Diagnosis of ASIC S9, miner’s best friend, is in our service centre today The main problem the user can face is the burnout of wires in 6-pin power connectors

Because of the contact breach some conductors become inoperative over time It invokes local overheating of wires and contacts adhesion of negative and positive conductors power short circuit If a negative contact burns down earlier, it definitely effects control plume and all negative contacts in it These are the most common problems occurred By its nature ASIC S9 is quite reliable and can perform its function well

Under the sticker removed we can see contact pads that perform powering function through the screw connector so to get rid of all insecure parts The best variant for those who want to get high level of security is to use these contact pads and fasten power supply solid The second case appearing frequently is board burnout cased with short circuit in chipchain What is more the burnout of the current-carrying contact inside the board these dark lines that Im showing called tracks breakage among layers is hard to restore The boards being damaged in such way are likely to be non-restorable, but some burnouts of superficial conductors are possible to be repaired

Here are specialized contact pads for every chip Managing its voltage you can check chip integrity, evaluate which chip is necessary to be replaced Chips are changeable, you can heat the radiators at both sides High temperature destroys specialized thermal glue and the radiator can be easily removed, we take an old chip out and paste a new one the same way This thermal glue is outstanding material that becomes soft under first heating attempt

After some time it keeps solid and if you are taking another attempt to warm it up, as a result you will destroy it, so you can’t use thermal glue twice We have already finished hash board diagnosis and are going to take into consideration control board’s issues Control board is an ordinary single-board computer, that’s why it contains the same elements such as ethernet controller, processor, memory , fan ports, the main contact that manages speed of the rotation of the blower fan and the second contact If you want to use this board with immersion cooling you need install the jumper between 2 contacts instead the fan connector You must not turn the fan off if you use an air cooling because it burn ASIC completely

Using an air cooling you can overclock it to 18 TH it depends in batch got, and using immersion cooling to 20-21 TH The capacitors can sometimes let it down Thank you for watching, if you have any problems, please, let us know and we will help you