Hello, dear investors My name is Vladimir

Our company “Mining Farm #256” is involved in mining of cryptocurrency The full name of the company is «Blockchain Mining Farm #256» We are looking for the investments to create a big mining farm, based on the powerful infrastructure of USSR’s former plant The max number of mining devices we can seize is 3000, but we can start with 100 or 500 items for the beginning At the moment we have already prepared the infrastructure for 30 mining devices by ourselves

There are 6 mining devices (36 video cards) already established By the end of 2018 we plan to place 20 mining devices (120 video cards) and by the end of 2019 30 mining devices (180 video cards) will be put into operation by ourselves We have a great desire and ambitions to grow up and develop our business Because of this we have already prepared additional rooms, staff and infrastructure and acquired a lot of vital knowledges The one thing we still need is finances

We can mine either the most profitable coins of nowadays, or the most popular ones, such as Bitcoin Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Monero, Zcash etc Our current hashrate is 930 MH of Ethereum or 12000 MH of Zcash As you may see, the system is working stably under the permanent monitoring of our qualified staff Let’s see what is already prepared and put into operation at the moment Here you may see the six mining devices situated on the racks, which are designed to accommodate the 30 ones

We have already tested a lot of types of video cards and may confidently state the most appropriate ones are Sapphire from AMD and Gigabyte from Nvidia They seem to work stably which is the vital characteristic for this type of operations The most important advantages of expensive video cards are power reserve and quality of cooling system, as those define their term of use, while the cheap video cards contain unreliable cooling system, which cause the permanent breakages and, as the result, the low efficiency of their functioning The current room of 40 square meters has been fully repaired and put into operation During the reparation the linoleum has been laid and the walls with the ceiling have been brought to a proper state (plastered, painted and so on)

The power supply system is designed to handle the max loads and is produced from the quality materials only 3 phase electricity is established and every phase carries its own distributed load Every power line has its own dedicated power stabilizer Also the fire safety system and the alarm system with the dedicated staff are established At first we planned to use “permanent” kind of UPS (uninterruptable power source), but then decided to switch to powerful stabilizers from “Укртехнология” (Ukrtechnology) as the price is the same for both, while the efficiency of stabilizers is much more higher

We have already established 3 stabilizers, one for each phase of the circuit, and have the stabilization power of 60 kilowatt, which can be easily increased if necessary At the beginning in a case of just a few mining devices we used ventilators for the cooling We have tried a lot of different ones The advantage of small ventilators is a low level of noise, while the advantage of the big ones is that they are able to purge a bigger amount of the air through the room, so the cooling process becomes more efficient Finally we have decided to use the “Weiguan” ventilators 400 mm in diameter, because they are able to provide the appropriate blowing stream and the noise level is tolerant

If to use some additional regulators, you may decrease the level of the noise closely up to zero After the increasing of the amount of mining devices we have migrated to the air conditioners We have chosen the one named “Tosot” with a capacity of 7 kilowatts This is quite enough for the current amount of the devices If there are 20 mining devices in the room, we will just establish one more the same air conditioner

This kind of air conditioners has a low noise level, high efficiency and the ability to restart itself if there is a power outage Also he does not humidify the air, which may be dangerous for the mining devices We use a professional approach to creating the infrastructure and mining system We are ready to answer the questions you’re interested in Waiting for your appeals and inquiries!