Good day dear friends, in this video we tell what blokcheyn, how it works and why need blokcheyn technology Before you start to define the term, let us define why blokcheyn is so high the level of interest? It's simple: the technology – not that other, as a revolutionary a new method of data storage and transmission – without intermediaries and other difficulties inevitably arise when handling with money, information and documents

So, what is blokcheyn? Blokcheyn – is a database built on certain rules and continuous information sequence blocks The literal translation from the English language exactly mirrors the essence of the term – "chain blocks" For the first time such a distribution of the data used in practice in 2009 to create the world's first cryptocurrency – Bitcoin Due blokcheynu all Bitcoin transactions occur without intermediaries and in safe mode, ie the user to the user It provides fast transaction – without you need to pay the banks and payment systems for mediation services In a broader sense it is blokcheyn a method for secure storage and transmission of any information blocks, for example: • remittances; • contracts, transactions and contracts; • confidential information; • property rights; • personal data of the citizen; • any other files that require preservation and check

Home "feature" of this technology is that information is stored somewhere in one place and distributed on all computers networked However, access to registry operations with encrypted blocks have all users For example, all transactions are stored in Bitcoins publicly available on the resource Block Explorer Globally blokcheyn steel technology actively develop and use in 2014 Now these projects are investing billions dollars, and in all the major companies have established specialists in the study of this technology

Each block of information in blokcheyne protected by encryption Access to data is only the user who there is a secret key of this record The blocks are connected in series via complicated mathematical algorithms, wherein each individual segment is connected preceded and has a mark corresponding since its inception 2 So, how does blokcheyn? With the chain units each user at any time easily share with others any valuable data

Access to them will be the only one who has private key Of course, in theory, such a key can steal from your computer or other media by third parties, but after all the money you can also steal the attackers However, keep the code much easier and simpler than the physical values Let's see how it works on the example of the transmission blokcheyn money from one person to another in stages: 1 Transfer transaction to the network example, Andrew, citizen Russian, wants to transfer money to Misha, who lives in another country

Use the services of banks Andrew categorically He wants – it does not like the size of the commission He decides to take blokcheynom and conveys its transaction in a network of peer computer nodes The next stage – the formation of a new transaction block Online this transaction is confirmed by special algorithms and formed into a new block – unit of the general chain The new operation is added to the end of the existing circuit, obtains a reference to a previous link and timestamp This creates a new and unique unit

It then blocks all subscribe to verify system participants New blocks are sent to test all participants system, each puts them in its database This database exists on all computers simultaneously Adding a new block is automatically and simultaneously It is reflected in the general register Contact unit 4 in step The new chain block has a unique signature (in a number of other units) and becomes part of updated system containing information on all transactions This information is available to all, but block the content itself – Only the people to whom it is intended

The next step – the final step of the transaction Misha gets translated by blokcheynov system He has a unique key that gives them access the contents of the cell Remittances – just one of hundreds of options technology applications In the next section we consider the most popular sphere Use blokcheyna Where and how can technology be used blockchain In theory, the technology is applicable to any type of activity, where the risk of fraud is present, distrust or errors data transfer

Consider the most promising and effective ways to use blokcheyna 1 Administration Blokcheyn networks in this case, It plays the role of the key store and invulnerable lists users who have the right of access to any data – servers, terminals, ATMs network Technology protects against hackers, bugs server, network hacking and eliminates the problem of a "single Administrator " 2

Storage of digital certificates Cryptography reliably protects information from unauthorized reading, modification, distribution Because certificates are not stored on servers, and network access them illegal access is not possible, as well as to intercept user passwords 3 Confirmation of ownership and transfer confirmation property rights will become simple, almost instantaneous and security operations, if applied to this area blokcheyn technology Suffice it to a person who has access to your unit, make blokcheyn in new information, and information on ownership spread throughout the system

4 Create DNS With the help blokcheyna distribution Domain names in the network will be absolutely safe No DDoS-attacks will no longer be afraid of no ordinary citizens, either financial or government organizations 5 Identification and verification of access rights Already, some companies are using advanced blokcheyn to identify their customers, employees and user systems

The use of "block chains" is much cheaper and more efficient than any other means of protecting data and confirm access rights How can I make money on blokcheyne It is clear that – blokcheyn technology – a promising sphere, investments which promise a multiple of profits We offer five of the most simple and clear business ideas, based on the use blokcheyn technologies Idea 1 The introduction of technologies blokcheyn successful companies Now blokcheyn technology only uses the most advanced companies of tomorrow will enjoy everything

Themselves blockchain programs and algorithms – expensive and difficult thing to implement, but to go against progress – our own peril In the end, all the major banks and companies will move to "smart deal": it is better to do it sooner and get odds If you have blokcheyn development and access to financial technologists organizations, you have a good chance to profitably sell their services Emphasizes the fact that the work without intermediaries – it is profitable and will save companies more than one million in year Business Idea 2

Issue of tokens and exchange cryptocurrency (ICO) Now in the digital space – hundreds of different cryptocurrency You can develop and implement their own virtual money a simplified version of the algorithm of actions is as follows: 1 ICO-team rasprodaot everyone to digital tokens – devices to authenticate users and ensure data security Tokens sold for Bitcoins, and other popular laytkoiny cryptocurrency or even fiatnye (real) money

2 New cryptocurrency issuance, after which it is used as an internal calculation means a project or sold on the stock exchanges cryptocurrency The main task is to inspire confidence and enthusiasm potential investors To do this, the project should be completely legal, transparent and open Otherwise the idea is too similar to another financial pyramid

Tokens in their functions a bit like the stock and estimated future dividends, but unlike of the securities does not provide legal ownership to share in the future of the project However, investors buy them not because of personal sympathy the organizers They hope to get a quick and high profits ICO projects are based on a wave of rapid interest cryptocurrency For one cryptocurrency produce and acquire other cryptocurrency them others

Business idea 3 Kriptovalyutnoe loans Loans cryptocurrency gaining more and more popularity in the active user environment modern technologies There are existing decentralized platforms that give kriptovalyutnye loans to all comers Loan funds borrowers used either to buy tokens ICO, or for trading on the stock exchanges cryptocurrency Business Idea 4

The opening of the stock exchange or Bitcoin payment services The network already has dozens kriptovalyutnyh exchanges, and on each of them are rotated each day hundreds exchanges, purchases, sales and other manipulations Each deal brings the owners of certain exchanges interest: they are paid only for the fact that they provide platform for trading Number of payment services Bitcoins, esters and other Digital Currency is also growing by leaps and bounds Even bookmakers and pizza delivery firm They began to accept Bitcoins It's time to join in the trend and open up its network resource, running on safe and innovative blokcheyn technologies

Business Idea 5 Registering a copyright or legal rights blokcheyne Another version of the service, "Chain" working on the technology While such sites a little, but their popularity is inevitably grow If you start a competent promotion now, a year from customers It will not rebound ——————————————— To sum up, we can say

that in the near future "block chain" imbued in all spheres of human activity, as Blockchain – a promising trend for earnings and investment funds But while modern computers are not able to provide blokcheyny computing power in the right amount Therefore, prior to the widespread implementation of the system is still far away Against this we have everything we told and given basic information blokcheynu definition If you have additional information on this subject, then write them in the comments

Also, you can always find more information on our channel and in the description below the video Place the husky and subscribe to a channel Good luck to you and profitable investment