I'm Scott Schmitz and welcome to today's crypto news hope everybody's having a fantastic Thanksgiving weekend today is Saturday the 25th of November 2017 and let's take a look at the coin market cap as you can see we're at two hundred and seventy five billion dollars worth of money in the crypto market this amazing because yesterday at noon I was looking at this and we're at two hundred and fifty billion so there is money coming in left and right and at this pace the end of 2018 it's gonna be a multi trillion dollar industry so Bitcoin is now $1300 away from ten thousand we're at eight thousand seven hundred I've been saying to everybody that I know that the end of 2017 Bitcoin will be worth ten thousand dollars a coin and it looks like we're closer to me being right and then being wrong pretty much a lot of green here the etherium is up two percent Bitcoin cash is down five for some but it really makes sense because but you know Bitcoin cash is kind of the inverse of Bitcoin so you know when Bitcoin goes up Bitcoin cash is really gonna go down ripples up 4% – is up 11% litecoin is up 10% Manero is a 4% neo iota ether classic is up up up if you are looking for a crypto to get into and you're looking for something safe that's gonna be around for a while anything over a billion dollar of coin market cap so be the top 12 as long as they are a currency which most of these are some of them are tokens like if you see this little asterisk next to it that means that it's not mine a ball so it's a crypto asset or token but any of these top ones you will be doing good so let's go over to Bitcoin on the one-hour chart you can see we've had the last 14 hours let's go over to the Bitcoin hourly chart and you can see the last 14 hours of Bitcoin have been nothing but green let's go over to the daily so for the daily we've had 8 Green Day's yesterday was a great buying opportunity because the Bears tried to turn red but the Bitcoin Bowl said no saw we know will not allow you so bitcoin was at 80 100 dollars at the close of the 20 yeah their 24th I'm sorry now it's up at 8700 I will let you fill in the blanks dot dot dot and actually do you hear that that is the herd coming the herd is coming so let's get into some news our first news articles from coin desk and here's what's standing in the way of a tokenized economy I'll let you read the whole article but the gist of it is the first part is the concept of regulatory compliance okay is the point of view that anyone to open an account using tokenization and then buy and sell assets without them being approved by a central authority is a mess so let's read here so it says let's take an example of EU banks that don't deal with US persons as soon as they accept as customers they have to comply with us

regulations and that could be very painful since US has real power to punish the deviation from the US rules therefore the risk from having a us customer is much bigger than the profits from them so here they're saying that tokenization is bad because it basically wipes away all of those regulatory bodies to you I say when I go cry we are living in a world economy to where we should be able to go and invest in any country around the world without regulation of a central body in each country if we don't do that here's what's going to happen we're just gonna contact exchanges or kind of like brokers in each company on each country and they're gonna go do our trades for us here's the reason why they're so scared of us fidelity Charles Schwab you know all these legacy places that would handle that now they really screwed the pooch and they didn't keep up with this they are not set up to capitalize on being the broker for you well too sad so sad too bad society I'm sorry little tongue-twister there okay now the second obstacle to tokenization is the lack of infrastructure and some standard approach to tokenization very often people associate tokenization simply with the creation of a token on a public blockchain that's just 10% of the whole process the majority of the rest of it is a public/private blockchain in and of itself only provides the function of storing information about that asset with limited capacity to carry out transactions any complete tokenization system will include an a-list myriad of casings well here's the real reality of it all of these issues are being addressed right now they're just not being addressed by the legacy companies JP Morgan IBM they're being addressed by private companies like salt lending or populist who will do factoring for you or hive they will do factoring for you you know or did you bite who will take over your digital assets when you pass on instead of attorneys so basically this whole thing is the established elite lawyers doctors politicians bankers are trying to strike fear into people by putting on an article like this because the reality is tokenization is gonna happen whether they like it or not so let's move to the next article Zimbabwean central bank considers considers Bitcoin illegal so zimbabwe central bank by the way the price of Bitcoin in Zimbabwe right now is already over $13,000 you know why the people of Zimbabwe don't trust their bank anyway I doubt that this article is gonna go very far basically what it shows is the ignorance in the incompetence of the Zimbabwean central bank if they classify if the government of Zimbabwe classifies Bitcoin illegal it will put that country back a few hundred more years you know why it's people are gonna buy more of it okay so according to the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe director and register Norman Machuca the use of Bitcoin is act is not actually legal within the country's jurisdiction it is not clear however if bitcoin is just not officially recognized as an authority for authorized currency or it is totally prohibited quote in southern Africa what we have done as regulators we have said that we will not allow bitcoins in our markets if they truly enact us they are going to rue the day that they wish they would have never said this so for you the people of Zimbabwe your government has screwed you again congratulations you need to fix some things and on to a article now where the government is actually doing something lies the Belarusian president Alexander Lukashenko to sign decree legalizing crypto currency telling you people the countries that legalized the stuff and then create an environment through legislation for it to flourish are going to prosper and the ones like Zimbabwe who just saying that it's illegal are going to go backwards whether you like ocean core not double reus is a beautiful country and they have great infrastructure and they know how to get business done I'll tell you firsthand but the Belarusian president Alexander Lukashenko Becton to sign the draft decree on the Belarusian high-tech park that will make the use of digital currencies in the country awful under the draft virtual currencies in initial coin offerings as well as mining well already been out allowed in the country while exchanges can trade rubles for current cryptocurrencies according to the major Belarusian Information Technology holding firm the bellhart group Igor Mom & Co the virtual currencies as ICO should before we regulated in order to protect all players in the market couldn't agree more legalize the stuff just like we're seeing in America you legalize marijuana you make standards to it it will flourish because you can set guidelines and they're not these austere policies that will drive the stuff into the ground getting back to the article the maximum legalization is needed the existing laws do not prohibit such activity directly but it is necessary to reform the legislation so that it protects all participants here's some brief details about the decree the decree to advance the establishment a focus specific special economic zone of 2005 led to the creation of this and it was modeled upon the silicon valley's article they want to attract companies Belarus I personally know this because I've worked with the Belarusian government on trying to do further trade but quote this decree provides for the introduction into civil circulation of cryptocurrencies and tokens based on the technology of the blockchain a comprehensive legal regulation is proposed so that HTP residents can provide crypto exchange services exchange cryptocurrencies attract financing through icos and use cryptocurrencies and tokens in civil circulation did you hear what I just said this country realizes they don't need Wall Street they don't need the Nikkei they don't need any banks in London to finance their deals they will go right to the market by using crypto currencies so with that I want you guys to remember to subscribe share if you like this video smash that Bell and thumbs up if you have any questions comments growth concerns go ahead and post them in the comment section below I'll get back to my people with that enjoy your Thanksgiving Day weekend we will see you on the flip side and remember to practice safe crypto bye y'all