30 second pitch: What's the 30 second pitch for Safello Why should people use you to buy into Bitcoin? We are the safest and easiest way to get into the crypto economy if you're a European customer

So, what's your sort of roadmap where you would like to see Safello go now Is that the next big plan? I mean, so we just acquired two companies One is ICBIT which was the first crypto currency futures platform in the world In 2016 we acquired them They have the order book exchange so a natural progression is into becoming an order book exchange the second one is Cryex, a company that raised over 12 million dollars would build an institutional grade crypto currency exchange

So we see this natural evolutionary path over the coming years to lead up to that one 2018 is going to be about better servers, better pricing, multi crypto support primarily, and we might have a trick or two up our sleeves