It's time to start talking about Blockchain to dilute all this hype with cryptocurrencies We need to start with the fact that when we talk about Blockchain we are not talking about how it is arranged purely functionally and what happens at the code level on its side because all these are engaged in the development of Blockchain technologies, we need to talk about what now no one says

Talk about how to apply this technology in the future and what prospects it has We consider this technology as the foundation for building public self-organizations according to the newest principles, which were not in the whole history of human existence We have an idea of ​​how this can be applied in practice within a particular economic system The economy of any state can be described by an inter-industry balance of product exchange and this task can be solved in two different ways Where the first of these will consist in establishing a rigid algorithm from the level of the control system, that is, from the level of that bureaucracy that will be aimed at personal reduction of the apparatus

To establish a rigid algorithm for the interaction of the elements of the system, elements of management Thus, the initiative of the people themselves will be reduced, that is, the initiative persons have much less opportunities within the framework of this algorithm, which will be assigned a hierarchically higher structure relative to them Accordingly, there will be many contradictions in the future based on this approach The second option is when the economic system will provide some central, The second option is when the economic system will provide some central, information highway, with different branches, where each branch will represent a certain point-node on the basis of which it is possible to build a variety of self-organization systems, within the framework of those algorithms that they will designate as their own forces Accordingly, from each such node will grow its own, especially individual hive of algorithmic interactions

Considering that Blockchain is a certain, more advanced stage of development in general of all information technologies, the Internet, etc, which are by and large a denial of any borders, territorial, etc Where people are distributed not according to national characteristics, but by language, by language systems, to which they belong also on the ideological, fundamental foundations within which they function in these networks Accordingly, all these points of interaction, growing out of a single node of the economic system, will not be formed on the basis of some local territories – – they will be distributed in space structures in the form of highly organized communities of networked formations We are just working on the development of such a platform, which is exactly that seed, or grain, which we must plant in the ground and give an idea of ​​how such interaction systems will function in the future

That is, we must provide a certain look at the principles of interaction of people in the formation of certain communities, on the basis of certain ideas in the framework of which they exist Now, having scrolled everything we said, let's ask ourselves a question Was there at least one word regarding the cryptocurrency, or the same bitcoin, which, in this view, in principle, there can be no question? Subscribe to our channel in YouTube, put your likes and follow our updates in social networks, the links to which will be provided in the description All the best!