I'm coming with a bucket of news not terrible today Yes, I I did not have bucket so I used a trash can

But what Well everyone day My name is Anthony and I'm here to give you a candlelight in this dark crypto verbal jungle First of all I wanted to remind you that comparing the cryptomarket with the gold market Currently the crypto market represents about 235% compared to that of gold I should talk about it in an upcoming video Focusing on more numbers and comparisons between crypto market cryptomonnaies blockchain and their technologies and all types of market as well as their pollution, their costs, etc Ho and yes I wanted to publish this video yesterday but I have some schedule changes I also have a life to live so Want to see that? Ok ok OK but only a few seconds Here is! Oho K then Let's talk about news people Good Coinbase does not bring us a great news today Since they had to offload 30 people From their Chicago division The person in charge of communication at Coinbase said something pretty well written I quote "To become the Google cryptos we have to be comfortable taking bets some of them will be bold and some of them will not work End quote Yes, use the Google image always has a big impact in the minds of people is not it? Short Mr McAfee still makes headlines He said he will reveal the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto in less than a week The problem is that he then deferred the deadline following what he claims to be a tip from some of these lawyers as to the risks he incurs by doing so If he really knows who is

Satoshi Nakamoto And of course I do not know many people who want to be pursued just for fun is not it? Do you know? Now let's talk about this French banking group Societe Generale Who has announced to have deployed 100 million euros which represents about 112 million US dollars in security token on the Ethereum blockchain The group has certified that the product "Proposes a new standard for issuance and the secondary market of bonds and trading (bonds) and reduces its costs and the number of intermediaries "End quote (Difficult to translate ) What do you think It reminds me some videos I did before Hmmm ? Remember those videos? You can always watch them! Now we change the subject completely returning on the long and imperishable bad image of Bitcoin in the media and now we speak Hackers Who publish videos of people who hmm Do their thing while watching adult videos And of course to avoid this The victim must pay in Bitcoin Now For sure I'm going to stop making fun of of these scotches pasted on the webcams that I really see often when I see a laptop of those people who do not really know how to secure their systems these systems they use Short Now let's talk of mass adoption Yelp The local search engine allows you to search and sort these results by those who accept cryptos This concerns about 30 Millions visitors which is not bad, do not you think? It's gone for the session Whale NOT RECESSION but session I will end up doing a compulsory subject in all my new videos because it's more and more a habit The last days we have again more than 20,000BTC Transferred only in some transfers With the palm for one of more than 9000BTC In one transaction between two unknown wallets I think it was worth talking about no? Again keep an eye on these movements They are supposed to be part of all your tools For a healthier portfolio and better As usual Subscribe, Like, click on the bell Next to the "Subscribe" button To have notifications And of course you can also send me flowers By the next video Stay curious crypto and See you next time!