Hello, today we are diagnosing Asic antminer D3 brought to our service center because of losing network connection I’ve already made all preparations for investigation

We can notice 3 hash boards here, the distance among them is wider and heat sinks appeared on the backside of the board Ive just removed the sticker and all contacts that were hidden emerged Moreover they are for screw clamps allowing you to ease the process of hash board powering and to avoid 6-pin burnout that frequently occurs 6-pin burnout leads to power short circuit, negative conductors and plume burnout You can notice mosfets, transducer and qualitative capacitors

The chips are situated at multi-layered contact pads It helps to diagnose chips through ordinary tester Well, the control board is similar to L3+, It's a single-board this one single board can be easily bought separately Of course it wont be called ant miner and it’s possible for it to have any other title And at the cross-board you can see voltage regulators and engine protection diode circuit and beeper

In a single board we are investigating powering system, its presence and matching to nominal values of processor and memory If some defects are found, we eliminate them immediately, no matter whether it is power supply regulator problem or damaged ceramic capacitor, it doesn’t matter It happens because of the over-voltage or control contact closure at fan’s connector If we transfer 12 volt to input and to WFM (wide-band frequency modulator) output it’s devastating a single board and processor The same case affected this model

The attempt to make the circuit may fail and in tis case it leads to control board destruction Thank you for watching our video! If you have any problems, please let us know and we will fix them as soon as possible