welcome back to crypto land my name is Matthew Timothy and I make daily cryptocurrency videos so if you're new to this channel consider subscribing today I want to talk about ripple funs interesting article I think you will benefit from hearing this so definitely stick around if you're into ripple let's hear it ripple is one of those crypto currencies that have prevailed world financial news at the year-end currency has attracted a lot of investors banks in financial regulators across the globe due to its reliability scalability and security today it has reached another milestone and hit an all-time high of one dollar 43 the jumping value has also increased its world ranking where by making it the third largest cryptocurrency in the world with 54 mark 54 billion dollar market gap after Bitcoin and ethereum this 20% increase in value of ripple today is due to the announcement of the consortium between SBI holding Japan in Asia with Japanese credit card companies whereby it's noteworthy that ripple and the SBI holding had created SBI Ripple Asia in 2016 but the investors did not show any interest because they were not sure about the extent that ripple will get involved in this joint venture now the announcement of the consortium shows that the Japanese credit card companies and SBI Holdings would adopt ripples blockchain technology for processing cross-border payments on the court the coin market cap shows that the news has raised the value of ripple about 20% and has made it the third largest cryptocurrency of the world with fifty four billion dollar market cap at the time of this recording ripple had already beaten Bitcoin on 22nd of December with the value of the currency jumped to $1 thirteen increased a market cap to forty-three billion dollar here it is important to mention that ripple has not beats in Bitcoin in token value obviously but has beaten Bitcoin in meteoric value this means that the currency has shown a greater increase over the year than Bitcoin people don't like to talk about this that much ripple XRP year-to-date increase was recorded seventeen thousand and eighty three percent on December 22nd as compared to bitcoins fifteen hundred and forty percent the experts are the experts are of the view that this increase is due to the announcement of large banks and financial institutions to join Ripple blockchain technology for processing cross-border payments in seconds I think ripple is great personally because it will make us a lot of money in the future I see this fight between the government and financial institutions in decentralized way of living and I think it's good to have both of them in my portfolio I'm really curious to hear your thoughts on this are you a supporter of ripple are you holding you don't have to support ripple to hold it um I guess that's what I'm trying to say here but are you holding Ripple are you supporting ripple let me know in the comments and I will have a I will finish the discussion there that was basically what I wanted to share today in this video I hope you got some value for from it if you did like the video again leave in the comment what you think about ripple and I will see you in the next video and until then stop settling and start living the coin life peace