Returning to our reflections on Blockchain we need to give an idea of ​​how we view banking along with the development of Blockchain technology For this it is necessary to determine the key points

What is banking in general? Banking is a kind of global bureaucratic system that: 1 It collects statistical data of users; 2 The issue of money; 3 Banking is engaged in the redistribution of funds between the elements of the economic system, in the context of their daily activity; Considering that Blockchain is able to solve all this set of questions by default due to the options included in it, such as: 1 Registration on its side of contracts; 2

Issuing decentralized cryptocurrency; 3 and so on That banking, as such, will dissolve in the future under the influence of the development of Blockchain technology, precisely in the understanding that self-organization systems based on it will be created All the best! Subscribe to the channel, put likes