Hello, friends before getting started i would like to say a few words, about jp surveys the india's first Bitcoin, company to launch a mobile bitcoin, wallet app that enables bitcoin, transactions Using mobile number without understanding bitcoin address If you, have lost your Phone don't worry It is a pair now You can take backups and losing bitcoins with, your registration number Downloads okay from google play store and open the app Here you can, see the verification process you need a Pawn card, bank account under dress Here you can, buy and sell bitcoins You can open an order Not only you can, buy bitcoins you can

Purchase multiple crypto currencies In order so coin, we can fund directly to bank account then proceed got it Enter 10 digit mobile number that you want to register exactly then submit Here if the same is inserted in this same mobile Then you know need to enter what you people call people automatically first Then set up and are called and the end You can, upload your picture it is optional That's, who? Then pressed porky then, come back Here you can, start the trading By pathetic and silly bitcoins Before that go to dashboard and select verification And first continue verification here enter an email ad They, go to pankot Capture here picture of concord and save That enter name as part 1 and enter the pawn court date of birth gender Then proceed next Then go to ban sitting Here you cannot flirt passbook or canceled check An interior a physical and their bank, name branch name the cocoon, claim And bank account number and confirm local Deficit next it will be improving 20 That go to other capture different photo, and back photo for that one and enter order number and You registered address city illustrate another political uncertainty After submitting after submitting this all information you will be upgraded within one day Then come, back Now focus on how to train? Before you need to buy and sell bitcoins, we need to deposit money Others okay, you can deposit money in our account through this one is internet banking, which is states trade and instant And another is normal transparency get ready often i want the refectory rs of all when you can, buy bitcoins and when it grows higher you can send And we can with drama will be registered by Octo, telling this and order the money will be reflected to your honest account as soon as possible Go, back and hear you cannot depend on you to registered by the cocoon At which i verified, which is a telephone? There will be a 10 degrees down the transaction Thank you for watching this hit subscribe button, below, and leave a comment you