hello everyone this is adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to this week in bitcoin today is November the 10th 2017 have a strong hand people we're experiencing another famous fine Friday oh the rumors floating around the fun you should panic you should be scared everyone's saying it's the end of the world it's a fun Friday but as I said before and as I will say again there is nothing to fear but fear itself and there's nothing to worry about for God's sakes be a long-term thinker this is just a blip on the radar it was going to happen anyway with 2x was gonna bring it down so now it went down so let me the guests are all around the world I'm in Israel vortex is a little wet West Coast BTC Joe is on the East Coast and of course eboard the legend from Australia is in Brisbane he's back on the show after a long absence so we're going to start off with vortex today vortex I know you're not worried I know you knew there was nothing to worry about with 2x 2x is out of the way but let's let's discuss what would happen to 2x it's gone bye-bye what do you think it's it really did take a lot of us by surprise I mean it was kind of crazy right I don't think anybody anticipated them actually calling it all off I think that was definitely a surprise to most people and really it was it was always going to be we already knew that they had that the 2x fork had no community support right we already knew this despite a couple of CEO was going on there and saying hey we have community support no problem don't worry about that Twitter thing though that social media thing you know what the real like the the actual community don't listen to them they everybody besides the community was totally in on this you know it was really kind of strange um but luckily there was amazing community members like yourself Adam and and the world crypto network that kept people informed and made them realize that this was a takeover they wanted to replace the repo the actual github repo the the Bitcoin the Bitcoin github repo is Bitcoin dot s github calm slash Bitcoin not githubcom slash BTC one okay that's really really important because you know there's all these conspiracy theories and stuff that people throw out and stuff and look it's really simple they wanted to take control of Bitcoin it's that simple the 2x movement got called off just as the exact same way that it got created and that was by six people sitting in a room talking it out that's it like the and yet they claim to be a decentralized upgrade to Bitcoin but yet it was called off by six CEOs in an in a room so this is not how Bitcoin works right this is not how Bitcoin is governed bitcoin is everything about Bitcoin is consensus all the decisions all the software everything is about consensus you know people are like core one you know eric worre he said that core one core didn't win because core can't win or lose because core isn't an entity of individual people who actually won was the community people like us people like your viewers Adam people like everybody on this channel anybody who said no to X in a slack room anybody who said no to X on Twitter changed their Twitter handle or are in telegram those the people who won the community won and what we won was Bitcoin right we won that we show the CEOs that the community has power that individuals have power the corporations are not in control here the miners are not in control here the users are in control and that's what we really showed with this 2x with this whole 2x movement and you know part of me does wish that it would have actually executed so that we could have further in an immunized Bitcoin against this type of attack I wish it would have actually happened but as Samson Mao said you know the equivalent of them going through this was those six same six CEOs jumping off a cliff together and it doesn't make sense when nobody else is jumping off the cliff with you so they did not want to commit that type of suicide and so they of course called off the fork now you know we we I really want to stress that you know this is not the first time this happened we had xt classic bik win unlimited bik when limited again and now 2x they're going to try again so I just encourage everybody to stay vigilant you know keep listening to people like Adam keep listening to people like the world crypto Network you know keep yourself informed stay vigilant and we we'll continue to make sure that Bitcoin does say both decentralized and censorship resistant because unlike what Roger says where you can work decentralization is not important centrist if resistance is important you can't have censorship resistance without decentralization very very important and that is what the core team and what I think most of the community what most of the Bitcoin community really wants and I'm just so proud to to have say that we we took a we supported the user activated software we won we supported the 2x we won at the end of the day the user is the winner here oh wow that is a great opening Pam that like button people if you like that vortex opening BTC Joe I know you're just want to jump in and you have a commentary on what was just said jump on in man yes sir I mean I'm just so proud and relieved I think the whole community just did such a good job and like social consensus really matters like it was a lot of people who want you to think otherwise but putting pressure on these people I think that really made the difference I think like getting out there on Twitter every day and just showing that there was literally like no support it was literally these six people that were pushing this thing we saw what happened with be cash that was like the crowd that they would have been aiming to get so they kind of lost out when when that whole thing happened and then it's like where was the real real support and that exactly like like vortex egg cordon when Bitcoin went like decentralized consensus based protocols one and like even from the very beginning I think it was pretty clear that they did not have consensus by any means and I was joking around a lot on Twitter like their whole thing from the Star was almost like the twilight zone like everything was like basically just fake it til you make it like from the stars they're like oh you know we have 95 percent hash power and we had don't forget about those nodes on the AWS Amazon Web site spin up community support right there ladies and gentlemen right right right exactly and you know we have like this many you millions of users as represented by these companies meanwhile like anyone who has an account at Gemini or coinbase or any of these companies was obviously never asked there and play so it's obviously just like these CEOs were decided to speak for them and the whole thing was just like this is like Samson's now said basically like they were either gonna jump off a cliff or they cancelled it and I think we put the pressure on and I think it worked I think this year was basically the year the user with the user activates off work to begin and then with the no 2x movement I think like we literally made a huge change a huge impact so I'm just I'm just proud I'm just relieved and ready to move on you know yeah it is it's nice to be able to move on it I'm sure if it was going to happen there were so many people out there had weak hands and were panicking and were worrying about every little aspect of it which was just like kind of building it up and is something that it really wasn't so I'm glad it didn't I'm glad it didn't happen hey remember all these guys links are in the links section below do check out the links section below you can get t-shirts like this you get a trace or a crypto hwy comm etc etc so let's hear from our one panelist we haven't heard from yet Igor I've asked specifically what was going on in Australia during all this for people worried about 2x what's the what's the Australia the beautiful Australian perspective beautiful Brisbane he's coming from well people were worried same as like everywhere else like people were worried about this this whole Fork and to add to it a lot of people didn't even understand what the fork was so like that that adds to the confusion but I am kind of happy and not happy about it basically if that happened and they failed it would be it would have been a much better result then what happened now that because they will come back these people will either regroup and Joe and be cash or they will come back later which is not good right so that's that's the bad outcome I guess and now be cash has got even more I think authority to say that we've got bigger blocks know what type of stuff but I was just looking this morning this bit going to x

