hey guys how you doing my name is Amin and I want to do a market analysis of my favorite coin which is neo you formerly known as anxious and I'm looking at the neo versus Bitcoin Shaw on beatrix the bitter ex exchange on the charting tool I'm using is called trading Viacom the link is in the description for that it is free but they do have a subscription service as well but in all honesty guys I was using the free service for like months before I decided to upgrade and go for the premium so yeah anyway so yeah this is the the one day chart for for neo what that means is each candle represents one day so just to give you some perspective you know if we measure the time from here to where we are now we're looking at around 113 days okay so that's the the timeframes were looking at here and basically guys we can see with neo we've just been kind of steadily going on on price waves you know and we've been steadily kind of going up so as you can see here you know we went we had a nice kind of impulse move up and then we had a correction in the market the nice ABC correction down here and then we had a nice another another market cycle basically began these these are called this is called a market cycle here this is another markets like we're here that ended and then we had a nice correction down here and now guys we can basically see it looks like where we're starting another market cycle which is really exciting because as you can see you know if you if we measure the percentage gains on each one but the percentage gain on this one was over a thousand percent one thousand one hundred percent yes so to put that into perspective if you put ten thousand dollars if you bought ten thousand dollars worth of neo at the bottom here you would have ended up with a hundred and ten thousand dollars right if you just put in $10,000 there all right so this this Marcus like we're here went up to four hundred and sixty percent yeah so obviously that's kind of in hindsight glazed ass you know assuming you bought right at the bottom and so right at the top obviously you know most people aren't going to do that you need to be extremely extremely let's say fortunate to buy right at the bottom and so right the top most people will be buying around here and selling around here you know but you you'll still be making if you time things right you can still make easily like a hundred hundred hundred fifty percent me myself let me just see where I've Walker's I'll bring up my my other chart here this is one of the things about the Premium Subscription guys you can you can have loads of different chart setups already saved let me just see where I had purchased yeah here we go these ones here okay so this is where I've I've bought my knee oh okay so so far guys you can see from from this bottom line here I think I you know bought a few thousand dollars worth near here I'm already thirty six percent up from here okay from from this line here thirty percent up now so on and so forth from the top line which is the very top price that I purchased um 21% up right so it's pretty cool guys when you think about I'm just gonna get rid of this chart now because I want to I want to kind of do this analysis with you guys right from the very beginning right so first of all while we're looking at this chart the first thing that stands out to me guys is we are on a general long-term upward trend here we haven't broken down below this red line okay because this markets like we'll start here it came back down and touch base here started again and if we extend this trendline from here he came back but it did not it did not drop below this this trend line support here you see this trend line support here it maintained the support so we can say that this trend is still in very much in effect so we can we can very much kind of just extend this out as far as we want really and this this will this trend this kind of up upward road will be valid as long as this as long as this respects this trend then you know it's going to be valid right so another thing guys we can you know and other things I mean for me looking at this chart completely fresh you know there's a few things that stand out for me here I'm not going to discuss these moving averages with you on on this on this video but they do there is kind of a strong correlation with what's happening with this moving average here the the basically they're 10 day moving average is crossed over the 30 day moving average here and this is on the one day chart as well which means that we've just started a very big long term trend because as you can see now I just discuss it briefly with you here when when the one day moving average crosses it kind of just stays on that kind of upward trend you can see here I mean this had already been crossed before but it just kind of HUD's this 10 day moving average until until it starts trading below the line and then it hugs the bottom of the line until it crosses but anyway that's that's something else all together so I just want to highlight some key kind of resistance points that stood out for me and one is this former all-time high here ok if we extend it all the way out we can see this is previous all-time high yeah was acted as some support and resistance here and acted as some support here and resistance here as well but this is actually become irrelevant now because as you can see we've we've crossed this line we've crossed this area here and we crossed it with some some force because you can see here when we got above it it was it wasn't just it wasn't just no it wasn't just a timid break it was a real forceful break you can see this one-day candle was a real forceful break above this line okay so I'll just get rid of this line again so that that's significant guys and if we do come back down we're basically coming back almost towards this trendline so if we if we go another in another like couple of days time this trendline here will be above this support and resistance zone here anyway right because we're going above we're going above it right from the very base okay so another thing that kind of stands out to me is this this zone here right so you guys are now I'm moving the chart about a lot that's just the way I do things right so this line here can you see the top of this candle yeah and the bottom of this candle here and also the top of this wick here this is significant to me because if we extend it out what we can see here is this is a very significant zone that we've just crossed here all right because this area that was created here proved to be resistance here in a proof to be support here proved to be resistance here as well so on the way down this this proved to be support here you can see support one two three you see the candles didn't close below that and then as it