're going to is simplification here so also there's one Twitter account at Tech bald if you follow that you'll get word of when my other shows are coming on so there's probably gonna be another show later today that's going to cover some other news that'll be in the traditional format but you're gonna to find out about when it comes on follow me on Twitter that's how you're gonna get all your live shows in the future you know when the live shows aren't scheduled like this one at least all right so let's let's jump right into the topic then and no you can't see me today because it's just it's not necessary to see me come on so look Internet's been bad I'm in Spain though still so long-term holding Bitcoin it's not glamorous but it does be gambling with impulsive altcoins and that that line really sums up some of the news that's been coming out lately over the last few days so and that's the theme we're going to stick with here for this one one topic and there's a tweet by toward the Meester listed below here's the Bloodshy index of ERC 20 tokens down 40% in dollar terms and 60% in Bitcoin terms since June the 20th so everyone remembers back during the heyday these of icos everyone thought of all of these things are the best thing Bitcoin oh it's the old school forget about it if you bought one of those crazy names I cos it back then in June which isn't long ago and I remember there were a few people talking I CEOs when I was in Perth in July you've lost in terms of Bitcoin 60% if you had just held on the Bitcoin is simply held on the Bitcoin you'd be a much much better shake than risking and gambling on all that stuff and this is something that is preached over and over again and that you're seeing come to light again today holding Bitcoin it's not glamorous but it is the thing the simple thing to do it pays off its long-term thinking it's not being impulsive and doing crazy things and I see someone is from South Africa in the house I have a big South African announcement so I will be in South Africa in March spacewe but we'll cover that in the next show so and there's big news with that then there's another tweet here again on the same theme by lop someday we'll look back at the US government sale of a hundred forty-four thousand three hundred thirty six Bitcoin it's stole from Silk Road as one of the worst financial mistakes in its history now I'm not saying it was right for the United States government the steal a hundred forty-four thousand worth of Bitcoin but they sold it all as soon as they possibly could that was a few years ago do you know how much more I mean that bitcoins worth like ten times the amount now I am and look up the exact thing but I mean it is incredible it had the United States just hold held off to that Bitcoin it would have been that much richer so even the government is foolish and impulsive when it comes to Bitcoin don't follow the government's lead follow the simple thing that the 20% smart people out there do you just hold your Bitcoin long-term thinking think about the 20/20 having get it out there again that news just came out spencer brogard has he Forbes article and I am yelling here for some reason Spencer Bogart has a Forbes article days talking about the urgency of owning Bitcoin is increasing because of this airdrop trend he calls it air drops I call it crypto dividends okay so now owning it is becoming apparent to anyone with a brain that just holding Bitcoin is gonna get you these incredible crypto dividends whether they be unfriendly Forks or friendly ports be cash or be gold the biz kine whatever bit core it's bet you're getting free cryptocurrencies which you can turn into Bitcoin doing nothing but holding the Bitcoin and you're getting these and this trend is only increasing we're seeing it all over the news people are talking about the be gold fork and there's people trying to spray thought about it and people are trying to spray thought about business coin and anyway I don't like this coin but any once that all settles out they'll sell your biz the replay protection will be there nothing bad will happen and you'll get your Bitcoin again this is all the stuff that we're hearing about in the news it has one common theme one common theme you should just the price of Bitcoin is going up hold your Bitcoin and again it all goes back to holding your Bitcoin and and there's still gonna be some of yours acquittal anybody traded I flipped my IC o—- and I did so dude you are an anomaly and I don't even believe you half the time okay 95% of traders lose money don't be a traitor this isn't about training this is about gold and freak and hold people and by the way since this is the one Bitcoin show I only say this one line once a show pound that like button if you liked this show and you liked the simple truth and you're like no fancy center graphics is about holding one alright continue this tweet by the crypto man okay now I have seen people selling alts to buy Bitcoin so they can get free coins after the splits dude that makes total sense the alt coins what what are they all based they were all based on crazy speculation and stuff and you had to pay for them in the first place now why not get the Bitcoin that your node you're about to get all these free coins with it makes sense the rich get richer bitcoin is the rich bitcoin is the rock it's becoming sturdier and sturdier because of these crypto dividends you don't listen to these funsters oh it's diluted the brand it's diluting the brand Reed Spencer Bogaerts freaking article then I linked to this and he's a smart freaking guy who lives in San Francisco probably pretty darn rich listen to him listen to me I'm doing pretty darn well – it's simple this is not glamorous at all this is not gonna be all like look at my new coin if you do all these fancy things no it's about the rock it's about getting more free coins just by holding on to something it's a freaking dividend it's a you know a one-time giving it and again I know dividend term whatever we're not gonna it is I'm calling it crypto giving him because I can say that's what it is alright you take it by the you you can find it your own way and that's the way it's defined it's easy to understand caught in an airdrop whatever one final tweet here that reinforces the theme of the day oh cool this is by eight bits and stuff it's all linked to below people all coins are in the red today because people are pulling their BTC out of all coins to get freebie gold hold yes it's that freaking simple people it is that freaking simple as that and that is what's been in the news these last few days it's awesome you know don't worry you know people are telling me about the price or the price look at the price of Bitcoin going up what now you see some of the factors behind the price but you can't you can't worry about the price every second of the day people worry about the basics the long-term reasons you're into this thing in the first place and the long-term reason is because you know about the having no about 22 having a 2020 and 2024 you know this is it's deflationary it's not some inflationary thing that they're only going to be 21 million of it and you know just by holding you're going to get these free crypto dividends coin my sure this Rupp must remember to subscribe this channel like this video share this video follow me on Twitter at Tech ball to get the updates throughout the day this has been the one Bitcoin show we will be back tomorrow 8:45 am Eastern Standard Time God willing bye