org is that a hoax or what I think it's a hoax to me it looks like a hoax I mean look they're claiming to have 30% of the Bitcoin hash power yeah right okay they copied Bitcoin orgs website literally line for line of code I mean come on the the the actual mailing list um announcement said that they were saying said that they said that the announcement came from a spaceship so there's the rumor that some people were still going to do to X and there's a website that says it wait whatever even if they were Adam even if they were they it would be like be cash they would put replay protection in there would be their word because they haven't barely any minor support now so it would just be a nobody would care it would be a friendly for cryptid n yeah give me some free coins dude if they wanted if so wants to make a friendly 4qx with replay protection go ahead go ahead and do it we holders will appreciate it sorry to interrupt you there yeah but they anywhere the hope the hope 2x thing is just just stupid how can like six people decide the fate of Bitcoin right and I don't like she like I kind of not really agreeing with vortex in a way that uses one I think nobody want it's like it's a Bitcoin one right so this like mine is nobody is in control mine is not in control developers are not in control and like when I when I read those forums like especially be cash forums they they say all developers can do whatever they want the core developers do this and that it's not like it's not like they just push a button and they just upgrade the Bitcoin protocol it's all based on consensus that's not how it works and if you look at if you look at developers they they supported the system for so many years that stay baby they didn't know what to do that they did care about it did they work for idea and these miners the work for money they don't care what coin to support they don't just jump from one point to another then give a they'll just jump from one to another and also if you look at the meat or eggs developer Jeff Karthik he was going to do a nice but within the same week of that fork that tells you how much care he's got about this Peter X like if you really into it if you're one of the main devs why would you do it myself it's like it's a genius on doing SEO they can make millions of dollars right all the Bitcoin core devs they could just launch an ICO tomorrow and make a lot of money but but it's the idea that the work for are they they really care about this Bitcoin code and that kind of tells you what people were working with right here in this place very very good point anyway people over the chat if you want to ask questions you can do the super chat I'll I'll see ya I'll notice you if you guys didn't want that all right well let's move on I've had enough 2x for my life now I'm glad it's gone as I said there will be a December and December has come early so but we haven't some surprises anyway we all expected the price of Bitcoin to go down because of 2x well net it's still going down but it's more so because of some calculated FUD so people just saying oh well if you're not gonna have bigger blocks I'm going to be cash so let's talk about be cashier which is an altcoin it's a crypto dividend that formed for Bitcoin it's an all coin everyone admits it's an all coin and some people still have their freebie cash around it and I guess they think they're getting tempted to dump it now because well price just jumped so eager we were to start with you what's going on with me cash you were telling me some people were pumping it down there in Australia – yeah it's it's it's quite popular like a there's a few groups where it's been pumped and and I I still hold mine I never I never bought it and I never sold this like I just I still have it sitting in my in my wallet I don't even know where it is I think it's Impreza I'll just wait I'll just wait and see I think it will be a huge dump once coinbase will open up their accounts because there's a lot of big cash sitting that people can't get access to so if they really believe in it have bought it right there but the the but the people who has it who have it on the coin by second they almost like lead um big-time and I think that's happening in January so I might just get rid of it by January I don't know I'll see what happens but in terms of big cash itself like I I don't mind it I don't care about it that much like I I do like to have a competition in this space and I think it's actually good that be cash exists because it will keep both development teams on their toes which is good it's always good to have a healthy and professional competition but as long as as long as it stays professional as long as they don't put all the stupid posts you know how big cash is going to be this one posted big cash will be over twelve twelve million dollars a coin just so funny and they give you all the calculations why that would happen like that was that was so ridiculous like when you hear be it go and you know being like 1 million and you you think that's stupid but twelve million come on that's just it just ridiculous I have a specific question for you since you you didn't really think much about your be cash all this time and you you said you might get rid of it at the first of the year or something but is there a price is it because I think they are trying to pump up the price of B cash to point to Bitcoin to 20% of a Bitcoin before Monday actually because they're supposed to have a they're supposed to have their own fork on Monday that's not going to be contentious as all they know no one's going to keep the old part alive apparently it would be funny if they ended up with 2p caches but let's say they're right and there's only gonna be one B cash I think they're trying to pump it up for this glorious event of theirs because they're saying it's you know it's they're correcting some issue and I think they're aiming for point to Bitcoin um is there a price that would like wake you up and say you know what I really should dump my B cash now because I can get a lot of Bitcoin for this is there a price for you I didn't really think of it like I don't like I don't think about this for much like I've got it sitting and I don't even have it in my portfolio think I have to even remember how much I've got yeah I don't know like it's hard to tell I'll just I'll just keep it and see what happens really like I don't know I don't think you're a baby you're a laid-back holder of it the guy be because it could be I mean I don't know how many you have but we're talking I mean it's it's $1,000 now oh is it mm oh yeah I don't know anyway like I don't care about it that much I don't think it will succeed I don't think it will overtake Bitcoin but it will be there like no creeper goes back to zero all Krypton's like they float at least it licit only one Satoshi anyway I'll get a couple of Sebastian's back yeah okay hey back with this thing vortex I never bought a sorcerer yeah well for Tex what's your theory on what is going on with B cash right now so first of all it's funny that we're even talking about it this is just another altcoin right this was created at the last minute by one or two developers who you know who seemed to have 100% control over all the development they the the latest developer that changed their EDA you know completely pulled rank and decided that like you know what whatever anybody else says I don't care this is the EDA that we're going with and so we'll see how well that will work out you know look at the timing right look at the timing of this pump this was good this is completely orchestrated you know if we if we look at the timing of it we can see that all and the volume all the volume is coming from bit thumb in South Korea I mean we can we can look at this and see this this is plane in black and white I mean for all we know this could be Roger in Jihan just trading back and forth okay this is how centralize the ridiculous this token is um I really don't have much of a problem with it because look all coins all are calling all alt coins our exploration and you know this is all about this global financial Renaissance of everybody coming together and working on something for the greater good and that's that's great you know we there was end result of this will be a brand new golden age with it with an actual fair and global monetary system accessible to all but look the thing I mind about Bitcoin cash is the fact that they call it Bitcoin cash there completes a clear branda grab right what the hell who could think that this thing is a legitimate thing when they're clearly