100 Questions of Blockchain Successor of Satoshi Nakamoto ——Gavin Andresen Gavin Andresen is one of the members of Bitcoin core develop team Before the disappear of Satoshi Nakamoto on Internet Gavin is the few person keep in touch with him by email Gavin started to research bitcoin in 2010 and began to submit code to Satoshi Nakamoto to optimize the core system of bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto gradually trusts the code from Gavin Utimately, Satoshi asked Gavin If he can put his email on Gavin's main page Gavin agreed Since then, Satoshi retired behind the scenes Gavin became the leader of bitcoin Gavin established the core development team of bitcoin which devotes to patch bitcoin security vulnerabilities and improves the stability of bitcoin software to make it more user friendly In 2012, Gavin created non-profit bitcoin funds the develop and grow of bitcoin Gavin and his core developer team contributions cannot go unnoticed 100 Questions of Blockchain