good morning and welcome to the world couk unknown in 2008 a fact unprecedented happens one strange unknown programmer designs

a single signal algorithm never seen a program designed a virtual currency called big today surely you heard talk about the album in that dangerous currency for the system but that we will talk to the designer or He was very anonymous programmer known we only know very little about the date I think Simon is the algorithm and the early days and his name name the mysterious character is holy and Nakamoto but the truth is that never no one has seen Mr Nakamoto no nobody knows how you the standard type Noningo that even his name is a hieroglyphic later I'll show you many of the other as said before you have heard about the bilkoin possibly have many doubts that is the cockeyed way and we sense dalt different a new form of manage money and currency in Vikonis both dangerous to the system It could even mean the end of the banking as we know it today which bodes horse you catch them all your money and put it in a pendrive in thinkers like this in a pendrive like this could not have my million or year and take you so It is outside the bank take it too It seeks pocket would not have to use the mattress or use a Hunter hidden and ramón thor if someone steals us the pendrive You could have perfectly copy multiple copies of the same is not multiplied bitcoins because I have copied to 10 Uncover not all that happens is that You had a key that will be what is allows use money and ever spend it appear that purpose accountants spent all this copying papers do not be stores are not a case of Mancos and of course exchange of good cohen and has been declared free taxes have and do not give me Gloss bilkoin is global not belong to any to any government can not create debt to the tax authorities can not creating debt is divisible up to eight decimal government estimates the style Today in fact allows such fast transactions Current banks seem authentic turtles do not do transparency and It takes two days to make something dense and outdated and not of a remote era which the ladies grew action manually will do something in the mic today you can not fake you can not there is a machine capable of falsifying It is not exist for a world much maybe has not ever bilkoin regulation is very nearly the bilkoin Anonymous safe and transparent and It has a mind and another boxing broadcast I watched curiously media communication speak very little of the beat Codina and aso believe me is a symptom very positive they do not want you to know many facts about the video will Nakamoto get into details and we talked about at the beginning of the mystery brings us here eventually we paid ducreux peak in 2008 and two years later disappears being in 2011 which leaves a last message saying he had Last other great bullrings to Mr Nakamoto cause you've created a true wonder where we are all of lalola think that a toxin Nakamoto saints and the Japanese Japanese evidently by name but just we should not judge a book by its cover and possibly the name saints and do not deal in engine saltillo oma saints and God will give shinaka amount is a pseudonym is a nick and Santos hams and means clear thinking and quick intelligence Naqa means environment in or relationship and motorcycle may mean origin or sheath I live is meant only creator of an intelligent means It could well be the transaction and as a means vicodin Nakamoto is bitter know if he or she does not know much or maybe something else but that He flew discuss the question said before Exit Nakamoto has seen and response round nobody has seen Nakamoto warned that there are many some peculiar theories I Notice how the issue is not going to put existing theories first he thought it was a reporter called but that a reporter called joshua santos davies thought shinaka amount was a guy named michael Clear Clear michael a female student Cryptography graduated in pri legendary former Dublin came to this conclusion simply because he had analyzed 80,000 words line ups more like you I seek linguistic relations found that michael clear but is that also found the car bree kind in 2000 and bird lion isport and yet it was not neither because both denied their authorship and Neither they could be physically There were also other such Adam Penenberg worked for such fast company believed and argued that Nakamoto actually could have been one of three people or bill king vladimir oxman or wta kid that palm body because they were people linked to certain patents and domains IOC but eventually this theory It weakened the connection impossible existing between the creator names mentioned others thought it was not Martin wrong martin malvy with developer who saw in Finlandia in fact it is because it is alive and had involved in the cross-eyed in first stage development User interface but still nothing like that theory He also discovered he had very little weight to Maqaleh iniesta it was also noted and to score a lover of culture Japanese and receive Japan created bitcoins exchanger but interface as many problems was discarded because the method Mcal jazz programming was a disaster was incompatible with the Nakamoto genius of civil Adimpo Another theory that spoke donald computer O'Mahony and Michael irs bay were holy based on a series of documents visionaries who talked about the mythical jim by these Ticos and subsequently it was thought that they were they really who they were nakamoto and However, it was not He also spoke of two scholars Israeli Doreen role and warns mir and redescubrió Carrara rejected media because more They accused that accusations were and as these two accused persons having links with vicodin because a web double activity mainly or the principle that micro inc Satoshi linked yet he realize that the security systems They had nothing to do with self Satoshi as it was about relative links to a researcher security for guest accounts They also no longer go in May 2000 crepé Internet pioneer nelson launched another hat in the air Santos said another bet and now Japanese mathematician without me yeah Mochizuki something that ruled Also in February 2014 Buschmann tier lima this type unam said goalkeeper denis wood She had scoured the true born and Nagatomo and technically already It found is called or the name dorian authentic is that Nakamoto and truth is that it was a man Japanese who had met and had that name this man overwhelmed by the amount of messages that reached yy was cid even tired of calling a lawyer and here I will please belie what I am saying because the truth is that the media maintains a officer or an older gentleman who had nothing to do with the disk creation subsequently appeared later various newspapers more perishing that Asad cinema and michael weber were high and more and tocina were Mr Nakamoto There was even talk that if another high level programmer was behind the figure but nakamoto those claims and also mentioned very outlandish and were supported in The air had no foundation others came to think that it was mick a book called Swabian appear white book vicodin ambien will this avant what type and mick amos was discarded because obviously the It was not enough connections you xa early 2015 runs away and gave reports claimed that I have identified with nakamoto Australian businessman Craig pink to why a series of emails that had infiltrated and they had discovered but later discovered that all It was a joke he had not been at all these names are those thought Nakamoto was and none of them as because Nakamoto is literally a ghost but what we know of the cam or how little we know of the cam amount subtracted from interviews conducted with those with whom he shared the development of those with coin such that corrected exchanged and it's free one of those programmers with Nakamoto shared that up and what said yesterday was this saying his how to program was unconventional and the called unconventional He said he used a method totally different engineering classic was something else entirely other than that's what he said holes but there is another thing one bitcoin sales list and talk nothing said satoshi nakamoto He had made a vic mining today in its infancy something she handed him a fortune vic million with when born coin the saints and itself creates a minority of vicodin absorbing decimals in your Creeping and took a million bitcoins oy say and tell and this is a legend the saints and made himself a Fortunately thousand 200 million euros basis of this minority but this is insubstantial but also read good reason to disappear as saying even he came to work for a a government intelligence agency Foreign the truth is I had in substantiated there were rumors of all kinds cars and nobody knows who Nakamoto and after some things that neither suspect in a large behind the creation of the holy figure and have even reached think that that currency was created by someone who is as human as or asthma think my theory and I will leave here the truth is that the code is there the mythical lima these moments is much larger than its creator now maybe later a video to explain how undefeated and no You can end the band shouted tails and crypto coins or bands like overtones kiss is a nightmare for banks in fact explode banking reacting collison media will not talk IDB with him and the channel things when there is no news at Simas leave here as always We say from world unknown point they see you in the next video programs soon