trying to be the real Bitcoin and then we have the PSA we have to put out about Roger Roger and his Bitcoin comm right Bitcoin is Bitcoin org it is not Bitcoin comm right pin but Bitcoin comm is what Roger is currently using to defraud all of his customers by telling them and claiming them that bitcoin cash is the real Bitcoin this is just it's really really disrespectful and I fully expect a class-action lawsuit to finally come and hit Roger about this Bitcoin calm pumping of VCH you know it's I sold all my Bitcoin cash pretty much as soon as I could I have no like I said I don't care if they exist or not the fact that they're trying to steal the brand is the main problem I have about this and look this an interesting point is that that most of the supply of Bitcoin cash is locked up right it's locked up in people's wallets it's by by Hodler x' and things like that and of course things like coinbase who hasn't even given up their their VCH yet um the this artificially completely artificially already puts up the price and then you've got just one all the volume coming from one single exchange look this is this is uh this is Mickey Mouse sorry this is uh this is basic stuff and look nono etf's no options market no futures market is going to create a market for Bitcoin cash okay the futures market that was launched from CME the options market that was launched from ledger X these people will be building their solutions on top of the original Bitcoin the on top of the real Bitcoin the Bitcoin with all the value the one that's over six thousand dollars that's the one okay the one that the community supports that's the one that they're going to build on the best form of money that we've ever had on this planet it's what they will be building on and so when coinbase I agree I agree with everybody else you know like Igor when coinbase dumps okay that's just gonna be one that the price is gonna go down look we'll come back in a few months after the futures market is launched on you know on Bitcoin and Wall Street and we're over five digits and Bitcoin cash is in the freaking trash again you know we'll reevaluate but look this is an altcoin if there's no there's no news here it's another all coin that's being pumped I think I think one thing that US veterans can tell the rookies about is we've been through this or we heard that aetherium was going to surpass Bitcoin and it was the next greatest thing that the Flippen was on the way I mean so again this is one of those things where you got to talk to people with experience because they're calm yeah be cash is pumping that's great it's an all coin if you have it I guess that's great but dudes it's there's one Bitcoin there's only people aren't talking about be cash out on the street sitting to talk about Bitcoin it's far and away v1 it is associated with cryptocurrency is it just a quick note on the correction I mean look people are all you know panic in the streets as everybody always does because Adam as you described the 80% I know 80% they just go nuts and so look people need to understand that all coins will pump but the correction in Bitcoin right now was expected we went up a thousand x people do you understand that who were $700 last this time last year we went up to seventy eight hundred dollars there was a correction expected from big huge you know people in the space like tone vase all the way down to little traders who have their own little YouTube channels like like everybody was fully expecting this correction and this correction will happen and hey we may go down to five even even even 5k but my prediction is we are still going to end the year between five and six and we will absolutely be hitting those five digits early next year very good and he had people again we've been talking about this possible thought of 5,000 have a strong hand think long term here people we get these blips all the time we have all kind flavors of the month all the time and we're a new thing that we're gonna have all the time is Korean pumping all the time definitely this is partially being pumped by Korea I mean by bid thumb it's the big thumb of that I coined this term the other day but again the people behind me catch are very strategic like them or hate them they are very strategic king of the trolls he's got a lot of cryptocurrency to blow pumping this thing and he is very strategic BTC Joe tell us your thoughts on on everything's going on with Whitby – a pumpin and Bitcoin a panicking buy some yeah sure um well with Bitcoin I mean yeah this is just sort of technical selling nothing goes up forever I wouldn't even really a tribute any reasons to it it was sort of like a bull trap everyone thinks segue to X was cancelled it's gonna go straight to 10k they track to whatever don't need to get into a short-term price fluctuations are the most boring thing about Bitcoin in my opinion I'm a trader I mean I actually find stuff interesting but Bitcoin is just so much more important oh yeah and don't don't try it by the way fully agree with as a trader I'm saying do not trade you will lose either you lose or you'll get lucky and you'll win you'll get some confirmation bias and then you'll lose more so don't trade but basically with be cash I actually so I was on the show a month ago with Ari Paul and I was saying segue to X is gonna throw in the towel eventually because there's no support for it you can see it coming and I was on Twitter today I was pointing out that back in like September or October or something like that I've put out a tweet seg with 2x is gonna throw in the towel eventually and when it does be casual palm you know simply because it's less competition all that so and then I said like Roger what's a Gavin Andresen and Jeff Garza and some of these other like big Bitcoin X developers as I like to call them I'll probably end up joining the movement at some point so we'll see if that comes to fruition and then I was like a 9 coin being once once coin based releases the coins that'll probably be the end of the pump because there's just so much selling pressure from it but I just wanted to sort of mention that because I saw a lot of people on like I saw Bobby Lee you know promulgating this theory like oh be cash is pumping so this shows the market wants big blocks or something like that which is just so ridiculous like this you could have seen this a mile maybe like you know going into I didn't think they would cancel it this so soon – the actual fort but it's just clear you don't wanna they would have I was saying like it'd be it'd almost be scary if the cash didn't pump on that news like it would just probably go straight to zero or something like that I mean they needed that so that's sort of what I think about in terms of like all can you know be cash it's just an all coin like anything else and people would like get so offended over that and it's like guys what is Bitcoin like Bitcoin as far as I know is something there's only 21 million of so why would I ever call you know big ol big cash whatever or any of these four it's like why do I have to call like you can call it Bitcoin and I was kind of messed around I was like why don't we just call at like every all coin bit coin like coin bit coin aetherium they could that like it's pretty much just as valid to me to do that so like if you're gonna call Bitcoin cash that I'm gonna call it Bitcoin litecoin cuz they're all emanating from the same original idea so it isn't all coin there will probably be more Forks and you know it is what it is it's they're kind of distractions but maybe you get some free money and the inmates I will speak speaking about Forks and free we've got one coming up finally be gold is gonna go live on Sunday so BTC Joe do you have any do you have any thoughts on that yeah and do do you think people are gonna well how accessible is be gold going to be for everyone at first I don't think people are gonna be able to get their hands on it to even dump it if they wanted to so that might help the price a little bit but there might be some people out there that might use it strategically to pump up their own coin like dump be gold to help pump the cash I mean there's all sorts of scenarios that could play out there so we'll take it away BTC Joe where are your be gold thoughts yeah it's kind of tough to say I mean kind of depends like what is there even any exchanges like major ones that are gonna support it right now yeah there are some there's some barn ones and stuff they can they have it listed on the I don't even I haven't checked it yet you know not because I'm waiting until I know it's totally safe and I can do it on my trays or something