So the question is how do you make money on Bitcoin? Altcoin and Stocks in order to make profit using technical analysis This video is going to share two cool tricks that will help you to do better trades to make more money So let's begin this video Question remains how do you know the right time to invest in the right company That's real the technical analysis comes into play And I want to make sure before telling you all of these things that these technical analysis is not even a hundred percent correct Because there can be some errors and these tools can be helpful in order you to give you an idea That what is the right time to buy? You know before you go ahead and learn more about that That's something basic that you should understand when you do some crates We know that the company is good

We know that the coin is good We know that it has a better future and it's bringing a lot of stuff in your life But you don't know if this is the right time to enter and not and that's the point when technical analysis will help you up today I'm just going to show you two basic tools and while you can use them in Technical analysis and can find out what is the right time to buy before going further? I want to mention then this is just for the informated purpose in order to educate you guys with the basics So seek some financial advisors when you do some good crates, but at the same time this information I'm sure that this will definitely gonna help you out in order to learn – please watch this video very carefully And I will try to explain all of these things in very simple words So let's get it started as I mention you I'm using two tools number one is RSI – where is sensitivity index RSI is relative sincerity index and the second one I'm using is MACD – MACD talks about moving average Convergence divergence So let's stick down in a very simple way how you can use these tools in order to find the right time to Enter into the market, so let's get started Let's take an example of a Bitcoin that I'm using for the USD dollars where you can see that there is an uptrend right now You can use this example not only for uptrend You can also use this example for the downtrend as well I'm trying to show you all the way from 2017 until today how the market is moving and what should be the best way that you would have done if You would have done good crates So let's take this as an example since bitcoin is the best way to do it so if someone if you see right now the green sign that you see All these are saying buy time while the right one is showing itself time You can watch carefully that this are showing as an uptrend channel So if someone had bought it over here at the green sign He would have sold it over here at the red sign, and then he would have bought it over here And then sold it over here, and then bought it over here So I believe someone has done it he done an amazing job in order to understand this chart But the cushion will comes in our mind, then you know by looking at the past You can feel like oh that should I have done it and I would have make money correct But there are two tools that can help you out in order to understand What could be the risk assessment that you could have taken and you can have made more money? If not the perfect way of doing it By the way, I have to tell you what is RSI and how you can use this tool in your trades RSI tool says that if it is below 30 level it Means that we are under sold region the people have sold more than the worth of this point and if it is above 70 it has been said that people have bought more than the worth of this coin The next point weight is important if you see over here It is touching this 30 level that give me an idea if I bought it over here I'm actually making sure that I'm buying at a region when it is close to down the sole region So this is the verse condition ever buying at the worst condition and selling it the best condition is the best strategy That you can use as foreign buffets say buy when everyone is selling and sell when everyone is buying So this is the same strategy that you can use by using this RSI too So let's take an example if someone is born over here by looking is this RSI level you would add up the best time because if you see the RSL level has increased And at the same time you would see that the price of Bitcoin has been increasing until it has crossed this 770 person from RSI and I was going above so you can clearly say that this region is considered to be Overbought, and if someone has sold at that duration it means that he would have made good profit if this person has bought it over Here, I won't recommend this on a daily basis because their daily the price shift a lot And if you're not investing a big money into it you're not getting much out of it so I would highly suggest if you're trying to do these kind of analysis try to focus on a monthly basis or even A weekly basis that will help you to decide how you should buy and when you should buy Let's look at for the next time so as soon as it is crosses As soon as it is crosses That's live this level if someone has told it over here if you see clearly From RSL level it rent all the way down and game to this bottom level which I told you is under sold so as someone has bought it over here by looking at this RSI chart definitely and Hold it for the time until it reaches to the top this was has been a good idea This is very important for me to tell you at this point of time that you can see their tools all times There is a human temptation that we get very emotional if we don't make more money out of it like take an example if That was the point I made it I sold it at 4000 but it reaches to $4,100 The greediness of human nature says that I would have felt like oh, I should have put it I should have waited more to gain that hundred dollars I was highly suggest to you guys when you do trades try to be happy when you make some profit Don't feel that if you had I bar it earlier You would have made more money That's emotional nature Will not help you out to be consistent in your formula So that's very important if you see over here after getting to this level it went down again And then after touching to this level it is going back up so this is giving you an idea right now guys so as soon as it touched to this level the time will come when you have to sell as For the chart what I'm observing right now Also, now This is the one case that I told you with RSI level But this RSI level added to another tool Which is MACD will be really helpful in order to give you a better understanding? And better idea if this is the right time to enter into the market Or is the right time to exit from this market, so let's look at this MACD and how you can use this I'm sorry for this gain So let's get it started one more time so MACD level has a two line if you look at over here One is the blue and the other one is the red line? The basic way of teaching you guys in the simple words gonna be when the blue line is on top Then the red line it means That we are gonna see an uptrend and when are we gonna see that the blue line is below this red line it means That we are going down friend chart, and if it crosses blue and red line together Either we gonna see an uptrend

