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My name is Miguel and I welcome you to Crypto Sphere, in this video I'm going to show you how to earn free coins with stellar lumens in Coinbase Earn and I hope you like this video and if so please give me a like it really helps me grow the channel and if it helps you also the video and you feel that others can benefit please share it with beiges as you know has launched an educational program on crypto currencies specific that allows you to earn crypto coins while learning about them from a simple and attractive way and the main objective of coin beige is make block set technology more accessible both in the sense of make the appointment at an age easier to understand as well as make this possible and with this program the general idea of ​​ecoembes is that you can discover how crypto specific currencies work while you also get some of that crypt coin to prove it for yourself for yourself same so this is a good opportunity for those looking diversify your cryptocurrency portfolio or get a better understanding of crypto currencies or just looking to enter alcoy without spending money now block same puntocom also offers crypto free coins for its users by completing and validating your profile by that you can earn up to 25 dollars for free in fact in the second part of This video will see what is the process to follow so you can get those free crypto coins also through the dotcom game blog now unfortunately I know that many people will not be able to benefit from these free coins since they have had problems with coin page in the past some have not been able to register from their country of residence and others have had some negative experiences personally I have not had problems with coin beige but I know that doesn't mean you don't have problems but if you are among those who do have the possibility or can open a It has a coin page from where you live I hope this video will help you As you can see, he has created educational videos to teach you about different crypto coins and after watching each of these videos you will receive a single questionnaire to prove what you have learned and you will receive 2 dollars in xl m in your coin wallet for each video you complete up to a total of five videos later at the end of those five videos will show you a link single reference through which you can earn another $ 40 additional lm inviting friends to complete these excellent push-ups can be used up to four times so you can win ten additional dollars for each time one of your referrals uses the link and watch at least one video among the five lessons I will put my link to reference in the video description and in the comments section for please ask you to use milín as a way to help me support this channel and for you to register and start earning cry free coins in addition to xl m6 offers the possibility as you will know how to win free kryptos with other crypto you give completing different mini courses which already I covered in a previous video that you can see here from the notification that you appears up here and although some of these black crypto may not be available because they sell out pretty quickly or have you said that with the time plans to add more educational content as well as the possibility also to win other crypto currencies which is a great way to learn about different crypto currencies then how do you get subscribed free coins Well, the first thing you should do is log in to coin veis now if you are using someone else’s referral code click on it before start section create an account which you can do from this page once you're here you will click where it says win 50 xl dollars my start section and also say that for new users who sign up for a cohen veis account continue to offer 10 Dollars in free bitcoin when you register and deposit in your account 100 dollars for this you can use my link which you have in the description of the video and in the comments once you log in we see that we have zero of six tasks completed to earn these 50 dollars of xl m let's go down and we can see the first lesson from which we should start to win these first two dollars which we have to watch a video of a duration of two minutes before starting it is worth mentioning the fact that you can adjust the video speed from here to be able to watch the video faster if you wish so well let's start with the first lesson answer the first question well this is easy is a protocol decentralized that unites the world financial structure the selection masters if we click on next well we have already won the first two dollars in xlm let's go for the next lesson we are going to answer this second question what is stela lumens used for This is also simple to facilitate universal and low-cost payments ok let's go for the next choice well let's see what is the question of this lesson because it is stellar good for send remittances of the answer is that the transactions are fast economic and global let's click next ok think about the correct answer and let's go for the next lesson stellar here the answer is the first to issue exchange and transfer tokens quickly and efficiently

We will click next, perfect now let's go for the last lesson well the last questionnaire how does the consensus protocol of stellar this is simple is based on the cooperation of trusted nodes for confirm the transactions we are click on next well every time we complete a video we respond correctly to questionnaire the xlm arrive at your Coinbase account and how do you see this completed Mini course takes just over 5 minutes to receive is subscribed coins free and once you complete the questionnaires as I said shows you this referral link which allows you to earn 10 dollars when you share it up to four times with family friends or followers which will allow you to earn for each of them 10 dollars in xl and a Once they use that link and log in, watch a video and complete the less a questionnaire you will receive your 10 dollars for each of them in xl m This is how you get free subscribers with coin page by following this process step by step now we go with the second part of this video in which I am going to show you how to get