like that and I know I don't have access to my Tresor for 10 more days anyway it's not in the same country than I am so I'm gonna be very patient I'm in no rush and I kind of get the feel that a lot of people are no rush partially because they don't exactly know what to do just like you said like well what exchange can I use do it I mean we'll see there's some ones that are that have futures and I mean it's a gradual thing so it is it's an interesting experiment because it is friendly I mean I'm pretty much a fan of all friendly forex in terms of like what the price is it's really tough to say I think in general the a lot of these Forks the market is sort of giving them like you know I used to have that teacher that would be like oh you get an A to start the semester and like it's yours to lose so they I think they kind of are giving them a bit of an inflated value and then when people really start to you know they realize they have this like a lot of people don't even know this stuff's going on so as people realize you know there's this forking like I can get free money then it's done the selling comes in but like you know ideologically I actually have no problem would be gold and I think they said they want to like sort of keep an eye on like all Bitcoin development and incorporate them which is like the opposite of be cash which has made it a totally inferior coin as they removed all like the cook tech we've seen and created over the years so you know I'm I'm pretty much just a fan of it will say Igor you were really laid back about your be cash crypto dividend do you care about this be gold friendly forked or are you gonna try to cash in your be gold or you're just gonna let that sit around also and is anyone talking about in Australia I think I was the one who posters in my group like I don't I then probably people who know about I don't I can't speak on behalf of everyone but I don't think it's that popular I don't mind it I'll probably I tried to look it up but I think treasure doesn't support it they did post an article about it as well that they will wait and see once the code becomes stable they'll still support it but yeah I mean I all probably sell it I don't know how I'm not sure depending on what the price is going to be because I think it was trading for like $400 and futures originally and now expect to like hundred something or two hundred two months though yeah I don't mind it it doesn't take away the hash power from Bitcoin so I don't I that's why it's friendly I guess so let them let them fork the Bitcoin and improve it I don't mind it it's better than nice here you're just creating money from from nothing at least this way you you taking the very stable codebase and you improving on it so I don't mind that it's the power of the crypto Givaudan hey before we get to vortex here in a super chat by the great vention he sent this he wanted me to read this to many people predicting a big pullback and too many moobs coming into the space I don't think this pullback will be as big as you guys are saying so I bought another $1,000 worth for my stash wow that's a strong hand and a half right there vention thank you very much for that comment hey man what can I say hey in long-term who cares anyway but if it does go down more who cares we're thinking 2020 having here alright vortex I haven't heard you talk about be gold too much lately I mean first of all vortex is pulling a double header he was on the he was on the other at the world crypto Network just a couple hours ago – and I didn't get to watch that show yet now he's on this show he's the first in history to pull this doubleheader off so man what's going on in your mind with with be gold are you dumping or you pump in and do you think people are going to use it as a tool to pump up their own coin it's you know all these Forks are interesting you know both Jimmy and I are pretty much on the record now saying that 2018 will be the year of the fork for the big and probably for top-tier all coins as well it's going to be the new ICO craze you know next year and so I think this is a just the beginning of it with nickel and gold and things but to me you know again these are these are just all coins right it's great to experiment great to have them experiment but at the end of the day am I gonna like sell it probably not I'm just gonna hold my private keys I mean this is what 003 the current prices is that worth me moving my private keys absolutely not you know so it all depends on what happens with it I hope that you know they're doing some interesting things right with that equi hash to try to bring back decentralization and mining and things like that and hey if it works great sweet maybe Bitcoin will take advantage of it a couple years from now you know if it works if and so we love and encourage all the experimentation from all these people but you know you really got to be careful because you know you could be a friendly fork like be gold or you could be something like two eggs right so we got it we got to try to educate the community up on this subject and really we have to make sure that we immunize as an entire community an ecosystem against these type of these forks because remember like this pushes all sorts of cost and socialized costs on the exchanges to support all of these Forks because not somebody anybody now can just create a fork and if they have a little bit of mining hash power people are going to demand their free money and they're gonna go to their exchanges so this is really gonna end up quitting all sorts of pressure on exchanges and maybe will even help bring in the the era of the of the finally the decentralized exchange that is something I'm very very much looking forward to just this completely decentralized order book for crypto currencies that kind of stuff I mean and a lot of work is being done on that now with with various projects out there so very much encouraged that but really at the end of the day do I even care about it's not even on my radar like Bitcoin gold Bitcoin silver all these things look there is so much innovation coming down the pipe with Bitcoin and I'll be talking about this on my show this Sunday on the Bitcoin new show with Matt Correll oh and and Kyle Torpy will be talking about what's coming down the pipe and really there's just so much innovation you know I'm in Bitcoin full-time and I can't even keep up with it so how much am I thinking about Bitcoin gold not much Adam he's given the Just Answer so you gotta pound that light button if you like the honest answer and do check out his show on Sunday they are awesome they're better than the NFL I assure you you're using your brain you're learning instead of just being a zombie looking at a TV now before we get to aetherium because you know what's up with the theory I'm a theory I'm God luck they had some bad things happen the beginning of the week and then everybody forgot once all this 2x got canceled the be cash pump the beat Bitcoin dropping but I want to go back to something you said before vortex you talked about and and Cohn has also talked about this tone vase use the word the some legal words lawsuits and I'm not a big fan of bringing that up into our space into the cryptocurrency space I don't you know even though people might be doing some things that are quite reckless to say the least I think we should shun them and just boycott them and take that approach instead of trying to take it to the that other level going back into the statist world I want to I want to be far away as possible so I do what I want you to elaborate maybe do you support lawsuits in certain situations here or would you much rather do a boycott I mean what's what's your opinion on that type of thing look I mean a general point of view you know I mean obviously I'm a heavy believer hidden positivity positivity I'm a heavy believer in nonviolent acts right so nonviolent approaches and things of this nature but the fact remains that we live in a statist world we live in a world where anybody can go and sue somebody you know in the first world type of countries like United States and Europe and things like this so on the I would very much encourage people to shun sites like Bitcoin calm as well as maybe even do some public service announcements about it you know to warn people but at the same time somebody somewhere is going to initiate some type of class-action lawsuit like that somebody somewhere is going to initiate this and this this is to be expected because this is the system that we live in we live in a world you know like I said we live in this society of people suing everybody and things like that and we