Hello, dear friends! This is a weekly review of news cryptocurrency Dash And with you leading – Julin GYS, the creator of the world of internet channel BUSINESS

Dash the course of the past week has reached a low of $ 16500 and a maximum of $ 21411 Compiled review of proposals Crypto Show and Unsung Marketing in the medical marijuana industry in the legal USA Offers allow to receive up to 12 months of continuous support from Cokrovischnitsy Dash

Long-term proposals denominated DASH due his ever-changing prices lead to large fluctuations upon conversion value fiatnuyu currency Thanks to the following proposals have been funded through the show Program 3: The radio show / podcast / video Feed the Homeless Marijuana and tour Let me remind you that the medical marihuna legal in the United States Bisq, adds Dash, faced with threats of a boycott Bisq announced that in the near future will be added Dash on the platform as the base currency

This solution irritates other crypto community, who intend to boycott Bisq, for example, representatives of the Litecoin and Monero Companies that take the Dash, repeatedly received threat Editorial Digexclub decided to compile and synthesize available information by Dash, as well as to analyze the available information on future developments On the basis of this material to be released short cycle articles and translations, which will form the basis of a larger work

Bittrex Exchange Trade adds a couple USDT-Dash Upcoming events in the world of Bitcoin can lead Dash to the further strengthening of the markets Currently, Bitcoin seems, is on the way to implement Segwit: 100% last extracted signal blocks for support This can ultimately help Dash Read more in the article, a link in the description

Bitcoin Cash: The new coin on Blokcheyne Bitcoin Cash is almost identical except for Bitcoin a few important differences Bitcoin Cash offers a block size of 8 MB Bitcoin Cash will not sell or Segwit option Replace-By-Fee (replacement transaction with high commission) in its blokcheyne Bitcoin Cash is also planning to introduce protection against conflicts between blokcheynami Bitcoin to funds They could not be stolen or erased from a competing chain

Against Bitcoin Cash Dash The paper presents specific differences The block size, the second layer of the network, a control mechanism, ease of use and control of implementation The market will determine which is best cryptocurrency Satoshi meets revolutionary views Square project is a strong competitor in the POS market for a small sector of mobile business

They offer an easy-to-use system, which integrates with other software and provides the necessary functionality to the growing small businesses How can use Dash? The simplest solution – to use the app on a tablet or phone connected to a "wallet for storing" and enter information about it in the POS system manually, as described by reference to the Square project forum As the "other" payment option The largest Bitcoin mixer stops working and recommends that users switch to Dash To buy "something such" you can use Dash or Zerocoin Bitcoin does not

Cryptocurrency of the top five in the market, Dash – the only one who offers a built-in function, which provides anonymity Dash stood out for a good week Dash was back above $ 200 and returned to the top 5 leading cryptocurrency Dash growth rates caused by the positive news The most important news is the fact that Apple has recently approved Dash, as a consequence cryptocurrency was made the App Store

a detailed review was made of the decentralized system Dash-based management blokcheyna Dash decentralized management based on blokcheyna It consists of three components: a proposal to vote, approves offers This article explains the following questions: how and where to apply proposals, preliminary discussion of the proposals, updates on past and current offerings problems with the process The man explains in detail what cryptocurrency Dash in general and in particular Detailed interviews down to the last detail – whether you can buy Bitcoin for a loaf of bread and milk? Link to interview in the description

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