Are we gonna see a downtrend That's gonna be the turning point my suggestion to you guys is look as soon as it touched this blue and red line together Wait until you see some movement either on hourly chart or on daily chart and try to see how the market is moving before Investing on this point because I mention you one more time you have to put your risk assessment when you do some crates Alright, so if you look at over here as soon as it is crossed So let me just open this one, and you can see clearly on this chart This as soon as it is coming back and Crossing and over here this cystogram is telling you There's an uptrend chart did that kind of give you an idea because there are some fake turns You will notice as over Here you see that it concise body start moving up crime So that's why I mention you sometimes the chart give you a fake idea and you have To do it on the basis of few other tools so right now as I'm telling you there are two tools that you can use In order to learn I hope this is really helpful for you If you see over here as soon as it crosses together You can watch over here that RSI was in a very consistent and uptrend channel So you could have waited more until it touches to this level So you will continue to do it as soon as it touched on top if you will see over here it went up That's why someone hasn't sold it because he was believing that you know with this also going on an uptrend channel even over here There's the right time as soon as it crosses you would have an idea you know that's the right time to sell so that would have been the best idea for you guys if You're learning this very quickly Next you can see it right now It's a buy time How is it a buy time look at the RSI is touching 30 level look at this MACD there is a downtrend channel and now it is crossing so I can expect now it gonna be a By time and gonna sell in the future and now if you see it over here Closely this is the sell time right so this is how it is be formed above 70 yes It's a sell time now

It is coinciding together Yes It's a sell time and now if you see away It's coming back downstairs, and you can you could have seen over here now look at it very closely We are seeing an uptrend and over here We just cross this blue and the red line What does what this suggests you right now? It really means that we gonna see enough print on this Bitcoin for now and now we can expect it will go high higher in the same channel that gets Observing if I summarize this there are two charts that can help you with this technical analysis, but there are some Constraints that I want to tell you before if you start to dig down more about it number one the point that you're gonna investigate this with or The stocks you're gonna investigate with this you have to make sure the fundamental Analysis has been done your fundamental analysis means that I'm gonna make a video out of it as well We are gonna Tell you how to do fundamental analysis and technical Analysis, and how to incorporate both of them in order to better trades, that's gonna be in my future videos and if you want to join me please do subscribe and turn on the Notification so the next time when I post this video you get it really fast So coming back to the point the constraint gonna be when you have when you know That the coins or the stock that you're investing is worth It has a bright future is really helping the community its solving some problem We are seeing a bright future for this company or this point that's the time to investigate if there is the right time to buy or not and It's how you come up with this technical analysis because if you're gonna do some technical analysis Let's take an example if you do a technical analysis on some icy O's that are new in the market that has no future right now We don't know exactly if you don't know what technology is talking about if we don't Understand what the kind of features they provide to the market and if this helpful or not if we don't we'll know that the whitepaper Is trustworthy or not so if you know the technology behind it in the kind of Efforts they're bringing, I think that's the time you go ahead and dig down and find out

What is the right time to buy? I hope you like this video where I discuss two basic tools You know what to do your technical analysis, and I hope this will help you out And we are hoping this Bitcoin is gonna continue this another uptrend and we will go ahead And we won't gonna break this channel if you want to watch my more videos Let me know let me know what kind of questions Do you have let me know? What kind of tools that you want me to discuss and try to use them in any of the examples that I that you can? Learn really fast if you enjoyed this video Please do subscribe my channel one more time my kids share It share it with your friends Tell them educate them because right now That's the right time to do it for Bitcoin And that's the right wave we have a long way to go for this Bitcoin This is still in an initial stage, but we have a bright future together, so let's enjoy this video And hope to see you in next video so until then take care peace