hope – when they move past this but that this is the world that we live in and I fully expect people to take advantage of the legal system when they can't Igor do you what do you think about lawsuits in the cryptocurrency space well sure there is there is one already this is one that's a big there's something going on with that yeah exactly yeah there's one right there but habits suing the two acts people for free I mean people have talked about suing the two x people because they there's a lot of reasons why but I mean do you agree with that tactic or do you think people should use boycotters you know let the consensus win why do I get all these lawsuits in place let the consensus win that's the whole idea the system is supposed to be trustless we shouldn't go and complain to the guy next door that something has happened in crypto let the script itself sort of sorted a lot I don't know why we need to involve all this lawmakers a lot of them don't even have any experience in the crypto space I don't even know how they're gonna be suing like each other like it's it's really hard there's no precedents for this yeah I don't know I was just actually looking up this actually Bitcoin got cash available maybe you should suggest a taraji where but maybe he can buy that one apparently they asking hundred thousand dollars he's got very bit of Bitcoin he can buy but yeah that's just I don't think like lawmakers should be involved in this at this stage anyway like the whole idea behind the Decrypter is to be decentralized and trustless yeah that's a really good point if someone did sue someone would the judge even know what the heck was going on people we're talking about in other fist is BTC jail what's your thought about lawsuits is should should people take it to that level or should people try to keep the state out of a crypto I'm like I definitely support I wouldn't want it I wouldn't be the one promoting that type of movement would it surprise me like if something like that happens it's happened before so no like it wouldn't I do think a lot of these workers don't even contemplate this type of stuff and they definitely should because there's a lot of you know legal stuff to consider but I definitely know I'm for self governing within the space and all that so I I don't think it's the the right thing to do not to mention though I mean these people you someone loses ten million dollars on the raw on someone's code or you know some fork or something like that they may not even go through the legal system they may take other means so is it you just think people got to be careful with what decisions they make but I definitely do not support lawsuits or even even like you know I just think you've got to call these things out and like hold people accountable I think there's just like so much I've always to call people hateful and toxic and all that and like these got Jeff Garza cuz I'm sure like he goes home to his family whatever he's a good guy but you know it's like you your reputation is on the line and you got that you can like a lot of these people have been saying the same thing year after year after year and it's like as a community I think we've had enough and I think there's gotta be some accountability and some credibility and like and that's why it's funny like Adam back you know was offering to trade all that coin for the office office coins for this egg with two ex-cons and Jeff Garza kind of called and that like CEO behaving badly gambling or something like that and I just responded I was like Jeff like you can play the whole professionalism you know type of thing but at the end of the you're still staking your whole reputation on this so just just don't forget that and that's you know I just think we gotta hold people accountable yeah I I agree hold them accountable name names boycott etc so for text what happened with what happened with aetherium this week and you can you give us a quick summary is that there's some people who missed that news because of all the other Bay Point news so like remember like what I follow is the Bitcoin space right III am a host of the Bitcoin news show the I live and breathe Bitcoin this is what I do for a full-time job so I really have my hands full with that but you know it can't help have something like this come across here your your your Twittersphere and things like that because this is just crazy right I mean another hundred million dollar problem and so it's really it's really difficult because a lot of people are calling it a hack and things like that it's not actually a hack yet again another smart contract was written in a way that the user who that the developer was executed in a way that the developer didn't foresee right so in this the programming language of aetherium you know you have solidity and this language lends itself so easily to be making mistakes they will allow you to declare public variables private variables all day long like you know keep keep everybody's freaking funds in a public variable no problem it's until they they really have a more restrictive programming language or at least help the the a new person a person new to smart contracts help develop something secure we're going to see this time and time again right we just had the 30 million dollar hack now we got are the 30 million dollar mess up from parody wallet now again a multi sega shoe with parody oh you know freezing people's funds over a hundred million dollars this is not gonna stop and yes you can say that oh it's all parodies fault well yes and no I mean right it's um these developers can only do so much with the programming language you can only make things so bug free right when you have something Turing complete you are inviting bugs to have the idea of having turing-complete smart contracts or turn and complete anything to do with finance is absolutely insane when you're talking about blockchain technology here it's just insane you remember this contract when it was executed the smart contract once it's executed on a theorem you can't get it back right it's over it's a decentralized system that's the idea and they and they claim that this is a good idea they claim this is a great idea to allow everybody else in the whole planet to execute your code for you run this run this code for me executed for me please and it's like look this the the whole turing-complete thing is complete nonsense smart contracts of course are going to be here to stay we're going to need these but we're going they're going to be built on systems that are secure they're going to be built with languages that are restrictive enough to be able to build an ecosystem out of so at the end of the day look I'm not the biggest fan of aetherium I definitely encourage innovation I definitely encourage exploration experimentation go ahead go ahead go wild with it but look realize that solidity is not a very secure programming language realize that we're going to have a bunch more of these issues on smart contracts on aetherium until the underlying issues are fixed and do I first see these underlying issues being fixed absolutely not do you think that they're gonna take away turn complete anytime soon no you know they're just gonna probably hard fork again and with every hard fork it becomes less and less immutable it's it's you know well the W we've been pretty critical of a theory month on the world crypto Network so far and I think all of these these issues with smart contracts and people losing hundreds of millions of dollars really validates that all right you you answer the question I was going to ask you you think they're gonna hard for it to correct this issue then to bailout here's what's funny Adam he said it's actually on the table right because of the doubt if the option is on the table with Bitcoin you know and in the mutable ledger this wouldn't even be on the table right but because of the Dow it's actually an option which already hurts me right but it already hurts my brain but then to you know to have it actually go through yet again I mean come on this is uh this is not an immutable ledger this is not code as law this is not anything like what if theorem was trying to sell people all right before we go to beat each teacher because I know he's got something to say about this shut shutting from the sky just sent two bucks and he said electroni 'm kine socks all right I bet it does I mean it's just like some random altcoin dude of course I think this guy got scammed by them or something which is unfortunate we don't want people getting scammed that's why you just Bitcoin buy-and-hold is that simple I know it's not glamorous people it is kind of