crossed below you can see it proved to be resistance here and resistance here and resistance here it was resistance here for this big candle that we just discussed that the you know when we broke this when we broke this previous high here we've had this big candle but where did it stop it stopped at this line here you can see here you didn't close it didn't close above this line and the same thing for the next day as well we didn't close above this line and then you know then what happened we we broke above this resistance zone here this long-term support resistance on here okay and we broke through quite forcefully as you can see here this candle is quite a forceful candle and since then what happened was we had some bearish news from well there was a couple of things happen on a technical level I'll just explain to you let's bring up the 12-hour chart here yeah okay so bring this one above him okay so this is what we call the RSI guys okay and what we can see on this chart here when we got to the top the RSI on the 12-hour chart was looking extremely over over ball which means that the price is overextended it needs to you know there's there's an elastic Ian price right when it gets overextended meet needs to pull back so that's exactly what happened here right we extended price and you know it was over ball and we had to kind of pull back you know we were born the stochastic RSI here which is this is another oscillator so yeah we were basically to it basically means you're do a correction you know whether it be in the short term or long term you do a correction so that's basically what happened here moving back to the one-day chart eyes over the next two days we had a correction one two but where did we correct up to if you check the Neo chart we've corrected up to this support and resistance zone here which I had previously you know identified from this zone here right so that's basically a you know a fourth confirmation you know we had a few confirmations in here he's looking on fourth or fifth confirmation often of this zone that this support and resistance zone is is going to stick right so we're now where now where are we now with the Neo price okay we're now bouncing off this zone here this this this support line and now we're heading up in price now things are looking things are looking quite bullish for for neo right but what we need to do now is basically look at where the price could potentially find the next level of resistance right so for me I mean I'll be looking at the one day chart and I can see here this is zone right here this zone right here it looks like you know it can be it I mean most likely you can see that the number of one-day candles here that were just kind of bouncing off this zone here this is going to be a potential area of resistance right here okay all right here okay so this is on here I mean I'm expecting it to eventually get above this site in all honestly I'll explain to you why and it's to do with momentum and yeah it is to do with momentum and and volume basically right so let's just get rid of these previous support and resistance lines because I'm not – I don't like too many lines of my chart I want to keep it kind of nicely clean right so we're heading towards this line guys you know whether we like it or not we're here we're heading towards that line and where is that line that line indicates the zero point zero zero 87 you know 870,000 satoshi range right and once we get past that zone I guess you know we could be looking at this this zone here right here okay see with this candle meets this candle here and it also signifies the top of this candle here right here I would say this sign here I don't know what price that is you know it's 103 okay that 103 range is the next area and then after that we're looking at pretty much all times height highs I mean there is the zone right here that I would say would be a resistance zone but in all honesty guys what we're looking to do is kind of just as we did here is get above this zone and maybe come back and bounce off get above this zone come back bounce off and get above right that's basically what what I'm expecting to happen and I mean if we look at the bit Couric's chart goes once they can now go into markets here okay so I do my trading on beatrix the reason being is Beatrix has a lot more coins and I don't know I mean I'm more confident in bit rates than I am with baloney acts I used to do a lot more in Polonius but in all honesty the hey they kind of scare me sometimes with their the way they operate right and with their you know they're all of a sudden the way they changed their terms and conditions and so on so anyway I do basically most of my well all of my trading on bit tricks now I do I think I will go back to Polonius at some point but you know I'm quite happy to kind of stick with Beatrix right now so anyway the reason why I think neo has a good chance of not blasting through these support zones like no I'm totally expecting this to maybe go like this like that and and and on right it's gonna take days it's not going to happen immediately like this this area here took like you know through one two three four five six seven about seven days a week so the next two weeks or so I'm expecting it to kind of get above these zones here right and one of the reasons why I think near has probably the best chance of doing this out of most of the coins is the volume is consistently high guys the volume most of the time is above aetherium now right the the near volume and bearing in mind that this is a Chinese Chinese project and China you know have been spreading a lot of fun about cryptocurrencies you know burning crypto exchanges and so on and so forth and in all honesty that should the coin like neo the hardest and that that has hit etherium as well right because of the whole ICS thing but it should hit neo very very hard and it has hidden your very hard very hard and that's why we've seen this whole area here this I mean I had purchased neo here as well right then they told China an announcement of them banning the exchanges came and it hit me very hard but I held I didn't so I didn't get stopped out or anything like that I just thought because I knew eventually is coming back up right and now what we're doing here is if you look at it on the larger scale we're actually forming a cup and handle here cuz they cut this the handle and now we're heading up okay so that's a potential cup and handle it doesn't mean it's you know guaranteed you know but it's looking like it's it's you know coming out that way right so anyway so the point I'm trying to make guys is the volume with Neil is is high right you can see on the Bitcoin chart it's number one volume it's always kind of you know it listed up at the on the banner on the front