ASIC L3 + by BITMINE with standard settings with standard firmware already running four minutes from the time of inclusion in principle it warmed up his power consumption is now 760 on average 765 flash it with our firmware wait 90 seconds after he sewed workers do not change additional interface appears, more extended here you can exhibit frequencies for each board separately plus make the maximum power down also there is an automatic setting economically and maximum overclocking at maximum hashrate with automatic overclocking either power down logs of his work will be displayed here, as he sets it up from which board gives what increase it will start now look at its power consumption here it starts to run accelerate all standard workers remain now he has a standard speed and we let's see energy consumption already almost scored just a couple of minutes in principle, almost full speed at the same time, our power consumption drops 20 percent plus or minus in more refrigerated specialized indoors this value is much greater that is up to 680 watts what gives lower temperature on chips less load respectively, the durability of ASIK