glamorous when you're holding Bitcoin and you get these free crypto dividends though I'm him dude it's just dropping from the skies all right so PTC Joe are they gonna is it are they gonna hard fork to fix this what's your thoughts on the etherion situation um yeah I don't know if they'll actually go through with it but the fact that like vortex was saying that's on the table it's just like pretty much shows the glaring problems with aetherium and what they did with the first hard fork and they they created a complete like moral hazard and now every time something bad happens that's gonna be the question and where's the why what's the it's such a gray areas it's who you're friends with is it the is it if it's oh if the hack is f more than this million dollars then you can reverse it and and in my opinion is just totally doomed because of that that decision with the first hard fork was like the worst decision ever fer for a cryptocurrency and then just just with the tech in general it's just sort it's you know the tack is really cool but I would not want to be owning that as an investment because it's just so it's just an immature technology for the value it holds like Bitcoin had this gradual process of many years of growing being attacked you know developing solutions hardening it and all that and it just got sold like hardened to all these different attacks like gradually over time and aetherium just came on the scene out of nowhere and it's much more complicated protocol like bitcoin is just inputs and outputs and it's it's purposely was designed to be like that because it's just so dangerous to have the storing complete language and it's just anything that's complex is easier to attack and they had that I was I was shocked that a theorem had that first bubble and then it kind of came down it went to like I don't know point O three and then it came all the way down to like 0005 before this this last bubble where everyone thought you know I was gonna overtake Bitcoin and all that and I was just shocked because after the first bubble collapse I thought you know this is good like it'll have a year two years where it'll just lay low and you know they can like sort of it'll have time to mature but instead the opposite happened we got the I see Oh craze and you saw like the biggest bubble that Krypto has ever seen and it was completely ridiculous it was all totally based on these scam ICO is 95% of which are like gonna fail and that's right that's how it became so valuable and people don't they you know new people get into it and like your friend text me today he was like what do you think it like you just got into crypto and those nothing's like oh what do you think about a theory I'm like it looks like unique like should I buy and I was like dude it's just very very immature it's gonna have hacks and it's it's just like I would not want to feel like you know short-term fluctuations aside it's just a very very very risky investment to own and I don't know that's just sort of how I feel about it well before I comment on that because I got a lot to say about the etherium I wanted to thank shooting and vention again thank you guys I forgot if I thank you guys for the donation that's very very nice of the two of you alright so going back to a theory I'm going back to aetherium I think that you know even if they have a hard fork again that the market is so irrational the 80% they don't care it would probably help the price I mean you know if beforehand when it split into a theorem classic yeah everyone was predicting gloom and doom for it no no no it got all-time highs after that so they can do no wrong basically it really seems yeah it seems at this point the exact the irrational exuberance with the theorem is is good for like another year at least yeah I really there's no most people aren't logical in this face and they'll be just like oh it went down in price this is a good deal listen let's go pump it up and by the way when your friend asks you about aetherium how did he pronounced aetherium because when my one of my friends asked me about exactly he come a heard of this I sorry oh stop he did not spell it with cerium which is very you know everyone accidentally spells like that which funny but I forget nothing about it I forget who it was but they kept pronouncing like ether 'm that's what they kept saying and that was a hot caste person but they kept saying ether them over again and oh my god was putting my ears yeah yeah there are some big names out there that border on our space and maybe come into this space who pronounces such a weird way I mean you got to pronounce the number-2 crypto-currency right man if you're gonna want to seem legit I've been here all right we've eat or what are your sort out on with the etherium discussion what do you what you're saying on office um well Assyrian itself like I agree with vortex they've got like Turing complete language and I'm a developer myself right in fact I'm a Stratus developer so we are working on there on a c-sharp language which is the enterprise-grade language which is good which is very mature language right so a lot of like banks they would use C++ C sharp Java they would use all this like mature languages which I'd turned complete as well and no software will be bug free it will never be back bug free but when banks deal with like all this financial software they do a lot of help a lot of testing there will be a lot of testing done and the problem with solidity like I wouldn't I wouldn't must so want to touch the solidity I looked at it it's it's it's first of all I have to learn something new and secondly they there's not that much it not many tools out there like like I try to do because what you want to do with software you wanna write write a lot of automated tests like unit tests integration tests convention tests and the tooling around solidity is not that great it'll probably improve but at the moment I would be scared to deal with money and write the software in solidity and I think it's kind of a curse for a theorem itself I don't think they wanted so many people actually using it and it's okay so anyone can grab it and start writing a software and I don't think it's it's their fault you know it's they just put it out there and people using it and it's probably not the theorems for the developers are making you know the mistakes and and it will just keep happening let me ask you as a developer anybody can write in the theorem contract apparently that can freeze a hundred million dollars in funds what about Bitcoin I mean is there any scrips that somebody could write and execute on the network that could do anything like this but bitcoin is not Turing complete language right it's a very restrictive script language but could there be because you know some people are like hey Bitcoin scripts can screw up Bitcoin – like can you elaborate maybe a little bit on that I I don't know I haven't like I know I know that Bitcoin script is actually in yeah it's not turning completely that gets really hard to screw it up you can't put deadlocks in place you can't have loops it's it's really hard to to stuff it up and and like I also doesn't have a concept of smart contract yet right you can't just go it's it's kind of a very simple smart contract in a way but it is a smart card right yeah kind of yeah what is smart kids mouths to me it's not cool it's just a fancy name it's actually a dumb program that's it there's no such thing as a smart contract it's a dumb program that runs all – no and but it's a bad marketing term so they call it smart contract it's not that smart to tell it does what you tell it to do and it's it's yeah it's it's basically it and and yeah like with I guess cuz I cuz I'm gonna Stratos team we will have like contracts as well like smart contracts and these waves this tells us there's cos there's so many cryptos are trying to do this and this space will evolve and eventually we will start using smart contracts but it's just too early I think for it like nobody wants those smart contracts yet and and that's why those mistakes are happening but with the cerium I think what they could do they could probably because they've got another hard work anyway right they've got the metropolis update so they could probably bundle it all together all the fixes and do it all in one go I guess I don't know they could do that and that yeah those those things will keep happening and I guess you need those mistakes to improve the protocol it's just unfortunate that we're dealing with big sums of money in this face yeah people get angry when their money is the test case becomes part of an experiment and