Hello, I introduce measures used macbook, litecoin of mining First, download the dmg website (https://litecoin

org) years The software is now available for download litecoin wallet Second, enter the sourceforge site (Https://sourceforgenet/projects/cpuminer/files) There are more than a dozen software, select your computer processor

If you do not know your computer's processor (64bit or 32bit) Please drive retrieval software, then typing uname -a The last part of the digital file in your computer processor If this number is 64, so 64bit The number is 32, so 32bit Come back sourceforge site, download the software

Finally, add this mining site There are various mining sites, which I used litecoinpool website You must remember, two pictures here say a word Now the two are one Everything is ready

In order to open mining teminal, then typing cd Downloads chmod 755 minerd /minerd -o stratum + tcp: //uslitecoinpoolorg: 3333 -u in litecoinpool your screen name

1 -p 1