on the front page right if you look at the etherium market it's like number two below q2 at the moment Q term I'm not expecting that to stay top volume like for long term this is probably having a pump it's probably you know it's a good coin don't get me wrong it's a very very good coin but I don't expect it to stay above neo for very long right because if you look here on the US dollar choice or USD t-charts the tether charts or the market neo is number two just below just below Bitcoin now you can see it's almost got double the volume the etherium has right and it all honestly guys this is just getting started so as as this pumps as this coin you know guess higher in price as you can see here on the hourly chart yeah as this kind of gets higher and higher in price and stars I'm surpassing this this high here then more and more people were going to jump in and it's gonna you know it's gonna create that whole kind of feeling of you know everyone wants to kind of jump on the train and everyone wants to kind of jump on the NiO bandwagon and you know and it's just gonna kind of more more people gonna buy it everyone's gonna think oh this is it now neo is gonna go like to the moon and you know more and more money's gonna come flooding into neo and and yet the volumes gonna kind of just push it push it higher right so that's what we're kind of looking for in in the semi long-term right now if we take a closer look at neo what's actually been happening over the last few days all right we can see like basically here over the last few days this is the hourly chart now it goes okay so we can see it when it when it was breaking out here when it was breaking out here it was just kind of forming a triangle pattern right here a really nice kind of full equal ascending triangle okay and then ascending cry was usually resolved themselves on the bullish side which he did it came out aggressive right then it came it had a nice pump all the way up okay and then what we saw again was the same thing happening here we had a nice ascending ascending triangle okay again like I said these usually when you look at the percentages these usually resolve themselves on a bullish side which it did again he came out aggressive right and you can even you know if we look at the 30-minute chart let's have a look at this we could even call this a little ascending triangle and so on until it kind of reached peak here and you can see this too on the half now chart this to reverse all kind of I don't know if they're hammers but you know they were kind of reverse with hammers going on there this is kind of like a doji it's kind of like a reversal hammer and then we had the confirmation here boom and then that kind of signified the semi long-term you know or the short-term downtrend right okay so now what what are we looking at here now okay so we had two things going on here again this is the half night job we had this trend that was created here okay this trend out created here then we had a break of that trend we had a break of that trend but then we we were moving lower again though this is where the news from Korea came right here the news from Korea I believe if the news from Korea didn't come then this would have signified the beginning of the uptrend okay but right now what's happening is we broke this trend and then the news from Korea came and we kind of headed back down again okay so then what I was looking at is then the next trend that was that was kind of being created so then I could say okay this this area here you get rid of this line because this trend has already been broken there's no point in looking at that so then I thought to myself okay this area here this line this top this top this top this top is another trend right and I was looking at this last night I was expecting it to break the trend here he didn't right and then I kind of went went to sleep and then today I woke up and I saw okay didn't break the trend here but it was kind of hogging that line at the top and then decided to pull up here okay and since then since then what we can say is is created a short term uptrend okay so then the trend has changed so we can say is creating higher highs and higher lows alright so there you go okay so you can see this low here is this low gets higher than this like this high here is higher than this way this high here is higher than this high okay so and this is the point where the trend has changed okay so now we can basically say that okay we're in an uptrend now okay so if we look at the hourly chart we can say okay where the uptrend now so now what we can do is look at the key support and resistance zones okay so once owned is here I can say I mean one zone was here right and we broke through there and not only broke through that we we broke through there and we turned it into support okay so we broke through this line here once twice on two attempts we broke through this line and now we've made it into support you see it's cushioning cushioning our support here yeah another area I can say is this zone here this line here right here okay this line right here is another area of we can say short-term support and resistance all right so that's where we are right now we've actually pushed above this this line now and what we can expect is okay it may it may come down below this line you may come down below this line but we're on a trend here so what I think might happen is it's gonna struggle around this area here for a little while okay but then eventually it's gonna it's gonna meet the point where two points meet around here and it's gonna push off here because what we have to realize is we need I mean if you look at the price oscillators here there's a few price oscillate you say there's a MACD here just get rid of that yeah anyway so there's a MACD here that's RSI there's a stochastic are say these are the three postulate is that I tend to use apart from the moving averages as well right so this okay there's a few things of confluence here okay D on the one-hour chart the the if you can see this green line here let me make this thicker so you can see it okay so you can see the Green Line has crushed it crossed right and as the Green Line crosses it usually hugs the price hugs the the bottom of the Green Line right so as the Green Line goes up it's just gonna kind of bounce off the Green Line okay you can see here when it did it last time okay the Green Line crossed and they just kind of hug to that green 10 EMA line all the way up all right so that's one thing okay so that's one kind of confirmation we have here another thing we have a MACD cross here at the bottom here okay if we want more kind of significance on the four-hour it hasn't crossed yet but guys if we get a four-hour MACD cross here if we get a four-hour MACD cross it then