they lose it well that we're talking about etherium and be cash on this show it's funny atheria and we talk about experience also all the SI experienced when aetherium was gonna have a flippin english big coin and now people are saying that be cash we'll have a flipping with with bitcoin meaning that the market cap of be cash will surpass bitcoins one day and I must that but what my question for the panel is and this is a yes or no question do you guys think it's possible because I I do not think it's possible to be casual surpass the market cap of a Bitcoin but do you think it's possible with all the shenanigans going on in the land of B cash with king of the trolls and all of those centralized players out there and by the way there are good people in be cash there are people because that want nothing to do with Bitcoin it's not a battle it shouldn't it shouldn't be a battle of sports teams here but but some people do treat it that way in some be cash people do do try to say you know we're going to surpass Piqua but my question is this simple question will there be a flipping between B cash and aetherium is it possible they're going to take they're gonna pump B cash to a point where it could surpass the market cap of aetherium Igor what do you think oh yeah that could happen anything can happen in crypto it's so unpredictable I can't I can't say I can't tell you like if I had a crystal ball I would tell you but what I know it when I would take Bitcoin that's that's the only thing I know okay vortex is it in theory Amash flipping potential happening you know what the alkyne want to do the out coins want to do I mean you know cuz I think you said for a second I thought you're gonna ask us if it was gonna overtake Bitcoin I'm like did Adam just ask me if it always you know boy no but no yeah it's it's it's funny you know obviously the etherium has the huge ICO bandwagon on it right now and you know be cash in my opinion does not have the sustainability to overtake and Oh platform again remember like we said on the show like I said on other shows you can look up where the volume is coming from people it's all coming from one single exchange so it could it go past a theory Monday sure it could also go right back down to zero point you know zero one again it's it's it's really all about what the market is going to do and like you know Igor says anything can happen of course but do I believe that be cash can be sustained at a higher price than aetherium I mean not in the next couple of years that I know of yeah and the question and I agree with that sustained no but I'm not talking about the potential I think this is their big major pump they're they're doing right now and is that their goal baby to make it to number two and then pray and pray that it stays that way so BTC Joe what do you think about that I don't like so you gonna make me choose between be cash and I see I just just like them equally I was gonna say yeah that's like somebody choosing like how do you want to die well do you want to die from Charlie but you want to die from like strangling well think about exactly exactly but yeah temporarily I don't really know I'm not so bullish on a fear I'm at least relative to Bitcoin even after this huge drop you have a nice bounce here but I think it's going to 0015 but we'll see and it's just funny everyone has their own version of the flip inning or Defra I think litecoin is going to overtake be cash within the next six months I feel pretty talking about that oh yeah that's a good one I didn't even mention that that's that's true I think I'm on board with that it should because like I mean all these people want to use be cash why don't they just use like coins I don't I don't get it I mean first of all but the the yours guy the guy guy yeah yours who uses a be cash he originally was gonna use like coin so I mean I remember remember though like coin doesn't have right huge conferences and in Asia with big huge signs that tell everybody that light everybody about how much better Bitcoin cash or like point is than Bitcoin right let Charlie Lee's not gonna be doing that that's that's true just thinking like markets they irrational longer than you can stay solvent but eventually in the long run on things sort of come to their their fundamental value so and pretty much every respect to me be cash is just a poor man's light coin I mean I guess if you like you know paying off miners through inflation to steal from Bitcoin security if that's your thing that use be cash over light coin but if you want to actually use a decentralized coin that has big things in store big tech developments coming then you know like then I go with like corn the other thing is like be cash is not on coinbase or and which a lot of fun a lot of liquidity is coming from but that's true I mean Korea could definitely pump the hell out of it so should be interesting to see how it plays out every one pound that like button if you've enjoyed this show we're gonna wrap it up pretty pretty darn soon I wanted to say you know vortex talked about conferences that be cash has its own conferences and this is true and the guy behind me cash king of the trolls I don't say his name he is a bit you know like him or hate him he's a very persuasive person and he is not turning it off he's turning it on he's in high gear now so if you are a Bitcoin person you you know keep reminding people bitcoin is the Bitcoin because on the other side of things they've got a very persuasive person with a billion dollars worth of cryptocurrency behind him probably and he's written and the 80% he appeals to the 80% and the 80% far outnumbers the 20% so this is the battle it's he's not gonna stop it's not gonna stop we're gonna have to deal with bad actors for a while so you know it never hurts to remind people there's one Bitcoin then you've got these crypto dividends that are called be cash be gold whatever and then you got people who like the pump up be cash etc itself you know you could do marketing – he's persuasive you could do marketing – alright really really quick little thing I want to bring up here that I read and iwere probably won't have an opinion on this possessive totally American thing but the the show the TV show I don't watch TV at all I recommend no one watches TV but a lot of people watch TV especially this one show called the Big Bang Theory and on November the 30th the Big Bang Theory is going to be about Bitcoin there the episode is about Bitcoin and it's a sitcom or whatever it's a silly show it's foolish it's brainless but there are a lot of people who are going to be watching that show it's a very popular show that had never heard a Bitcoin before so for text what do you think about that have you have you heard about that I have not I mean there's there's you know crypto is going to go mainstream right and it's going to go mainstream there's going to be television shows about it there's been a couple sort of already and you know of course mr robot has mentioned Bitcoin a couple of times just beautifully I really encourage everybody to check that out that's show out we likes Bitcoin but really this is uh this is all part and parcel of a Bitcoin becoming mainstream and I'm looking forward to it yes so that's November 30th this shows gonna be also will there be a pump will December first have BTC geo what do you think what do you think about all that I'm like you know I think we're gonna see more and more of this stuff but it's pretty unequivocally it's a good thing it's just publicity and especially that type I mean I don't really watch the show much but I think that crowd is like a very nerdy type of crab right so it's definitely gonna be the right crowd to market it to and you know it's it's definitely a good thing I also mr

