In this video I show you how to create bitcoin wallet on blokcheyn why mentor because blokcheyn is the most reliable and secure Bitcoin wallet First we go to blokcheyne info Adjusts the upper unit remove wallet in the window that opens, click the button currency counterparts here we need to enter an email address and create a password Here's what our purse we now need to configure the security to do this, go to the tab Security Center we see that you are the cause of a message that an email be sent an email with instructions on how to verify e-mail address We go to the post office open letter with the letter contains a cross and had ID your wallet better not delete because the purse identifier is a username to log in press the button and we rip Congratulations, you have successfully verified your email address now we need to see the truth and lock Haydee introduce purse Now I come to the post office detailing it in allowing us should be allowed to move click a link We confirm an inquiry access permitted authorization and execution e-mail address so we affirmed the further we need fill It reserves the right to a secret she would we need if for some reason you have forgotten your login and password from your bitcoin wallet click backup roses and enter our password In the open window, we need to click on the print button to restore the sheet it will be necessary to to record his 12 words keys to recover the purse You can also record his notepad or save to your computer any text editor I recommend all the same to print it was printed version click Finish and move here we are blocks 400, we need to remember sinusitis by the last four words According to the so-introduced press save button to move here, we need to conduct the first word third button to complete the fat so we copied the phrase to restore leaf repeat, do not delete Now we need to create a password hint can be any word phrases retain So the first level is passed to the second, we need to register the phone number to enter this phone number click retain we will receive a message that it sent to the specified number is the verification code enter the code below and click the Save button Now we need to enable two-step verification It avoids the entrance of unauthorized persons and your account your wallet because in addition to user names and passwords will need to enter a code that will be sent to you on your mobile phone number you registered System offers two ways to activate remove with a mobile phone and as soon as you select an activation method you happen automatically because you have registered your phone almost all of us now it is necessary to block requests city tour is also very important to block all locked torus, and so we have completed configuring the security system and exit to the main menu push start receiving bitcoins window that opens will display the address of your wallet to which you will receive bitcoin