the bitcoin code review,the bitcoin code scam,the bitcoin code binary trading,the bitcoin code system,the bitcoin code steve mckay,the bitcoin code software,the bitcoin code app,the bitcoin code trading Hey, what's up everyone Nick Arabica liz here and welcome to this video.

Are you looking for some more information on Bitcoin code? Well if you are you're certainly at the right place because that's exactly what we'll be getting into here on this video now Before do get started as always I want to let you know that I do have a free video training on my website that goes Into depth on how I've been able to make a full time income Traveler world all that kind of stuff by leveraging the internet so if you would like to check that out head on over to mentor With Nick comm been doing this for years now, so there's a link down description, but without further ado let's get this information about Bitcoin code, so This is probably the site that most people are used to seeing I'm just gonna come straight out and say like this is not a good program to get started with basically, you know they're they're guaranteeing you all this stuff and saying there's only a limited amount of copies, and that's pretty much a You know red flag right there but the the biggest thing is that they say earn a guaranteed thirteen thousand dollars in exactly 24 hours where they're guaranteeing you money and especially in a time frame that Is a huge red flag now in addition to that They have a bunch of paid actors that they buy off of this web site called fiverr.

Com And this guy is one in particular He is one of the guys that you always see on these scam software's for the videos that are promoting it Okay, so you know you can look through everything here to him.

It's just and and I mean this guy doesn't even exist We've done a lot of research, and that's the stuff we found okay now I just want to get that kind of stuff out of way because there's Even a more important thing that I really want to share with you obviously I'm a little bit late to presenting this the Bitcoin code because it it was opened up several months ago and typically I like to have my reviews out quicker when they You know first launch unfortunately, I wasn't able to do that I was actually traveling before now but This this came across my desk I found it and I did some checking and what happened was exactly what I see a lot of the time and so, that's Actually a good thing on why? I wasn't and will make a review before now and now I can make a review and kind of prove to you exactly what happens With taste type of programs, okay? so I Did take me a lot of digging to actually find this website because it looks like they're kind of trying to hide it nowadays The reason is because if we come over to this site This is a place called clicker calm, and this is where these Programs are hosted.


It's an affiliate marketplace and basically what that means is that people are? Promoting these offers okay basically what happens with these type of whoppers is the bitcoin code review,the bitcoin code scam,the bitcoin code binary trading,the bitcoin code system,the bitcoin code steve mckay,the bitcoin code software,the bitcoin code app,the bitcoin code trading It's not necessarily that people use utilizing the software's using the software's that are making the money But rather it's the people that created the software's and the people that are an affiliate of the software so you probably got email or some type of notification telling you about The Bitcoin code right so then they took You know say you got an email you clicked on the link it took you over to the software And then if you get signed up, and then eventually pay because they're always gonna You know eventually ask you for money down the road even if they say it's like free right away They'll ask you for money you pay and then all of a sudden It's the product of affiliate and the product creators that are making all the money right there And this shows you exactly what this is all about like simply you could come in here And if you had an email list or any type of audience you could take a link down here Where is it? You could take one of these links down here and you can send it out and every time someone signs up and pays money, then you get paid a sizable commission and Like the good thing about this stuff as an affiliate is that? You make money no matter what and no matter if the person refunds or anything like that So that's the reason that a lot of people from both these type of offers, and that's why they become very popular Now here's the other thing that I want to share with you is that I? Took the link okay, this is actually Miley I only created a an account in this particular affiliate network Because I like to you know find all those scam software's because this network is Notorious for putting out scam software's it's just that's just the way they run It's very profitable for them like I just explained But so I have an accountant here just so I can come check this stuff out and if you take this link which should be the link that goes to the Bitcoin code I Copied that and I put it in here, and this is what it comes up with now there's two things I can say One it might be just the fact that They don't allow it in the US they might not allow US traffic.

Let's come back here and look for certain Actually yeah that probably is the issue Okay, they don't allow it in the US because they know people in the US I'm gonna fall for this type of stuff, so it just shows me that they Redirect traffic to something else because they know that's not working in a particular the bitcoin code review,the bitcoin code scam,the bitcoin code binary trading,the bitcoin code system,the bitcoin code steve mckay,the bitcoin code software,the bitcoin code app,the bitcoin code trading Country okay, so that just goes to show and it tells me that They're just doing whatever they can to improve conversions to improve People coming in and making money, and if it's not working in a particular place.

They realize that and they just switch the offer Okay, that's the big thing that happens with these affiliate networks And they're just always focus on conversions or not focused on helping the people that get involved with the program.

They're focused on Conversions getting more sales from the people that get involved.

Okay, so again.

I just want to you know help you understand that this stuff is all about the people creating the stuff and Promoting the stuff that are making money off of it Not money with it's not the people coming in that are making money with it all right So I just want to lay that all down.

Hopefully that all made sense you guys have any questions Please hit me up on social media all the links are down in the video description But here's there are things like as I mentioned if you have an email list or some type of audience where you could promote Products – that's a good way to make money obviously don't want to promote garbage products like these the Bitcoin code or whatever it is But you can actually promote like solid good products And that's kind of the method and and model that I've been doing for the past six years So if you would like to learn more about this type of stuff where you are promoting solid program You're building a big email list and you really have that time freedom where you're able to Send emails and promote products and do it from anywhere I have a free video training as I mentioned before you can head over mentor with Nick comm that is mentor with Nick comm Again that link is down in the video description, but thanks for watching this video guys Hopefully gave you some insights and understanding on how this stuff works, and what really goes into it But I look forward to seeing you in the next video.