robot is like it's such a good show so if you're into the crypto space I definitely check it out but yeah I mean good news right yeah all right Igor I don't know if you have any opinions of them on TV shows or anything you could say anything you want to this is the floor is yours man what's going on with Australia what's going on with life you you got the conclusions tell us your links anything you want to say like I've heard about the show like this show it here as well you know the Big Bang theory it's a very popular sitcom I think I don't watch it myself unlike those sitcoms and you know you got this background laugh noise just stupid but anyway like I think I think I think it's any publicity is good for Bitcoin and it will go mainstream 2018 will be a huge year I think 2019 will be even bigger so we'll see more and more of those happening I reckon there'll be some big movies as well Hollywood movies mentioning Bitcoin as well soon so it just just that's what's going to happen anyway so yeah I mean I don't think it will prompt the Bitcoin price that much but I think what will pump the price is 10 10 K as soon as it goes above 10k more people find out and don't be big inflow of people in fact in like speaking of Australia it actually breached the 10k mark already so it's more than ten thousand it like this week it was more than ten thousand Australian dollars for one Bitcoin so that brought a bit of attention there's been a few articles about it and I imagine once it breaks the 10k USD value that will be huge for Bitcoin much bigger than that sitcom there will be a lot of people during that that space and that will happen because Wall Street is during the party and it's it could be good or bad I don't know like it's probably bad in the in the short term but long term is good I was gonna say somebody in the super chat goo goo Thank You guru for the 10 euros has a question and maybe everyone can answer this what are ways to make money in the Bitcoin space if you are not a dev well first of all you you could make videos you can do educational you can consult you can do marketing people are needed in the space so there's a lot of opportunities I I've seen a lot of opportunities out there what do you guys have an answer to that what are ways to make money in the Bitcoin space if you're not a dev so basically um you know in the Bitcoin and blockchain space but I'm just gonna say the Bitcoin space the big coin space I encourage everybody to do what they do do what they love do but do it with Bitcoin so if you're a graphic designer I mean they are there are people that need graphic designers there are projects that need graphic designers are you a project manager or are you uh you know whatever you do are you an audio producer even audio producer I mean this space is so nascent and so new we're only you know eight and coming in eight nine years old and as far as the mainstream media concerned we're only as old as 2013 so there is just huge amounts I mean graphic it just everything you can think of it whatever you do do it with Bitcoin there is a whole lot of projects here that could definitely help for from whatever you want to do dude that was like the complete answer right there that was that was a really good answer for thanks thank you by the way Johnny and why just cific and thank you goo goo for the 10 euros Johnny and my just sent ten bucks he wanted to say give a special shout out to Adam Invention who's also in the chat and vortex I love you guys he says well thank you Johnny we love you too you're a really loyal viewer and watcher found that like button to everyone out there okay so we're gonna we're turning this thing down was where we're at the hour mark BTC Joe what are your final thoughts here what's going on with you um you know I'm just I'm just so happy and everything that's how everything's god I'm happy that we can just move on this was such a distraction everything with seg with 2x if you haven't seen John Newbery put out a great tweet storm say just talking about all the big tech accomplishments that are sort of flown under the radar because of this like nonsense that have happened and no one's been talking about them just because we've been arguing about these Forex and having to prepare for them and all that so I just think big things are ahead I think the social consensus matters and get out there and you know say how you feel and I just think this was the year of the user and I don't I don't say that it's like users don't control Bitcoin no one does but I just think everyone all stakeholders are important and together we all make consensus and and yeah that's that's just how I feel one last question for you people always ask me about all coins and I just don't really talk all coins and but they get people get high from like hearing one altcoin mention and so you're a traitor mention an altcoin you like I think like when I'm an air are the two almost undervalued coins on the planet right now guys there's people out there I know you're going crazy you have you're getting high off that okay Igor what are your final thoughts strata standby status because I'm a status deaf now like I think result coins them they my main goal when I trade any old coins is to accumulate as much Bitcoin as I can and like so it's that's just an end goal you never hold out coins for long like you always want to convert it back to this one and it's kind of fun to trade them sometimes but yeah like look back to the question that the guy was asking how you can get into this space here like like you said there's so many ways to make money you can go to steam it you can write articles you can get people voting for you and Timothy can you can write content you can approach any of those alt points if you want to get into all points you can join their slag group telegram groups and approach and ask them what they're always looking for people all of those you can you can go to conferences you can meet other people that it's just so many ways to actually and in this space and speaking of which like we we are launching the coin wisdom condo to your website in Australia that will be a consulting trying to educate people about Bitcoin about the cryptocurrencies also helping them to set up you could send it to me too so I can put yeah it's kind of under development but you can go there it's going wisdom that condo day it's mainly for Australians it's not for for like anyone else but it will be coin wisdom day it's under development but yeah so we will be doing a lot of coaching also I see all forensic investigations as well for investors to make sure that they know what they investing in – yeah that's coming and that that will just grow and it's really a good time to get into this space coin wisdom dark and are you that's what it is now there are a lot of Australians that watch this show by the way we do here in fact in fact now I'm gonna sims to be very good with VidCon like there's a lot of people in Melbourne they've got the blockchain Center it's very popular in Melbourne Brisbane is not that much and even Sydney is lagging behind the thing so yeah they my my goal is to to improve this so I'm working with the guys from Melbourne as well you're working with mark with Martin Davidson not directly was him but like with people who work in the blockchain centre as well okay but he's got I know he deals with he is that he is the blockchain sorry yeah they're doing good things up there in uh in in Melbourne all right vortex will let you will let you close out the show with what you gotta say well look I'm just so happy we can finally move on from this 2x man the 2x died it's dead we need to hold responsible the people that were really took charge in the Segway to X calling it an upgrade like Mike Bell she you know like Jeff Garza like Erik Voorhees we need to keep these people um we need to keep these people accounted for we need to remember because they're they're going to come back right that we've had XT classic bu bu again where they're gonna try something else again so I'm just glad that we can move on from the 2x just stay vigilant on what's coming next and you know I'm just really so excited about again what's coming down the pipe for bikal and there's so many new technologies when schnorrer signatures lightning masked fiber there's just so much cool stuff and we're going to talk about it a bunch of it a with Matt Correll one of the core developers at Bitcoin core and Kaltura P one of the best editors that you'll ever find one of two of the only journalists that I pretty much trust in Bitcoin so we're gonna have a great time talking about all the new things that are coming down the pipe that we can focus on now that 2x is dead yeah well everyone you know that one guy asked about how to how to make money in the space or how to do well in the space one thing you can do is just hold your Bitcoin you get free crypto dividends man just by holding and then you sell sell your crypto dividends like be cash and be gold and everything that that's something really simple you could do too so I thank all the guests for being on the show today we do this show every Friday the time varies it's this week in Bitcoin come on back next Friday I add a meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister I do a show here every day on this very channel so check out the links below to see the archives come back here every day subscribe to the channel town that like button check out vortex on Sunday on the world crypto Network bye bye everyone see you later