that is bullish I mean another thing is if you look at the for our what we call the histogram here this is a histogram this middle part here is kind of getting smaller and smaller and smaller and you can see right here we're on the verge of this histogram going to the positive right and so if we get this MACD cross right here we will know within the next two hours two or three hours we will know whether this is going to cross or not and and then if that happens guys when then we're basically you know we're looking at very kind of bullish next I'd say one or two days right so that's that's another thing also so now in terms of price guys if we look at the long for nearly let's look at the 12 hour chart here okay if we look at the long term chart when you know how can we how can we estimate the price of where it's going like in the long term I'm talking about the next like month or two you right so let's look at this this this these two cycles here now after this cycle how if we take the the Fibonacci retracement tool and we extend it out inversely we can say that basically the price here hit the two hundred and sixty one percent zone here the wix2 you can see two 12-hour wicks here I mean if you extend it look at the one-hour chart will be more clear so you can see the price kind of hit the the 261 just turned of the two hundred and sixty-one percent so in here right so what we can do guys if we want to take like price projections from here we can use that same we can use that same calculation and look at the other we can look at the other price points here so there's one here which is okay it's it's at this level here the zero point zero one eight three zone okay and one here okay which is the zero point zero two one okay so that's kind of and that's kind of being conservative guys in all honesty so I guess I'll just turn my phone off okay so and that's kind of being conservative another way we can kind of look at the potential price projections is we could do the same thing we did here but with with this zone here and for this to be honest with you let's use the one hour candles and I'm going to do just below the wicks and do it from this sign here yeah yeah from from this area here okay so you can basically see alright so this this first this first price projection from if you if you use this the the the the the last market cycle the first price projections is towards the second price projection of the last one okay and then the second price projection is moving way out towards the you know 0032 now that might sound ridiculous guys that might sound completely ridiculous but if you look at the bigger picture guys it's not ridiculous at all I mean it really isn't I mean we could we could really I mean we could in all honesty if we ask let's see across some this is more like a pitchfork you I think you would use a a pitch walk to do this but if we if we look at the price projection we could honestly say by the end of the year we could be you know 0

03 to BTC right so I mean to put that into perspective if we do get there which obviously I'll be buying and selling along the way I'm not just gonna hold and hope that we get there I'll be looking at the oscillators and things like that and making sure that you know that I'm selling and taking profit along the way right but if we just take a like say for example I take one of my prices where I purchased say from here go all the way up there to that price point there that's like four hundred and fifty percent Kaiser right so it's crazy I mean if you put in $10,000 there you've ended up with forty five thousand dollars right if you think about it like that right so so all you have to do really is now you know I believe neo has diet started it's it's new market cycle and now we just kind of just got to manage the trays in track the price manage the trays and track the price and that means just keeping an eye on Kiki support and resistance zones you can you can quite easily you know if you feel that you know it's going to have a big sell-off once it hits this this resistance which it could do I mean if if we get to that resistance zone there and the the indicators are showing that is clearly over overbought as well then I would probably sell here and wait till the corrects again and repurchase before the next wave up so that's basically what I'm looking at with neo guys I know it's been quite a quite a messy quite a you know quite detailed video here but there is I I definitely think neo is is on its way up and you know we once these once this this volume here starts to go up and it's literally going up as we speak you know you can see here you know in the next day or two I'm expecting this volume to kind of get up and kick towards the ten thousand I mean this is four four and a half thousand Bitcoin here if neo keeps pushing then I'm expecting this by this time tomorrow to be around the ten thousand Bitcoin range and that's when once this volume here starts going up you can see this volume volume here as the volume starts increasing you can see it just kind of Diwali the price explodes you can see the volume here it if we take this this for an example here you can see a little increase in volume and the cycle has begun you know and then it comes back down and then the volume really starts to increase and the price just starts to go through the roof okay so if we if we drew a comparison of where we are now to compare to where we are here I honestly think we we're just around here this this zone here where we are now in comparison to this markets like we're here we are most likely just in this little zone here that's where I think we really are right so it's this you can see that how the volume kind of just went up here you know we might not even be in this this on here because you can see the volume here the volume here can be compared to here is actually lower and now that might be because China isn't in the game as well because obviously a lot of volume was coming from China it could be or it could be that we're just not in that we're not in that phase here right we could be down here which means once the volume does start really coming in then guys this neo is just going to completely take off again right so anyway it's kind of watch this space time and I'm kind of excited our composition you know right at the bottom here holding and looking forward to the to the journey up so that's it guys check out the links in the description there's some good kind of resources there are some of the tools that I use Bitcoin debit cards and exchanges where to buy and sell cryptocurrency stuff like that and if you've got a question this guy's my contact details will be in the description and don't forget to Like comment subscribe to my channel for more videos and I'll see on the next one