Bitconnect reinvest, Bitconnect loan, crypto talk, coinbase irs instead of giving you a fancy introduction that you don't want to watch I'm going to give you the bait click BitConnect model of the day Angela, lights camera action what is good people welcome back so yes today there has been some wacky news of the New York City Department of Education staffer caught mining Bitcoin well he finally was sanctioned this had happened in the past other than that the battle is heating up with coinbase on the IRS first I'm going to bang out this BitConnect reinvest so yeah $5010 dollar loan was done yesterday so two days first reinvest 63 actually the total amount is sixty and change I believe as far as what I was what I received 63 interest of 1

3 so that is dope and I'm happy about that alright so yeah let me bang out this reinvest real quick and get to this news this is this is some funny some funny business you know I'm not really really surprised I guess it's just a matter of time before this starts happening okay so you have 299 days, confirm, good to go and now let's have a quick look at this I think this is hilarious but at the same time as a taxpayer, I mean Im not in New York tax but still if we got an employee of New York City's Department of Education has been disciplined after being caught mining Bitcoin on his work computer according to a recently published disposition from New York City city of New York conflicts of interest Board Department employees at Vladimir Ilyayev's admitted to mining Bitcoin between for a period of several weeks between March and April so it was only about a month Bitcoin mining is an energy extensive process which we all know Vladimir Ilyayev is said to have installed mining software that ran at night while we monitor progress from his home the document which includes a signature from Vladimir Ilyayev along with those from NYC Education Department the document states Iran Bitcoin mining software on my work computer from 6 pm until 6:00 am

every night from March 19th so April 17 so a little bit under a month when my Bitcoin mining software was shut down by the Department of Education division of structural and information technology the board sanctioned Vladimir Ilyayev so he didn't get fired to get laid off they didn't get put on suspension they'd a sanctioned them for violating city statues that related that relate to using City time and resources from Explorer financial gain through though in the end he was required to forfeit four days of paid leave so I mean I wonder what he made in a month I don't know what what do you guys think like I honestly had it mind so I don't know how much you could have made in that month but it doesn't sound like it's maybe worth the six hundred eleven dollars but then again you never know I mean that was back in 2014 and this took a long time to catch up huh so yeah I mean he just got a little snack on the wrist if you ask me four days paid leave and they also state that this wasn't the first time this has happened either a network engineer reportedly try to run mining software in this Department of Education the Department of Education guys or girls they're uh they're naughty man yeah this guy was cleared because it was no evident evidence that he obtained Bitcoin this other dude he was fined five g's play some folks probation so he felt oh he felt the wrath and then um let's move on to this coinbase IRS battle this is quite interesting and by the way the sources coined us calm so the IRS on Alosi seemed to be it seemed to be losing this idle in a sense I don't know all the details I haven't followed this case from beginning to now but you know they're saying 14,000 coinbase customers could be affected by IRS could be maybe possibly digital currency exchange startup coinbase is pushing back against a renewed core effort by the IRS to obtain information on some of its customers earlier this month IRS sought to narrow the scope of the investigation sounds to me like they were shooting for the moon shooting for the stars and trying to fall short of the moon or something I don't know but yeah I mean it says that basically the dispute dates back to November when the tax agency first went to court in a bid to obtain user records from coinbase from 2013 to 2015 ultimately the IRS told the court it would limit its investigation limit investigation keywords I see two customers who have conducted at least 20,000 in business so they're going after the up to the whales I had the small fish you they're all set they don't got to worry about it yet in July 27th in a July 27 court filing colombia's argued that request remains overly broad amounting to little more than fishing expo expedition at the expense of lawful taxpayers rather than cirrus investigation effort investigative effort indeed one angle of the argument against IRS summons is the tax agency is primarily interested in pushing back against criticism of its digital currency policies law lawyers for corn-based wrote in their opposition filing the IRS under pressure from critics in Congress the General Accounting Office and the Treasury Department of all who all of whom have called the IRS to develop better policies rules data and procedures with regard to digital currency tax reporting decided to issue a John Doe summons to coinbase in an attempt to show the critics of the IRS was taking tough action rather than continuing to ignore the issue what coinbase goes on is saying under the narrowed summon approximately fourteen thousand three hundred fifty five account will be subject to data requests according to supplementary filing attributed to coinbase internal audit chief Jeff whatever 61 70s sixty one hundred seventy eight of those accounts had a cumulative cell send and receive excluding by of less than sixty thousand between 2013 and 2015 the startup ultimately requested that Court rejects the tax agencies petition to enforce the summons further coinbase if seeking evidentiary hearing criticizing RS for what they believe there's a lack of evidence that customers are trying to avoid taxes the government have now narrowed its requests it's like I said I'd be there like the words that stick out in my eyes no evidence to support its contentions and no explanation for why have done so the startups attorney wrote disclosure coin desk is a subsidiary of digital currency group which has ownership stake in Columbia so this is crazy I mean the battle it's like it's heating up but at the same time it's fizzling out I mean if they're narrowing their investigation and that seems to me like they're kind of losing ground so I don't know what do you guys think I mean I I use coin base now but I've been thinking about gem and I've been thinking about Exodus I'm not sure which one to go with this like you know one may have higher fees I know coinbase has higher fees because the five thousand and ten dollar loan that I just did with bit connects it cost me it costs me seventy nine I think it was to send that Bitcoin to bitconnect so I mean I wouldn't mind finding something with lower you know lower fees so maybe it's Gemini maybe it's Exodus I have I have a cracking account and I have a fit trust account right now I'm not sure which one to go with so any suggestions would be absolutely awesome so that's about it for today I'm going to get back to doing what I was doing thank you so much for watching more videos to come and subscribe hit that like button for me and hit that little bell so that way you get alert so when I go on you get the when I put my next video up you get an alert alright so thanks again for watching I appreciate it and I am out Bitconnect reinvest, bitconnect loan, reinvest bitconnect, how to bitconnect