So Hello video show today how to add funds to Kriptonatore (Cryptonator) and transfer the money to in some cryptocurrency on Example Ripple (XRP) Here is Kriptonator multi-purse in which enough cryptocurrency presented, I think you can always find something here that currently right, you can enable, disable for ease of use

here I will replenish the account through Ripple, because it directly on Yandex Currently that here they do not work here You can also top up via directly with VISA cards, but I twice this almost never used me there is something sboilo the benefit of the money did not disappear returned More in this way I will not use I will fill up dollar account, as I have on Payeer open foreign currency account, although in principle surely you can do and the ruble first means replenish Payeer, replenish We'll be with Yandex money

Recharge is possible through the exchangers Presented exchangers I'm used to I enjoyed it here although there exchanger course and not always profitable, that is, if you look at You can find other exchangers povygodnee I went here already introduced I will administered about 5000 But if for the first time using this Please note there is really will have to wait a couple of days but as I previously it used many times I must pass all fast enough Come on, then enter Yandex your purse, enter Payeer purse enter your e-mail go

We enter the payment password, I use KeePass to store passwords very comfortably Money gone anyway there is something zaglyuchil forward, back to the video when all of us It succeeds So well, it took a little less minutes we already have on our dollar bill Now fill up a purse Kriptonatora Naturally, the Commission will charged, etc etc

we lose a little bit replenish the account, choose the amount seventy-eight bucks say They mean less Adjust rovnenko huh? about how, well ka would get? Come on come on oh here It can no longer be okay ok we will update your account then we all zeroed on banker – yes

Now We translate all the dollars in Ripple Well, that an example can be repeated here connect any sufficiently wide and to spectrum cryptocurrency transfer In this case, I choose Ripple exchange We obtain 40 Ripple (XRP) The course is not very profitable yes? Although it will be necessary to see the principle of it is now about $ 2 although yes it seems well, of course Kriptonator Statement It takes part, in principle, of course

All gone Everything happens instantly We joined the expense of its basically all and It is happening Thank you, everyone till