stellar volume for free through blogs at puntocom blogs has partnered with stellar hair mind foundation and what they are doing is to give 125 million dollars in stela lumens or xl my here on the site blog website in claim that the reason for this drop help build a larger community of cryptocurrency users and for those who were not familiar with stellar check out look at one of my previous stellar videos in which he explained that it is stellar and I show you the basics and stories of the project now after what What you do with your crypto free coins is entirely up to you already whether you exchange them or make a goal of it since for me it is a excellent way to diversify your portfolio or for those new to the space to get into the assault coins well then how do you get your estelar x lm free well what they want you to do is complete your profile the wallet in blogs at puntocom at the gold level or alcohol level so what you must do is come here to this blog website in puntocom which you have the link in the video description and sign up so let's click here from this page where he says get free credits well once here in this window it tells us to enter the data of our ballot and our password but assuming we have no account with block change here in the upper right where says create one now right here in this window let's introduce our email a password and we confirm that password after we click here in this box where we accept the terms of service and then we are going to click to create my wallet well after this you are going to Receive an email asking you to confirm your email account electronic with block change puntocom after you have confirmed you are going to come to this website and you will start section once you log in to your block change wallet may automatically show you this window where he asks you to complete your profile to get those 25 dollars of Stellar free but if it does not appear do not worry because we have two others options the other option is to come here to this top right in this banner where there is a button where it says get my crypto coins for free you do click here and go to the next step and the third option is to come here to the part bottom left where it says configuration in configuration you do click profile and from here you have the option update your profile to the level with level so to do this you click here in this button to update your profile and go to the next step comes to Then it will ask you to enter some different personal information that include the name of your country your name your surname your date of birth and your address details so I'm going to skip this part and I'm going to complete This step will now ask you to confirm that it is you therefore it tells you that you are going to need an identity document at this stage and you are going to need to make a self and therefore that identity document can be a identity document issued by a government as a passport a permit of driving or a national identity card after this you will be asked to activate your camera and your microphone and then you do click on continue ok now at this stage it tells you that it's time to show off what best possible and that for security reasons this session can be recorded by so now you must have the document ready and then it will ask you for the country that issued the document you put here the country and here it tells you to choose the identity document you wish to use to identify yourself and tell you that will match your face and get a photo ID and you ask as I said before what kind of document are you going to use so you click start on my part I will continue I will take my picture and on an image of my driving license so I will not show this part for privacy but then it will inform you that your request is complete and that you have successfully sent your request well as I told you before here shows us that the application has already been completed so which tells us that a blog support member at this time checking your information therefore what happens next is that it says you'll have again news of them in the next five business days and if the document looks a little strange then they can ask you to upload another form of identification then they also tell you that once your profile has been successfully verified they will send you subscribed free coins therefore the process as you have seen only it took a few minutes to complete and once you have verified your identity they are going to deposit the 25 stellar dollars for free in your wallet now I personally don't know if it will take five days to complete the process of Verification so that later the amount of between 25 to 50 stellar dollars x clm in my stellar wallet in the blog account & dot I say between 25 or 50 dollars because the minimum amount I think is 25 dollars for there are people who have said they have received 50 dollars in this drop so he didn't mention a specific amount because the amount may vary and about the waiting process you have heard that there are people who have waited several days and others in a matter of 10-15 minutes have Received the notification with the verification of your wallet and the income of the 25 between the 25 and 50 dollars of wake of which m is his ceip puntocom blog wallet after this of course mention that this process will not be for everyone probably not for the most bitcoin purists or for those who do not want to enter their identity because this process obviously destroys your privacy therefore keep in mind that you are sharing your personal data by taking this step but if I questions if it's worth identifying to win some free stellar good that's up to you because that's how you can get your x clm so free well I hope you liked this video today and it has been for help if so please leave me a like and if you want to see more videos of cryptocurrency analysis tutorials and relevant content then subscribe of the bell buildings you can also take a Look at this playlist that appears above with other content interesting that I created previously also do not forget to share this video and use my lens referred in the video description thank you to visualize take care and see you and hear soon bye