Examination of ACIS antiminer L3+ is on the agenda today We can face the same common problems like other versions have such as a 6-pin connector burnout

This model also has special contact pads that are responsible for screw clamp connection to power the system directly without using 6-pins So you can avoid burnout of contacts and connectors There are no radiators at the board downside so as it contains 4 hash boards That’s the main distinctive feature of this version that is different from ASIC S9 which includes 3 boards Absence of radiators makes cooling system work worse, because the chip on the other side is cooling naturally without any additional help

We can observe qualitative capacitors right here and less amount of mosfets caused with а lower level of energy consumption Chips are checked through the usage of contact pads that are cross-cutting and can be easily seen They allow to control chip’s appropriateness Chips are glued to thermal conductive base that can be destroyed under heating You can remove radiator and install a new chip

Take another part of thermal glue and heat it to the temperature of 200 °C afterwards it becomes solid and can not be moved The control board is a little bit different than S9 We can observe portable single computer with PLC standard connectors for removal It can be released not only by antminer and can be bought at the market separately So it’s common single board computer installed to this cross board that includes all the powering sources, protective circuit, blocking diode, hash board plume, fan connectors and powering connectors

So it’s a little chance for something to be burnt out except the powering sources that this single board providing energy to As a result it’s a typical simple block Thank you for watching this video! If you have any problems, please, contact us and we will help you