Patch them in So we meet again, Captain Billings

Zorg! I should have known it was you Mining World XT3-12 is now ours Resistance is futile Wait [Captain Billings confers with Chief of Staff] XTE-12? Not, uh, 13? The one with no water, 172 hour-long nights and space spiders the size of dinner plates? Yes, splendid isn't it? And there is nothing you can do to stop us

[Captain Billings confers with Chief of Staff] Cool ok So, I assume you and your gang know how to maintain the outerworld power grid, manage the robot miner contracting and process invoices from the laser drill component vendors? Uh

well How about tracking the provenance of the ingredients in the artificial atmospheric system? I've heard it's really hard to get a refund after breathing fake oxygen Uhum

hmm And you'll need to get me the contact info for your finance leadso we can transition the import/export banking details for the 87,893 active solar systems [Zorg! mutters to crew] Or

you could just keep using the blockchain solutions we set-up and kick us a percentage of annual profits How can we trust you that you'll uphold your end of the bargain? The feeling is mutual But never fear: blockchain is a digital ledger that provides a transparent and permanent record or activity between multiple parties

It takes the instability out of working with remote or unknown people – er – beings Or we could just keep you here with us – as collateral Zorg! That's so crude and – even worse – inefficient Blockchains are resistant to modification Once recorded, the data in any given block cannot be altered

But you control this whole network Nope We use MIcrosoft's Coco Framework to run blockchain platforms on the Azure cloud It's a secure and confidential open-source system that enables scalable blockchain networks with distributed governance Don't expect us to bring cash to you on your disgusting planet full of sunshine and trees and stuff

Again, no worries Blockchain is the public ledger for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin You can pay us right from XT3-12 or wherever [Zorg! mutters to crew] Your knowledge is impressive – for a human Maybe you stay longer? Help us get set up? Everything's already in order I'll email the deal notes You still at – let's see – [email protected]? I was still in college I've been meaning to – Listen: if you need to create new solutions for your managerial and contracting challenges – and, trust me, there will be many – blockchain platforms on Azure are open-source and exceedingly straightforward for developers – even for you guys Have fun running the show down there Yes Victory

The planet is ours All hail Zorg! No, no no, Hawaiiand make sure my timeshare's available

We will meet again, Captain Billings Yeahh, and if we don't that's really ok too