Hello everyone today I want to tell to you about the new project is called it carries protocol in just a couple of hours he coming out on the site hobby prime specialized area for holding a hobby market sunset for us is not really there is enough interesting sight seriously tough qualifying requirements you need keep your funds in not really reliable exchange it is just not on long enough and in fact you get not very small volume for personal investment then still need will compete with different software devices or in common scripts in connection with which for us is not particularly interesting, I would like talk a little bit more directly about the visa project protocol you probably heard of such coins as tapas that are known from kids or ttr teaser like you anything and and here and fax or for example manicure dow that is, all these coins are needed for one in addition to providing convenient settlement process between people they are also needed to avoid volatility inherent in everyone like this currencies yes that is, recently we have bitcoin let's say it grew from 3000 to eight which is not quite convenient for calculations and taking indulged too suggests creation but you literally but naturally with my own the differences as for the project itself, it represented by two turbines first called reserve rsv and 2 rights rsr the difference between them is that the first is actually the same art and letter n he pegged to the dollar goes one to one then there is collateral goes fiat funds in dollars rights is a trading token for him will sell venues both prime and exactly he will bargain accordingly its price is determined by the market what we will talk about a little later like me and said significantly assumed dollar peg however, the company's strategy has already been laid a different model that is during the development of the project creation of your basket is supposed various assets be it gold silver other essential currencies ie

diversified portfolio which will avoid volatility inflation and provide real the stability of this currency beyond that should be told directly about protection mechanisms ie white paper clearly describes all the procedures that will be when the price rises, what will happen when lowering prices what what will happen take a project if there is a spread and so on in all this will help just like that i have pcr which performs the task exactly maintaining stability Tokina lucky it should be noted that the model company focused on country the third world that is the country where is high probability of falling national currency that is, I am devaluing the project team assumes that their tokens will be enjoy just such citizens of those countries where currency can fall to their purchasing power is essentially not decreased naturally it is not clear how it is will be realized in the future as far as In principle, this currency will be in demand and so on nevertheless it is their main strategic goal is our task only follow the development of the project and opportunities naturally help him partners are very important In this case, the partnership with the VAT as you know n bass can be called some provider between cryptocurrency we real market she lets you directly behind cash and non-cash funds for real money to acquire somehow currency that in some way affects whole masada zilch and if n bass adds some project for example preserve protocol it not only highlights him among the total mass of the project in which there are two and a half thousand but also allows him to achieve a certain influences among basically stay balconies a this essentially affects the whole structure the market will further affect its shopping is not rsr so in addition in this case despite the fact that he himself sat down for us really not really is interesting in mind as I described above qualification requirements view this idea as trading as at least for the next two or three days therefore let's look further metrics and in general the results of previous projects metrics we are aiming for fast again big x and new grand interest by profitability the project generally involves 3 million dollars the price is what 1 what's the second round almost two and a half times lower than valuable spit check all in initial circulation is assumed to be 3 25 percent of the total compass this is this is an additional simple motivator prices limited offer and personal cap for each participant 2000 dollars if we consider participation in the project in terms of the trade idea then naturally stands still pay attention to previous projects this is newton and and the top of it stands here say only one thing that they both showed about the same result is 450 five hundred and fifty percent yield I think this is not the scene and oh a start scene trades in general more than once its also same within 3 days from the start of bidding due to anything what is interesting enough trading the idea that is, we see here that in the first that in the second project high yield don't forget high income due with great risks so treat this is attentive and in no way buy on the market put some limit put a stop loss and if you still intend to get into these trades if we consider this project in any way flip story as more or less long-term investment in this case should not forget that the year 2018 showed us a clear trend when technologies are not particularly driving by force when much more important marketing advertising promotion then In this case, if in terms of technology all clear I understand how they represent themselves how will they live like not be tested and so on plan marketing situations are so clear hope that partnerships the same finn more capital coinbase help the project with this ie in terms of different listen gav promotion will still hopes that n bass will add this spread to yourself that will have really serious influence on his promotion in general however i highly recommend to you follow the development of this project and self study it is important here understand that I do not give any trading signals and some recommendations for buying or selling I share my thoughts about the project I give you useful information so leave comments form your opinion useful links in description Nice to see you, make a subscription, bye